Doshas in Marriage

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					Doshas in Marriage

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1. Manglik/ Kuja Dosh: Mars is a first rate malefic, which cause this Dosh if placed adversely in 1 st,
2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of a chart. An adversely placed Mars plays havoc in marital life causing
disharmony, infidelity, illness, or even death of spouse or divorce. Mars is a fiery planet denoting
violence, crime, disaster, accidents, miseries, mishappenings or even death. The quantum of Kuja
dosh in 8th, 7th, 1st, 4th, 12th and 2nd house will be in decreasing order. It is suggested that Kuja dosh
should be ascertained from the strongest of lagna, Moon or Venus. Therefore the matching of
horoscopes of prospective couple is a must for checking the Manglik Dosh. The Manglik Dosh is said to
be cancelled or largely mitigated in following cases:

i) If Similar Dosh is found in the charts of both the boy & girl.

ii) If the Mars happens to be exalted/ Yogkaraka.

iii) If marriage is solemnized in Gaudhuli Bela i.e. time of sun-set.

iv) If Marriage is first solemnized with an innate object like a tree, vegetable or a pitcher.

v) The marriage is solemnized after 28 years of age.

2. Kalatra Dosh: It means the curse attached with one’s spouse. It may cause delay/ denial of
marriage or marital disharmony. It is revealed from karaka of marriage, Venus, 7 th house/ lord and
lagna lord of Navamsha. If all three are afflicted, it denotes “No marriage”. In case of partial affliction,
it denotes delay/ disharmony/ incompatibility in marriage. The marriage of a native with this Dosh
should be solemnized with one with a strong & unafflicted Venus, 7 th house/ lord and Navamsha lord.

3. Nadi Dosh: Nadi is a Hindi word meaning pulse. It is classified with reference to 27 Nakshtra into
three types, Aadhi, Madhya or Antya nadi. Ashwani, Bharini & Krittika represents Adahi, Madhya and
Anthya nadi. Rohini, Mrigshira & Ardra represents Anthya, Madhya & Aadhi nadi. Then from Punurvasu
representing aadhi nadi the cycle continues. The star of the boy & girl should fall in different nadi;
otherwise their children may have blood related problems.

4. Vish-kanya Yoga: The girls born with any of the following yoga are called Vish-kanyas:
i) On a Sunday, Dwadashi Tithi in Krittika/ Shatbhisha Nakshtra.

ii) On a Tuesday, Saptami in Vishaka Nakshtra.

iii) On a Saturday, Dwithiya, in Ashlesha Nakshtra.

iv) A benefic and a malefic in lagna.

v) Having two malefic in 6th house.

vi) Saturn in lagna, Sun in 5th and Mars in the 9th house.

Marriage of such girls causes disturbances and violence resulting in unhappy married life, unless they
are married to a boy whose 7th lord is a powerful benefic posited in 7th house and whose 7th house is
stronger than 6th house.


Description: This is the second book in the series and is very important. The book covers five hundred yogas such as Rajyogas, Dhanyogas, Nabhasyogas, yogas related to the Sun & the Moon, trikone houses, parivartan yogas, yogas for marriage & progeny.Yogas for penury, ayur and arishta yogas. Each chapter of yogas explains the importance of strength and time of fructifications through illustrations.
Shanker Adawal Shanker Adawal