Sample Event Invitation Letter

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									This is a template that can be used to customize an event invitation letter that can be
sent to an individual or a company. This template provides the event details and
includes a schedule of event activities. In addition, this template states the opportunity
the invitee has for attending and informs them that they will be mentioned in the event
program and by the key note speaker. This template can be used by individuals or
small businesses that want a sample event invitation letter they can customize to
provide the details of their specific event.
                                                                           [Company Address]
[Company Name]                                                        [Company City, State, Zip]
[Company Logo]                                                       [Company Phone Number]
                                                                           [Company Website]


Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Phone Number:

Dear [Name of Recipient],

I am very pleased to invite [Company Name] to the [Event Name], scheduled on [Date], at
[Time], at [Location]. This event is [Describe Purpose/Nature of Event].
The event will run from [Time] to [Time], with the following schedule of activities:
Activity                                     Time
[Activity Description #1]                    [Time]
[Activity Description #2]                    [Time]
[Activity Description #3]                    [Time]

We expect over [Number] of people to attend from [Describe attendees
Location/Background], which will create an opportunity for you to [Describe Opportunity].

Your company will also be featured in the event program and mentioned by the key note
speaker, [Name of Speaker].

Please confirm your attendance by phone at [Phone Number] or through email at [Email
Address], on or before [Date].

If you have any questions regarding the [Event Name], please contact [Contact Name],
[Contact Name Title], at [Contact Phone Number].

We certainly look forward to your presence at this event!


Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number

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                                                                                                         [Company Address]
[Company Name]                                                                                      [Company City, State, Zip]
[Company Logo]                                                                                     [Company Phone Number]
                                                                                                         [Company Website]

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