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									                     YEAR LONG PROJECTS -LATIN I

I.DAILY PHRASES-110 PTS. BOTH per 9 weeks
   A.You are to keep a list of daily phrases placed on the board. These will be
turned in for a grade=25 pts.
   B.Select 1(one) phrase from the list. Make a poster to illustrate your
phrase. Place the Latin and English phrase on poster. Select an illustration
to match your phrase.=25 pts.
   C.Select 1(one) of the phrases per semester and complete a writing about
this phrase. This can be a descriptive, persuasive, personal narrative, or
expository essay. The phrase would become the main idea of the paper. The
6 Traits of Writing will be used as the criteria for grading(see addendum).=60

II.9 weeks Projects
 1st 9 weeks-Derivative Tree(design)=100 pts.

   You have been assigned a Latin vocabulary word.______________________

For this word you are to create a Derivative Design. This will require the
following items:
    English dictionary        a design       creativity    Latin book

Grading criteria
15 pts- Do I have all Latin dictionary items for my vocabulary word?
      e.g.=amo, amare, amavi, amatus         aqua, ae, f.
30 pts.- Do I have an illustration on my paper to show what the family of
words basically mean?
40 pts.-Do I have all the derivatives for my vocabulary word listed on my
15 pts.-Have I completed this project using neatness, clarity, creativity,
organization, etc.?
 100 pts. total

1st 9 weeks
Date due_______________
  +8________            +6_____________             +4______________
2nd 9 weeks= Verb Book=100 pts.
 You are to make a booklet of your favorite verbs. You may use verbs in our
textbook or verbs from a dictionary.
  27 pts.=27 pictures to illustrate the definition of the verb-
    NB-You are not to write the definition of the verb with the
    Verbs needed for the 27
     1st conjugation=6
     2nd conjugation=6
     3rd conjugation=6
     3rd io conjugation=5
     4th conjugation=4     total=27 verbs

  27 pts.=27 entries in the dictionary in the back
    You will list the Latin and its definition on the last page in alphabetical
order. E.g. amo-love           specto-watch
  5 pts.-Label each chapter according to the conjugation of the verbs-
        1st    2nd 3rd 3rd io        4th
  27 pts.=principle parts of the verbs
   Near each picture I will write the full dictionary entry for the Latin verb.
  e.g.-amo, amare, amavi, amatus
  14 pts.-overall effect, neatness, clarity, organization, etc.
   100 pts. total

2nd 9 weeks
 date due
   +8_________              +6__________         +4________________

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