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									              Best Night Cream – Rejuvenate with DreamSkin
So you bought your Olay Regenerist Night Cream, Avon Anew or the expensive Night Treatment
by Lancome. Tonight you’re going to massage it into your face and drift off to sleep. But, guess
what? It’s all going to rub off into your lovely cotton, satin or silk pillowcase. Well, your
pillowcase is going to look beautiful tomorrow morning!

Your pillowcase can absorb most of the night cream even before it reaches the deeper layers of
the skin. Studies show a typical night cream lasts about 2-3 hours. But, don’t worry there is a
solution. The DreamSkin Anti Aging pillowcase was the first, authentic fabric designed
specifically for skin care and works like a true cosmetic moisturizer. It is designed to keep the
moisture (and night cream) locked in your skin at night during the most crucial time when our
skin rejuvenates.

 DreamSkin is not a typical satin or silk pillowcase. This pillowcase fabric is very different
,thicker, cushiony and incredibly soft and bouncy. Unlike silk, the durable DreamSkin fabric
washes well and in one square inch there are over 22,000 microfibers making it ideal for the
delicate facial skin. DreamSkin is formulated by a scientist, physician and skin physiologist and is
a patent pending proprietary weave pattern. It is uniquely constructed to channel moisture
away from the skin’s surface via a hydrophobic transport layer to the soft absorbed backing
layer where it then evaporates.

Made in the USA, DreamSkin was founded on medical science and is the fabric design of the
future. When the DreamSkin studies were initially published silk pillowcase marketers jumped
on the bandwagon and copied the identical claims from the DreamSkin testing. It spread like
wildfire, from As Seen on TV infomercials to the expansive made in China silk pillowcase
industry. DreamSkin is the only fabric proven to diminish sleep lines and wrinkles by 50%. It’s
Eco Friendly and contains no dyes, creams or fragrances. The fibers do the job naturally.
DreamSkin was created with ultimate softness and moisture technology in mind. Compared to
cotton, silk and satin, DreamSkin keeps more moisture in your face at night. Moisture loss is
one of the leading causes of facial wrinkles.

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