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									                Digital Citizenship and You
                Using copyright friendly images and sounds
Richard Byrne

                 Statement of Permission to Reuse this Guide from the author, Richard
                Byrne: “You may print and use this guide for professional development provided
                that you do not charge participants for the guide. You may publish this guide on
                 your blog/ website with proper attribution and provided that you do not charge
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                                                          Adapted from the work of Richard Byrne, author of Free Tech for Teachers award-winning blog.

                                                                                                                                      Mrs. McCabe
                                                                                                                                       Mrs. Stratton
                                                                                                                               WMS Media Specialists

                                                                                                                                        October 2010
                       F   R   E   E   T   E   C   H   4   T   E   A   C   H   E   R   S   .   C   O   M

                               Copyright Friendly

A Few Words About Copyright, Creative
Commons, and Fair-use.
In the following pages we will look at some video creation tools that require users to mix and
remix images, audio recordings, and video recordings. Some teachers get nervous that their
students might be violating copyright laws by remixing content. This section is intended to lend
some clarity to the murky issues of Copyright.

Student created works: The best way to ensure that students do not violate Copyright is to have them
use images and audio recordings they've created from scratch.

Public Domain works: Images, sounds, and videos that are in the Public Domain can legally be reused
by students without attribution. In the following pages we'll look at how to find Public Domain works.

Creative Commons works: Increasingly, authors and producers and choosing to label their works with
Creative Commons licenses. These licenses allow people to reuse an author's work under certain
conditions. In general attribution is required. Consult clarification on the
requirements of each license. In the following pages we'll look at how to find Creative Commons licensed works.

Fair-use in Education: Copyright is designed to protect the authors (producers) of creative works from
loss of revenue as the result of their work(s) being reused without compensation. This is why I cannot make
100 photocopies of The Davinci Code for my students to read in class. By making those photocopies I'm
depriving the author and publisher of the revenue from 100 books. I could, however, make photocopies of
one paragraph to give to my students to use as the focal point of lesson on writing. When it comes to videos, images,
and audio recordings, the same concept applies. If your students are not detracting from someone's
earning potential and are re-using the works in a manner that can be considered to be creating a new product,
they can probably reuse the works.
  F   R   E   E   T   E   C   H   4   T   E   A   C   H   E   R   S   .   C   O   M

Accessing Google Images
    Advanced Search
 F   R   E   E   T   E   C   H   4   T   E   A   C   H   E   R   S   .   C   O   M

Accessing Yahoo Images
   Advanced Search
  F   R   E   E   T   E   C   H   4   T   E   A   C   H   E   R   S   .   C   O   M

Accessing Flickr Advanced
       Image Search
                         F   R   E    E   T    E   C   H   4   T   E   A   C   H   E   R    S   .   C   O   M

             Music and Sounds for Videos
    These resources provide public domain and Creative Commons licensed music
              and sounds you can use in your video projects.

PodSafe Audio provides music                                                               Sound Bible is a resource for
tracks for use in podcasts, videos,                                                        finding and downloading free
and other multimedia projects.                The Free Music Archive provides              sound clips, sound effects, and
The content comes from a                      free, high-quality, music in a wide          sound bites. All of the sounds on
community of musicians who                    range of genres. The content on              Sound Bible are either public
create music and share it for the             Free Music Archive is used under             domain or labeled with a Creative
purpose of fair-use in podcasts,              various creative commons                     Commons license. You can find
videos, and other multimedia                  licenses. Anyone can download                sounds for use in podcasts, videos,
projects.                                     music from FMA for use in                    and slideshows.
                                              podcasts and videos.

                                              The next best thing to using music
The Free Sound Project is                     you created is to use Creative               Jamendo is a source of free and
comprised of sounds (not music)               Commons licensed music or                    legal music downloads. The music on
that can be reused with                       royalty free music. Royalty Free             Jamendo comes from the artists
attribution. Just as with Pod Safe            Music hosts music tracks that can be         who upload it themselves. While
Audio, the content on The Free                reused in numerous ways.                     not all of the music is licensed for
Sound Project comes from a                    Royalty Free Music charges the               re-use, there is a substantial
community of contributors.                    general public for their                     collection of music labeled with a
In order to download sounds from              downloads, but students and                  Creative Commons license.
The Free Sound Project you do                 teachers can download quite a bit of
need to register for an account.              the music for free. To access the
                                              free music tracks students and
                                              teachers should visit the education
                                              page on Royalty Free Music.
     Your Media Specialists DO NOT endorse your
independent use of any of these music/sound web sites.
 You must have your parent’s / guardian’s approval for
  use and be supervised by a parent or guardian while
 using. While we provide helpful links to external sites
we cannot guarantee the content of sites over which we
                   have no control.

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