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									Time Management: The 10 best time
management tips for working smarter

Small steps, much result. We have a dozen tips from the more effective workout for you to put a
row, you can get started straight away.

Tip 1: Remove gather and decide apart. You do not always have everything at once to make a
decision, when it enters your life. Put a tray on your desk, do it your incoming mail / documents /
papers and make it once a day empty. And speak a few solid moments with yourself to your e-mail to
process, rather than the whole day to do. Then you have the rest of the time for more important

Tip 2: Do not spend endless time on tasks, but kill them. Getting things done gives a wonderful
feeling. Buy a timer and put it on your desk. Commit yourself some time off for each job you are
doing. Example: Go twenty minutes email processing and then go do something else. So you avoid
the whole day in that one report hangs, or just sending emails to you.

3: Teach yourself routine. About teeth do not you think after which saves energy! Make sure your
work as easy as possible to do so you energy left for the real thinking. Put stuff always in a fixed
location, create templates for documents which you frequently use keyboard shortcuts to work and
learn yourself.
Tip 4: Put only date-and time-related issues in your diary. It saves a lot of time and stress if you have
a look in your diary that day know where you stand and you do not first all hard tasks and
appointments of your intention to separate. Tasks you should not in your agenda, but in a separate
list. Too is time management.

Tip5: Organizing is also part of your job. A good idea is to have a weekly servicing to plan. Every
week, take one hour to your calendar by watching (there are loose ends?) And your task list to clean.
Think about what you want to do in the coming week and how you want to handle it. Realize what
exactly you're doing, gives a lot of peace and overview.

Tip 6: Consider an ad-hoc work. If you know you're twenty hours each week with putting out fires, do
not plan your schedule full forty hours. If, despite all the bustle time needed for your own tasks,
speak with your colleagues moments away that you're not approachable. One hour of your phone
and your email off can do wonders for your concentration.
Tip 7: Keep a task list. You have a to-do list, task list in Outlook, post-its on your monitor and also
scheduled tasks in your calendar. How do you know what is really important right now? Keep a task
list and make sure that all your tasks then arrive. Then you always know exactly where you stand.

Tip 8: Formulate Next Actions, not to-do's. Consider a few seconds longer after, before you put a task
on your list. What you have to do to be able to perform that task? For example if you want to call
Peter, ask yourself also just wondering if you are not first number should look. If so, then that is your
Next Actions. Because as concrete as possible, lower the threshold for yourself to that task to pick.

Tip 9: Agree on email. Concentrated work if you constantly your email to keep an eye (because there
might be something urgent to be able to sit!) Is difficult. Speak with your colleagues agreed that
urgent matters not by mail, but for example by telephone. And if your name in the CC, you do not
necessarily have anything to do with that email have to do.

Tip 10: Put a notebook on your desk and write everything down, you're waiting. Orders, ask
colleagues ... if you all need to remember, you are so lost the overview. With a complete list you'll
always know if you still need somewhere back.

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