Yogas for Alpayu

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					Yogas for Alpayu/ Short life

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

i) Sun, Moon & Mars are in 5th house from lagna.

ii) Malefic Lagnesh is in 12th from Moon and is aspected by another malefic.

iii) Lagnesh & 8th lord both are weak and lagna is aspected by a malefic.

iv) No benefic aspects on lagna, Lagnesh, Moon & Moon sign lord.

v) Saturn-R in Aries/ Scorpio in a Kendra and 6th or 8th house is aspected by Mars.

vi) 8th lord along with a malefic (Saturn, Mars or Rahu) in 6th/ 12th house.

vii) 8th lord in 7th house with 7th lord.

viii) Lagnesh & 8th lord in 6th/ 8th/ 12th with no benefic influence.

ix) Lagna lord & Moon are weak and 8th lord is in a Kendra.

x) The Sun & Saturn are in Kendras and Mars is in lagna (other than in own sign).

xi) Lagnesh is combust or defeated by a malefic in planetary war.

xii) Lagna/ Moon is aspected by 8th lord from lagna/ Moon and by Saturn/ Mars, with no benefic

xiii) Saturn in Leo Navamsha aspected by Rahu.
xiv) Weak Moon in 6th/ 8th house influenced by Rahu.

xv) Sun, Moon & Saturn in inimical signs with benefics in Apoklim houses.

xvi) Sun, Mars & Saturn in Lagna with weak Moon in 6th/ 7th house.

xvii) 8th & 12th lord are weak and Saturn is in Lagna in a dual sign.

xviii) Lagna is occupied by Sun/ Moon in Paap-Kartari.

xix) Lagna is in last degree occupied by a malefic.

xx) Moon and natural malefic are in 2, 8 or 12th houses.

xxi) Moon in Mrityu-bhag degree in a Kendra/ 8th house.

xxii) Birth in a Gandanta/ Sandhi and conjoined/ aspected by a malefic.


Description: This is the second book in the series and is very important. The book covers five hundred yogas such as Rajyogas, Dhanyogas, Nabhasyogas, yogas related to the Sun & the Moon, trikone houses, parivartan yogas, yogas for marriage & progeny.Yogas for penury, ayur and arishta yogas. Each chapter of yogas explains the importance of strength and time of fructifications through illustrations.
Shanker Adawal Shanker Adawal