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					                              The work is a delight for moms!
Work or children, should she choose? Absolutely not! Scientists confirm: working mothers are
happier than mothers.

It is far time the icon of the mother at home, devoting his entire life to her children and household
impeccable ... Today, women are also eager to work, a source of personal fulfillment and
professional. And they are right! A study published by the American Psychological Association
confirms the working moms are healthier and happier!

The work is healthy

Torn between work stress and well-being of their children, one might think that modern mothers
ruin health. Well no! U.S. researchers analyzed data from interviews with more than 1,300 young
mothers followed for 10 years. Verdict: work makes women happy and healthier! Stay at home
moms had more effect on symptoms of depression and poorer overall health than moms active. They
work full time or part time.

Work part-time, ideal for moms

If moms are happier working, is it not, however, at the expense of education and well-being of their
children? Not necessarily! Half-time would balance the two and is the preferred option for mothers
of young children. According to the study, mothers working part-time:

         • are also involved in the school life of their babies than mothers in the home, but more than
full-time workers.

       • provide more learning opportunities (stimulating activities available for children,
educational materials in the house, ...) that stay at home moms and working full time.

        • Better able to juggle work and family as working full time. Sure, being a parent requires
adapting his professional life. But reconciling work and children is quite manageable without
jeopardizing their well-being! Enough to reassure moms active and shut up with the latest Dads

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