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									                                              DUTCH RICE

                              CONSTRUCTION SUPERINTENDENT

An accomplished superintendent with diverse and hands on experience in ground up, TI
construction, construction management, strategic planning, hands on field supervision, and
process improvement. A reputation for building cohesive teams that not only work well together
but achieve organizational goals and maintain the highest standards of professional excellence.
Skilled at improving and implementing procedures that decrease costs, increase productivity and
profitability. Committed to completing projects on time and within budget. Excellent
communication skills be it written or verbal with people at all levels be it subs, PM’s, Owners,
Owner Rep’s or Investors.

Areas of Expertise:
    Cohesive Team Building                   Outcome Oriented                         Risk Management
    Strategic Planning                       Design Building                          Capital Projects
    Process Improvement                                                               Human Resources

―Dutch is the complete construction professional. He’s easily one of the hardest working, sharpest professionals
who I’ve worked with in 25+ years in the construction industry. I trust my jobs, be they 25K or 12M efforts, to no
one other than Dutch. He’s that good.‖
                                                         Charley Gorlic, President, All Clear Plumbing

Dutch built many of my buildings over the last ten years. It’s nice to know there are no worries when he’s
worked on my projects. I look forward to him building all my future buildings.
                                                    Peter Shippman, President, Buena Vista Properties

                                     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
WIT, Inc. Superintendent/Project Manager                                   2002 – Present
Business: Construction

    Built and rebuilt restaurants, TI, houses, hotels, tilt ups, convalescent homes and schools.
    As built pre release prison to BOP standards.
    Upgrades, retrofits and remodels.
    Built to UBC, IBC 2002 codes ABA and ADA Standards.
    Managed sub-contractors, budgets, ordering and suppliers .
    PM’d/Superintendent project from conception to completion.
    Project from $1,250,000 – 20,000,000.

President, Cool Products Authority, Boulder City, NV
Business: A full line electric scooters and electric bikes

    Recruited and trained distributors domestically and internationally to represent the product line.
    Set-up import and export brokers domestically and internationally.
    Maintain continuous dialog with all 63 dealers local and international along with 4 sales managers.
    Hold bi-monthly training meetings on new products.
    Trained dealers and managers to trouble shoot and repair equipment.
Paramedic-F.T.O., 911 Services, San Mateo, CA
Business: Employed by the County of San Mateo for 911 response

    Field Training Officer (FTO) for 15 paramedics, 15 EMTs and 15 nurses .
    In charge of training medical professionals to Critical Care Transportation technology.
    Certify and re-certified EMTs and paramedics.
    Scheduled 45 shifts per week .
    Taught continuing education classes.
    Instructor in emergency and defensive driving classes to ambulance personnel, fire fighters and police
    departments in 6 cities.

Owner/Operator, Able Communication, Modesto, CA
Business: Portable, mobile, cellular, repeater, data and telemetry communication company

    Sales, leasing and bidding of county, state and federal communication contracts.
    Installation of hand held, mobile communication repeaters and mainframe communication equipment to
    Maintain advance telemetry equipment for 6 counties.
    Hired and trained all staff personnel to ensure quality and continuity of operation.
    Employed 7 sales people and 3 technicians.

Electrician, ALR Electric, Phoenix, AZ

    Rough wire and finish fixture houses, industrial and commercial buildings .
    Laid out wiring plans before crew would come on site.
    Managed up to sixteen crews.

                                          CAREER HIGHLIGHTS
Built Able Communication from scratch and in 5 years sold it for a profit.
Started Cool Products Authority from a concept, put foreign and domestic suppliers together, acquired
63 dealers, and sold company for profit within 6 years.
Started as an EMT, achieved paramedic certification within 2 years, and was promoted to Field Training
Office of Critical Care Transport. Designed CCT equipment, wrote protocol procedures. Wrote and passed the
Cobra Law for interfacility transportation of Critical Care patients within the next year.
 Practiced in the field for 6 years.
Developed two companies from the ground up and sold both for profit.
Assisted in implementing and bring to completion two county contracts for relocatable (concrete) school

                                         EDUCATION & TRAINING

    B.A. Paramedic, U.C. Northridge, CA
    Critical Care Transport 1984 – 911 Inc. in house, CA
    A.Z.S.T.A.R – Arizona State Department of Transportation Ambulance and Rescue Vehicles, AZ
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Management Contractor
                                                    DUTCH RICE


    Superintendent’s                                                    Dutch Rice
  Position Requirements                                      Professional Experience and Skills
  Directly, supervise and evaluate work activities of        Inspected, corrected, and finished work activities, if
  subcontractors, their finished work and the crews          necessary.
  they bring on site.                                        Ordered and procured equipment or products that
                                                             needed long lead times.
                                                             Secured the delivery of equipment and supplies
                                                             needed to keep projects on schedule.
  Establish objectives and evaluate operational criteria     Established and maintained works schedules for
  for protocols and procedures.                              varied projects.
                                                             Scheduled and managed three week ―look ahead‖
                                                             and scheduled meetings with subcontractors.
                                                             Enforced safety codes and applied sanctions for
                                                             violations – thereby promoting safety on work sites.

  Ensure team conducts activities with appropriate           Participated as a team member on large and small
  sense of urgency.                                          projects.
                                                             Have successfully managed county and statewide
                                                             Brought schedules back on course when unforeseen
                                                             delays occurred.
                                                             Corrected deficiencies to keep projects on schedule
                                                             and on budget.
                                                             Managed up to 15 subcontractors and 225 workers.
  Ensure effective operation of department.                  Responsible for all crews and verified that all criteria
                                                             and certifications were within code. The same applies
                                                             for certification, protocol, and procedures.
                                                             Ensured that all areas of service delivery were met
                                                             and balanced to meet changing needs.
                                                             Coached and mentored staff as well as worked with
                                                             customers on an ongoing basis.

  Accountable for creating, finalizing and                   I derive considerable satisfaction from coaching and
  administration of building getting ready for Certificate   mentoring – helping employees succeed and
  of Occupancy.                                              becoming more responsible
                                                             Have managed remote employees, contractors, and
  Customer and Personal Service — Knowledge of               Have produced written documentation for better post
  principles and processes for providing customer and        customer satisfaction of initial building possession.
  personal services. This includes customer needs            Led change control review board ensuring adequate
  assessment, meeting quality standards for services,        testing and notification.
  and evaluation of customer satisfaction.                   Have managed and participated in post delivery of
                                                             building customer follow up and warranty work.

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