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Individualized Study
   The Bachelor Degree Completion Program at the
University of Evansville provides students with a cus-
tomized major option. This option allows goal-oriented
students to participate in the design of a bachelor’s
degree curriculum which takes maximum advantage of
past educational experiences and provides the best pos-
sible education to meet their life and career plans for the
future. The individualized major is a nontraditional
degree program designed especially for adults who:
I   desire a major field of concentration not offered in
    any traditional degree in the geographic area, or
I   have successfully completed college courses that are
    not applicable toward a traditional degree at the
    University of Evansville or at a number of other
    accredited institutions, or
I   would like to apply for college credit for college-
    level learning that did not occur in a college or uni-
    versity (e.g., company training courses, military
   Transfer credits, classroom work, independent study,
and credits based on experiential learning can be com-
bined to produce an individualized and flexible degree

   The Bachelor Degree Completion Program allows a
student to earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor
of Science degree. No associate degrees or graduate
degrees are offered through this program. Two years of
study in a foreign language or the credit equivalent is
required for the BA degree.
  All degrees earned through the program have a
major consisting of at least 45 semester hours of credit.
   Students in the program are required to earn a min-
imum of 120 semester hours of credit with an overall
grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 (C) on a 4.0
scale. The GPA in the major must also be at least 2.0.
   A minimum of 39 of the required 120 hours must be
upper division (usually 300- and 400-level) credits. At
least 24 of the 120 hours must be sponsored by the
University of Evansville.

    The Bachelor Degree Completion Program is gener-
ally appropriate only for students residing within com-
muting distance. The University does not offer corre-
spondence courses and requires a minimum of 24
semester hours of University of Evansville-sponsored
work to earn a degree. This is a part-time program, and
students are limited to eleven credit hours per semester.
    If a local student’s curriculum plan includes a tradi-
tional course which is offered by the University of
Evansville in the evening hours, the class will be taken
at the University of Evansville.

   Degrees are made up of four parts: the major, general
education, a secondary study area, and electives.
   The major consists of a minimum of 45 semester
hours of related credits. A segment of this size allows an
individualized major to be designed that incorporates
learning from more than one discipline. Depth of learn-
ing and coherency are the primary guidelines in de-
veloping an individualized major.
    The major is given a title that appropriately reflects
the degree content. Most students design a major not
otherwise available at the University of Evansville.
Traditional majors may also be adapted to the individu-
alized study format for those students who want to use
the special features of the degree completion program to
work on a catalogued major whose content has been
predetermined. In these cases, a student must include in
the degree plan all required core or related course work.
   The general education segment consists of a mini-
mum of 42 semester hours. Six hours of credit are
required in each of the following seven categories:
I   English Competency
      Written and spoken skills development
I   Human Relations
     Enhancement of interaction with diverse
     personalities and cultures
I   Second Method of Communication
      Any non-English language or a system of
      symbolic logic or communication
I   Social Science
      Economic, political, or social processes
      and influences
I   Natural Science
      Physical, biological, and earth sciences
I   Humanities
     Philosophical and artistic expression of
     ideals and aspirations; communication
I   Behavioral Science
      Psychological and sociological studies
   The secondary study area is 12 additional hours of
work in one of the general education categories. The
work need not come from a single discipline, but it
must fit the definition of a single general education cat-
egory and be from a discipline that is not a part of the
   The electives category may comprise up to 21 hours.
These hours may be used at the student’s discretion to
expand the major, the secondary study, or the general
education requirements. If the student chooses, any
portion or all of these hours may be used for credits that
do not apply to any of the other degree segments. For
example, physical education courses and military course
work credits that do not relate to other portions of the
degree may be used for electives.

   Students wishing to enter UE’s Bachelor Degree
Completion Program must have a high school diploma
or its equivalent. Previously earned college credits must
show a GPA of at least 2.0 (C) on a 4.0 scale.
   Provisional acceptance under individual terms is also
available. In this case, a student’s career accomplish-
ments or recent academic record takes precedence over
earlier indifferent or poor academic records.
Application Process
   When a student has determined that the degree
desired may be earned through the Bachelor Degree
Completion Program, formal application is made.
    Application to the program is complete when the
following items have been received:
I   Application to the University of Evansville with a $35
    application fee (waived for previous UE attendees)
I   High school transcripts or copy of G.E.D. certificate
I   Official transcripts from all previously attended
    colleges and universities
   An official transcript is one that is mailed directly
from one college or university to another. Transcript
copies issued to students are not official copies and can-
not be used as the basis for transferring credits. Student
copies may be used for unofficial assessment purposes
only. Copies should be mailed to: Continuing
Education, University of Evansville, 1800 Lincoln
Avenue, Evansville, Indiana 47722.

   External study students can earn credits toward their
degrees through the following methods.

1. Classroom and Distance Learning
      Credits earned by traditional methods usually con-
      stitute the majority of credits earned by Bachelor
      Degree Completion Program students. These cred-
      its include classroom courses taken at the
      University of Evansville and classroom or distance
      learning credits transferred from other regionally
      accredited schools.
      No limit is placed on the number of distance learn-
      ing course credits as long as their transfer does not
      interfere with the fulfillment of other requirements.
      However, a maximum of 60 semester hours of
      credit is accepted in transfer from junior colleges.
      Transcribed credits at the undergraduate level have
      no automatic expiration time. Degree plans, how-
      ever, must reflect the contemporary state-of-the-art
      or development in any field.
2. Course Work from Sources Other
   than Regionally Accredited Institutions
   In some cases credits may be gained from sources
   other than regionally accredited institutions.
   Military course work, industrial training programs
   and professional certification study programs,
   reviewed by the American Council on Education
   are examples of such sources. Accredited Record
   Technician and Certified Life Underwriter ratings,
   for instance, provide credits which can be applied
   to an individualized study degree.
   Evaluation and transfer of all nontraditional credits
   are handled on an individual basis. The level of
   documentation, the reputation of the institution
   or program, and the applicability of the course work
   to a baccalaureate program are considerations that
   determine acceptability. In the final individualized
   baccalaureate degree plan, practical applications
   must be balanced with a knowledge of theory and

3. Proficiency Examinations
   Credits for previous learning may also be gained
   from national CLEP or DANTES examinations or
   from University of Evansville departmentally-pre-
   pared challenge examinations. These examinations
   are usually most appropriate where knowledge
   closely parallels a catalogued course or is of a gen-
   eral introductory nature.

4. Portfolio Development
   Students may develop portfolios to apply for credit
   for life learning (college-level learning with no col-
   lege course equivalent) for which neither a depart-
   mental exam nor a standardized proficiency exam is
   available. Portfolios are effective for exhibiting a
   product which may be examined, a demonstration
   or presentation, or a discussion of a case history.
   Specific mini-portfolios dealing with a single com-
   ponent of the degree plan may be used rather than
   a comprehensive portfolio. Credits for portfolios
   are based on the learning demonstrated rather than
   upon the duration or variety of experiences.
5. Independent Study
   Credits are also granted for satisfactory completion
   of independent study projects under the guidance
   of a member of the University of Evansville faculty.
   These independent study projects may be designed
   to earn credit for a catalogued course, to meet an
   individualized need, or to study uncatalogued topics.
   The student often plays an active role in the design
   of an independent study project. Tests, papers,
   products of work, and projects may be required for
   evaluation of the independent study project.

6. When do I take classes?
   Classes can be taken in the daytime or evening

      The University of Evansville operates under a
    nondiscriminatory policy with regard to race, color,
        creed or religion, national origin, gender,
           sexual orientation, age, or disability.
Continuing Education
1800 Lincoln Avenue
Evansville, Indiana 47722

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