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									Fearing Bank Debts over
       Bike Deaths
You might feel it could be pretty ill to even just mention death upfront. If we
are to talk about fatality rates on bikes and motorbikes, it could either
challenge or discourage you to getting on a motorbike loan. Absolutely,
though, you can have the choice on which to fear more: a bank debt or a
bike death.

Perhaps, at this point, statistics could appear discouraging, and we would
not want that. We would rather stress out the fact that accidents are always
true to their name – they are accidents and simply are out of your fullest
control. You can only avoid accidents, though; but this does not mean you
should avoid bike loaning as well. There are bikes which are practical and
economical. These bikes are perfect for immediate chores downtown, and
for transportation even from home to school or office and vice versa. Their
usefulness is too precious to be dismissed simply because of some anxiety
to risks.

Actually, the keyword that would be effectively linking the two terms, “bank
debts” and “bike deaths,” is “fear.” It is pretty normal to fear death,
particularly that one caused by a vehicular accident. On the other hand, it
also quite usual for any one of us to feel somehow anxious about whether
we are able or unable to pay our debts in the future.

Now, it might appear reasonable to say that since both are just two sides of
the same coin, it would be better off without taking the coin for yourself.
This is to say that you better do away with both, since, if you go for a bike
loan and hence a bank debt, it just means you would be getting more risks
of meeting a vehicular accident and hence a bike death.

There are, however, downsides to this argument. The truth is that while
death is inevitable, life has to go on daily. Fearing death to the point of not
living life is living death while you are still physically alive. Indeed, it would
be absolutely more reasonable to dismiss the point of fearing the death
side and risking rather to living the debt side. After all, you might as well
meet an accident of similar nature despite avoiding it in the form of a bike

 So, summing it all up, you can simply dismiss your fears from now on and
focus rather on what is best for your present living. Acquire with confidence
the best offers that have been made available and simplified for you.
Finally, remember that a life lived in anxiety is more miserable than death

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