Yogas for Good Health by nandchopra


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									Yogas for Good Health

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Longevity without good health has no meaning. A native with poor health & diseases at times begs
God for death instead of life. Some of the astrological yogas for good health are:

1. Lagnesh, Moon, Sun, Jupiter and 6th lord are well fortified by position, conjunction or aspect.

2. Strong & unafflicted Moon, Mercury & Jupiter in any sign.

3. Lagnesh is in exaltation, own or friendly sign in a Kendra/Trikone.

4. Combination of mars, Mercury, Jupiter & Venus by position or aspect.

5. Mars in Leo aspected by Venus gives permanent youthfulness.

6. Mercury & Jupiter in lagna with Saturn in 11th house, gives a healthy body.

7. Strong 6th, 8th & 12th lords (but weaker than lord of lagna/ 10th) confer a robust body.

8. A natural malefic planet as Lagnesh, posited in a Trikone, gives strong vitality & health.

9. Lagnesh is stronger than 6th lord and the 4th lord is also strong, native has perfect health.

10. Strong Lagnesh, Sun & Moon, free from malefic influence but enjoying benefic aspects, give great
physical & mental power.

11. Positioning or aspect of benefics on 7th house.

12. Benefics posited in Kendra, Trikone and 2nd house, jointly or separately, gives long life & good
The native was a divine saint. Although she became a widow at a very young age, she maintained
good health till the end of over 86 years of life. The reasons were that she four exalted planets. Lagna
had Vargottam exalted Venus aspected by exalted Jupiter. Lagnesh-10th lord & Moon sign lord, Jupiter,
was exalted in a Trikone (5th house), 6th lord Sun was exalted in 2nd house and 11-12th lord Saturn
was exalted in 8th house. Moon was alone in 10th house aspected by exlated Saturn and its Nakshtra
lord Ketu. All the four benefics are in exaltation/ friendly signs. The lords of Trika houses are strong
but not stronger than 10th or lagna lord. All these factors gave her a sound health till the end.


The first step to tackle the very intricate problem of assessing longevity is to put in broad life span of
Balarishta, short, medium and long/full life with the help of various yogas given by astrological
savants. The Balarishta are special cases as they may be caused due to evil karmas of parents in their
previous life. In this chapter, 20 yogas of Balarishta, 13 yogas for its anti-dots, 22 yogas for short life
and five of its cancellation; 14 yogas for medium life, eight yogas for sudden/ unnatural deaths; 15
yogas for long/ full life and 12 yogas for good health are discussed. Thus a total of 110 yogas have
been covered in this chapter. Two charts of Balarishta, one of its cancellation and one of long life with
good health has also been discussed.


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