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					Real Life connections
Snoogd is the world’s first “real life social site.” A tool
that lets you connect with the attractive strangers you
pass by every day.
With Snoogd, meeting new people is faster and much
more personal, but at the same time users keep their
names and personal information private for as long as
they like. “Online dating can allow you to reach more
people but can also feel impersonal and artificial.
Meeting people in real life feels more natural but can
often be intimidating or awkward.

All it takes is one card!
   You meet someone you like, you slip them a Snoogd
    Card and a special code will lead them to your
    profile. Simple as One, Two, Three.
   Or leave our Destiny Cards behind at random places,
    and let fate decide if that special person will
    eventually find it.
   Don't like cards? Print your Snoogd Code on a T-
    Shirt, engrave it on a ring, write it on a napkin and
    slip it to the person that caught your eye... just be


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Description: Snoogd is the world’s first “real life social site.” A tool that lets you connect with the attractive strangers you pass by every day. Snoogd founders Clemens Kazda and Marco Cosulich created an unprecedented new way for people all over the world to connect. Inspired by a real life experience, Clemens came up with the idea of Snoogd while still living in Vienna and commuting to work by subway on a daily basis. One day, as he approached his stop, the most stunning girl he had ever seen sat down next to him. Holding his breath, he realized, that she too, had “noticed him.” As they bashfully smiled at each other, he realized – it was now or never. But as the train came to his station and the doors opened, the words didn’t come and Clemens realized that it was “never.” As he walked to work, he could not forget the experience – there must be a way to prevent these “missed opportunities” we so often encounter in our everyday lives. A way that makes approaching that beautiful girl on the train a fun and simple thing, not requiring the bravery of a soldier… Snoogd was born. Snoogd lets its users playfully gain the attention of a beautiful stranger by handing them a small card that contains a catchy phrase such as “Smile if you want to see me again.” A unique code on each card leads the recipient to your Snoogd profile, letting him or her decide whether to make contact with you or not. Users can also engage with other users online – pretty much like your normal dating site, just without all those annoying tests, surveys and misleading profiles.