A Luxurious Stay in Gulmarg with Best Skiing Resort by skiingauli


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                                     A Luxurious Stay in Gulmarg with Best Skiing Resort by skiingauli Ltd
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(56 9 50 )                                   A Luxurious St ay in Gulmarg wit h Best Skiing Resort by SKIINGAULI LTD
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                                             Article Posted: 11/28/2012
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    Business News A Luxurious St ay in Gulmarg wit h Best Skiing Resort
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                          Gulmarg hill station is one of the popular winter destinations in India. Since its discovery in 1927, the site has been
                          highlighted by various entertainment media. Many Bollywood moves have been shot here in this beautiful backdrop of                       Advertiser Login
    Collecting (9 9 32)
                          majestic Himalaya.
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                          The bowl- shaped Gulmarg is situated at an altitude of 8, 500 meters above sea level and is known for the ski adventure.
    Computers             This popular place in Jammu and Kashmir is placed 52 kilometers from Srinagar. It is the home of high peaks, snow
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                          pulling skiers, particularly throughout the winter season. The hills of the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas Afarwat are the               Limited Time $60 Offer!
    Construction          longest and highest ski slopes across Asia. Skiing down the slopes it offer the postcard sight of the Kashmir Valley and                    90 Days- 1.5 Million Views
(27 27 2)                 the Nanda Devi Parbat which is 8126m from the sea level.
    Consumer (356 32)
    Cooking (150 9 7 )                                                              For those who are not strong in the background you can enjoy a
    Copywriting                                                                     drive Asia's longest cable. The Gondola cable car up to about

    Copywriting                                                                      drive Asia's longest cable. The Gondola cable car up to about
(537 4 )                                                                             600 travelers at a time and follow the route to and from Mountain
    Crafts (139 20 )                                                                 Kongdoori is one of the best ways to travel. The snow covered
    Cuisine (6 136 )                                                                 peaks also home of the British and European residents and to
    Current Affairs                                                                  date are attractive people throughout the year. Gulmarg skiing
                                                                                     resort are popular among young people and there are several
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    Dating (38 8 6 7 )                Fly US - India @ $729                          places where you can stay Gulmarg. Some of the better known
                                                                                     resorts in town are Alpine Ridge, Grand Mumtaz Cottage,
    EBooks (158 7 6 )          Get Cheap AirFares to India Only With                 Highlands Park, and Pine Palace Resorts.
    E-Commerce                  MakeMyTrip™. Book Now & Save!
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                                    us.makemytrip.com/Special-Fares                  The Highlands Park Resort includes a set of picturesque houses
    Education                                                                        and presents a perfect opportunity for vacationers to escape the
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                                                                                     monotony of life in the city. These homes offer a complete retreat
    Electronics                                                                      from the outside world. They are located along small country
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                                                                                     roads that are flavored with flowers and trees on both sides. The
    Email (54 8 1)                                                                   cottages are surrounded by tall trees and alpine gardens.
    Entertainment                                                                    Highlands Park Cottages have one old world hotel built in a
(136 54 8 )                                                                          traditional style of the area. The rooms are equipped with the
    Environment           latest technology and the tourists do not feel separated from the reality of modern life. Some of the services you will find
(2326 2)                  inside the rooms are centrally heated, color TV, air conditioning, hot and cold running water, and in bed heaters.
 Ezine (27 6 7 )
 Ezine                    Srinagar Gulmarg has many tourism options. Day trips to these places can be arranged for with the help of a 24- hour
Publishing (519 7 )       reception in the hotel. You can plan trips to various picnic spots dotting the surrounding countryside. The village center is
 Ezine Sites              just a short walk away. Some of the skiing lodges have a tennis court and a club for recreation and fitness. The modern
(14 0 9 )                 leisure facilities of this hotel make it an ideal place for fun and relaxation.
 Family &
                          The conference room at the hotel is ideal for business meetings and wedding receptions. As a guest, you can make use
Parenting (10 0 30 7 )    of modern equipment for business purposes, such as projectors and audiovisual equipment. Both restaurants offer
 Fashion &                authentic cuisine of Kashmir and this is a must try during your stay at the hotel. Other hotel amenities include parking,
Cosmetics (16 8 36 0 )    laundry facilities and air conditioning. Hiking and nature walks can be arranged with the help of the travel agency the hotel
 Female                   so.
(10 6 55)                 Skiingauli.com has an experienced team who has been delivering quality adventure programs for more than 12 years.
  Finance &               Here you will get answer to all quires about skiing in Auli and Gulmarg, best Auli resort, skiing lodges and resorts, and
Investment                also skiing in India.
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