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What distinguishes a web designer from others? This is a question many clients when they are looking for
a good developer or designer to create a website for them. If you really want to know what makes a
developer unique, i have this little secret for you to help you get what you want. A unique web designer
should be able to have a good communication network with his client as to understand the need of the
client. This is what would give him a perfect job but sometimes; this is difficult as the language of the
designer may sound strange to a client. It is only left for the web designer to interpret these language to
that which the client can understand in web design.

A good web designer must be able to use a wild variety of tools as the web design process may demand
and well up to date standard softwares that will to the standard of the modern day website. He must be
able to understand the principles of each software and also ascertain if the particular software can give
what the client want. He should be conversant with plug ins and know scripting language very well.

His typography must be few and must look alike and must not use a combination of two typefaces. He
should have the techniques of using white spaces to break up texts into paragraphs and to avoid centre
alignment. The web design company must make sure that his web pages are laid out very well to aid
easy navigation around the site and this layout must be the same when developing the pages with a good
understanding of the page width preferably 1024 pixels for normal screen or centre alignment for bigger

A good web designer with all these abilities is who you want for a great and stunning website. So for you
to be a good web developer or designer you must have all these skills at the tip of your fingers. You must
be able to design the web in a way that every user can understand and use the site properly that is the
only way a website is useful as if the users cannot understand the site the aim of the website will be
defeated. He must be able to work closely with the web design company so that the two can produce a
perfect picture of what the client wants.

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