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Refurbishing the Old Furniture


									                                      Refurbishing the Old Furniture

If you feel that furniture at your home is dropping its looks, then this is the right time to change their
appearance and make them noticeable. You can get started with whitewashing your wardrobes and
tables. Whitewash makes a coat on the wood that protects the furniture and offers a glossy finish, which
magnetizes the viewers in the first glance. You can use tints and dyes to get a “French Cottage” or
“Country style” appearance. For beginning with this job, you just need follow some basic steps.

Getting Started with Whitewash

The first step involves the process to sand down your furniture using a piece of sandpaper. You can even
choose to do it with an electric sanding tool; otherwise sand paper is a reasonable way of accomplishing
this process. If there is a multiple layer of paint on the wood, then you can use chemical to remove the
paint. Once the sanding process is over, you need to clean the furniture properly, until all the saw dust
and impurities are removed. Then the furniture should be kept away for drying.

Next step is to get a good and clean container and methodically mix latex paint and water (usually 2
parts of paint and 1 part of water is taken). Then you need a clean brush and a wet cloth to wipe out the
extra paint while painting your furniture. Then you can begin the process of painting the wood following
the wood grains using long sweeping strokes.

Since paint is liquid and is soaked by wood, you need to make sure that every patch is covered and
painted evenly. Once the entire wood piece is painted, take a clean cloth and wipe the wood till the
wood grains starts showing up and this has to be done before the paint dries up. By doing this, you offer
a stain look to the furniture. This activity of painting and wiping can be repeated to achieve a better
form. Once the wood attains a glossy appearance that satisfies you, perform a light sanding down on the
furniture to give more exposure to wood grains and then seal the wood with satin plain polyurethane.

Then you need to allow the wood to dry completely. Once the furniture has dried up properly, you can
apply an abrasive nylon pad and rub over it softly. The same can be repeated until the furniture attains a
perfect look. This is how you can refurbish all your old furniture and give it a fresh look, thereby uplifting
your entire home interior.

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