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									As someone who’s looking into making money online, you must see little
value in posting free classified ads. In the first place, what are you
even going to post in these classified ads that people will be compelled
to buy?

Classified ads, the shorthand term for classified advertising, is a form
of advertising common in newspapers. Yes, I’m referring to that section
people always run to when they’re looking for a job or planning to avail
of a particular service.

There’s   nothing aesthetically appealing about it: it’s just a long list
of text   boxes with short details about the product or service being sold
and the   pertinent details. Ever wondered why they were called classified?
Because   the ads are classified into headings such as Clothing, Apartment,
Massage   and so on.

Like everything else in print media, this form of advertising has made
its way to the Internet, and is now one way for you to earn extra money.
The big question you must be asking by now is: how!?

First, let’s start with the most popular classified ad sites:

www.ebay.com – yes, eBay!
These are only few of hundreds of free classified ads sites that you can
earn money from. The key here is to post the ones that are heavily
visited by people. You don’t only want to save precious time and energy,
you want to make sure that your classified ad will be seen by people
looking for it – in the most popular classified ad sites, no less.

Now, here are three ways by which posting free classified ads can help
you earn extra money…

Tip #1: Earn Extra Money by Selling Informational Products
Did you just wrap up an eBook on a niche topic of your expertise? Or
maybe you have an audio-book that contains hidden secrets to being rich
by working at home (which is really what this site is all about, when you
think of it!). In any case, you will find that classified ad sites are a
certified treasure chest that is waiting to be filled with profits from
people actively seeking for your information.

What’s so great about positing free classified ads of informational
products in websites like eBay.com or craigslist.org is that people are
already willing to buy your product! There’s no need to convince them
that your information should be paid over information that can be found
elsewhere in the Internet. In other words, you’re done with persuading
them to pay for your information.
The next step is to make yourself visible to them by appearing in the
search results of these classified ad sites. Consider the eBook below.
The seller has an overwhelming positive feedback at 270 ratings. This
makes the product a lot more credible and sellable. A buyer is more
compelled this eBook from a free classified ad than from a paid
advertising space, don’t you think?

Tip #2: Earn Extra Money by Selling Affiliate Products
Out of ideas as to where to promote products from sites like
www.clickbank.com? Why don’t you try posting free classified ads?

Like informational products, the good thing about selling affiliate
products on classified ad sites is the low cost-high yield investment
that you will be exerting. The cost will only involve the time and effort
you put in placing the free ad. If you’re short on time, you can even use
a classified ads software to get the job done for you.

In the end, what you get to market the affiliate product for a very low
cost. Think about it: you earn extra money in exchange for a few minutes
you spent on posting the free ad.

Tip #3: Earn Extra Money by Advertising Your Service
If you have spare time and a skill you are especially good at, then it’s
something you can certainly earn extra money from. Day after day, people
are looking for skills that you have to offer: all you have to do is to
take the first step, which is to let these people know that you exist.

You don’t have to spend thousands in advertising a service as simple yet
ingenious as editing photos. You can post them straight to free
classified ads, and be surprised at how many responses you will get in
the long run.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that there are more than a hundred free
classified ad sites in the net. One of the more popular ones is
www.craigslist.org. Just look at how the website is neatly arranged into
categories that people looking for a particular product will easily find
what they are looking for:

So what are you waiting for? Start posting free classified ads, you will
be pleasantly surprised at what an effective form of advertising it is
and how it can help you to make money online fast.

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