Yogas for Balarishta by nandchopra


This is the second book in the series and is very important. The book covers five hundred yogas such as Rajyogas, Dhanyogas, Nabhasyogas, yogas related to the Sun & the Moon, trikone houses, parivartan yogas, yogas for marriage & progeny.Yogas for penury, ayur and arishta yogas. Each chapter of yogas explains the importance of strength and time of fructifications through illustrations.

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									Yogas for Balarishta

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

i) Weak Moon placed in a Trika house, aspected by malefic, causes death soon after birth.

ii) Birth at Sun-rise or Sun-set in the Hora of Moon (Monday at Sun-rise or Thursday at Sun-set) or if
birth lagna is in Gandanta with the Moon & malefic in Kendra, causes death at birth.

iii) Weak Moon in lagna and malefic in Kendra/8th house, causes death of a new born.

iv) Lagna lord defeated in a planetary war by a malefic and placed in 7 th house causes death within a

v) One is bereft of longevity in case of Cancer/Scorpio lagna, with all malefic in 4 th to 10th houses and
benefics in 10th to 4th houses (Vajramukhi yoga).

vi) If malefic occupy 6th and 12th houses from Lagna, child dies soon after birth.

vii) If retrograde benefics occupy 6, 8, & 12th houses, aspected by malefic, the child dies within a

viii) If Lagna and 7th house are hemmed between malefic, the child dies early.

ix) Moon in lagna, Mars in 8th, Sun in 9th and Saturn in 12th house, all unaspected by strong Jupiter,
the child dies early.

x) Sun, Mars & Saturn together in 6th or 8th house, indicates certain death within a month.

xi) Malefics in 6th or 8th house, aspected by another malefic, cause death within a month.

xii) Birth at the time of eclipse and lagna aspected by Saturn & Mars, cause death within a fortnight.
xiii) Birth in dark-half & day-time, 7th house occupied by Jupiter & Venus; and Moon aspected by
Saturn/Rahu, cause death within a weak.

xiv) If Moon & Rahu conjoin with Mars/Saturn, the child dies early. If simultaneously Sun occupies
lagna, an operation may be the cause of death.

xv) A Week Moon conjoin with a malefic, and aspected by Rahu, denotes early death.

xvi) One born in extremely poor & humble circumstances, with very strong Rajyogas, dies very soon.

xvii) If all malefic are in 5th & 9th from Lagna, and Moon is in Cancer sign, all without any benefic
aspect, child dies early.

xviii) If Lagnesh or Moon sign lord is weak, posited in a Trika house and aspected by a Malefic, the
child lives for years equal to the number of sign of the Trika house.

xix) If the lord of Dreshkon of Lagnesh or Moon sign lord is weak, posited in a Trika house, and
aspected by a malefic, the child survives for months equal to the number of sign of the Trika house.

xx) The exchange of lords of lagna & 8th house with 8th lord stronger of the two and no benefic
influence on lagna lord.

The child with debilitated 8th lord Moon conjunct with Ketu in 12th house and was aspected by Sun,
Saturn, Rahu & Mercury from 6th house. The lagna lord Jupiter was in Badhak-Sthan with 6th lord
Venus & 12th lord Mars. In accordance with conditions (i), (vi) &^ (xi), above, the child died 27 Oct

The child was born with 2nd lord debilitated Moon in Gand-Moola Nakshtra conjoined with Ketu and
aspected by 8th lord Saturn & Rahu from 12th house. Lagna lord Mercury is also debilitated. Even the
exalted Jupiter-R, aspected by Saturn & Ketu, could not save the child even for a month. In
accordance with conditions mentioned in sub-Para 4.2 (i) and 4.3 (i), (vi), (ix) & (xv), the child died in
Apr 2003.

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