PBL Plan Rubric by tmccabe524


									PBL Plan Writing Rubric

                                                          Quality Descriptions
Elements      Not Evident 1            Emerging 2                  Proficient 3                     Exceptional 4
Content       Random thoughts;         Sentences are clear,        Sentences are clear and          Clear sentences that
              words create no clear    direct, and to the point.   focused with accurate details    provide relevant, quality
              message. Sentences                                   that are helpful and support     details going beyond the
              are a jumble of                                      the main idea.                   obvious or predictable.
              language with            Paragraphing is evident
              confusing structure.     yet the topic sentence       Paragraphing is sound with a    Paragraphing has a clear
                                       may not support the          topic sentence, yet the intro   topic sentence, specific
              Paragraphing             details. Some details are    may not create a strong         details, and concluding
              attempted but            not helpful in supporting    sense of anticipation; the      sentence that reinforces
              thoughts run together    the main idea. Concluding    conclusion may not tie up all   the main idea.
              and/or ideas overlap.    sentence may be missing.     loose ends.

Length        Entry is insufficient.                               Entry is of the appropriate
Conventions   Many errors in           Multiple errors.            Few errors.                      Careful attention has
              spelling, punctuation,                                                                been devoted to correct
              and grammar.                                                                          spelling, punctuation, and
                                                                                                    grammar. Entry is mostly
                                                                                                    free from errors.

                                                                                                               Prepared by:
                                                                                                         Mrs. Terry McCabe
                                                                                                        WMS Media Specialist
                                                                                                               2012 / 2013

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