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					I have York University ADMS, ECON past exams with answer keys, textbook notes, lecture notes, solution manuals
and more for sale. My price is adjusted to your budget for a course. Past exams are not always guaranteed questions
to come in the exam, but they give you direction to prepare for exams.

    -   Meet ups at Square One/ York University for materials worth more than $10
    -   If you need some specific parts only, price could be adjusted
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Adms 1000: Introduction to Administrative Studies (all for $13)
Textbook: Exploring the Canadian Business Environment 6th Cdn Ed by Karakowsky- SOLD
Midterms: Sample Summer2011, Fall02, Fall04, F2010, Winter2011, one Midterm: date unknown
Final: sample case F2010 (2 questions), Sample essay F2010, one Final: date unknown, Final exam review
topics in detail
- Answer keys with grade marks to Final and Midterm Example Exam (date unknown) in detail with solutions
(many of them)
- Summarized chapter notes, chapters 1-9 + Final exam study notes of 36 pages( all chapters)

Adms 1010: Business in Canadian Context
Textbook: Relentless Change: Casebook for study of Canadian Business History by Joe Martin-SOLD
Past exams, quizzes, projects and finals ($17)
Quizes: 2 sets from Fall2011, 2 sets from Winter2012, 1 from F2012
Group Projects: 3 sets from Winter2012, 2 sets from 2011 fall
Midterm: W2012+sol, (Alex), W2011(Jurrowski), F2011+sol, S2011, W2009
           Practice Midterm Winter2012 (Alison), Practice Midterm questions fall07
Final: F2003, F2006, S2007, 2 Finals F2008, Practice exam Winter2012, Actual Exam Winter 2012
Case based cheat sheet,notes,lecture notes on:
-CNR, banking, confederation, agriculture and manufacturing, automobile, Candian retail, massey-harris,
porter model, national policy, Bank of Canada, Canada-US FTA, Natural Industry, one midterm review on new
Case based textbook notes: very detailed each case based textbook notes, summarized in 4-6 pages for each
case for the Relentless Change textbook. They are all typed and reflect the events indicated in the cases, along
with explanations of key terms and events. Very helpful resource for exam preparations and other projects
and quizzes throughout the course. for $37

Adms 1500: An Introduction to Accounting: The Analysis and Use of Financial Information
Textbook: Accounting for Non-Financial Managers, 3rd Ed. By Parkinson- SOLD
Quizzes, Midterm,notes (all $8)
Quizzes: Quiz#4+sol(2003), Quiz#1 S2011 Version A+sol, Quiz#1 S2011 Version B+sol, Quiz#2 S2011
Version A+sol, Quiz#2 S2011 Version B+sol, Sample MCQ Questions
Midterm 1: Summer06+sol
Midterm 2: Winter2010 Topic A+sol, Summer06 midterm review
Winter 2005 Final exam +sol,
Chapter notes summarized on chapters 1-11,14

Adms 2200: Introduction to Marketing
Textbook: Contemporary Marketing 3rd Canadian Ed by Boone & Kurtz
- Ebook: Contemporary Marketing 15th Edition by Boone & Kurtz (absolutely same book, chapter # changed)
for $8
- Textbook publisher Test Bank (MCQs, T/F, Short Essay Questions + answer keys) for $15
- Chapter based notes for midterms and finals+project examples, group presentation example (received 80%)

Adms 2320: Quantitative Methods 1
Textbook: Statistics for Management and Economics 9th ed. By Keller-FOR SALE
- Test Banks for 9th ed book, for $8 (True/False, MCQs and Problem questions + answers)
- Statistics for Management and Economics 9th ed EBook/PDF copy $23
17 Midterms and2 Finals, solutions and others: $14
- Midterms: 2004,2005,2006, 2007(w/solutions), 2008(w/solutions), 2009(w/solutions), 2010(w/solutions), 2011
and Winter 2012 (with some answer keys)
- Finals: F09,F05, no solutions only quetions
- exam cheat sheets +past assignments with solutions+ sample quizzes+ formula sheets

Adms 2400: Organizational Behavior
Textbook: Organizational Behavior: Canadian Cases and Exercises by Colquitt-SOLD
Exams + notes for $13 (excludes case solutions)
Midterms: Fall2011, Fall 2010, Winter 09, Sample Midterm (MCQ, short Q, case)
Final: Winter2006,Fall2005
Case solutions: returned goods, Dimitris baked Goods, Automotive Bookstore, The Police Dept., Federal
Airlines, Examples of theory based answers, Best Food: practice case, Leadership notes
Notes: Typed summarized notes for Chapter 1- 12,14, test bank chapter 1 only
Full textbook notes with diagrams etc (99 pages)- very helpful before midterm quick prep.
- Case solutions for most of the cases (ask for details)- $20

Adms 2500: Introduction to Financial Accounting
Textbook: Introduction to Financial Accounting by Gaber- SOLD
Past midterms, Finals, project ,notes ($15)
Midterm 1: Winter 2001,Fall 02, Winter 02, Summer 04, Winter 05, Fall 06(+sol), Practice midterm+sol, 2
practice problems, Fall2012+sol, Fall2011+sol
Midterm2: Fall2011, W2010+sol, another (MCQ) date unknown+sol,
Finals: Winter 2011+sol, another date unknown+sol, Practice final exam
Textbook notes on Module: 1-5, and chapters 19,20
- Term Project: Completed term project Summer2012 (Question+answer+marking key- got 99%)- $5
- Practice Problem Modules: Modules: 1-15 (all with answer keys) - $10

Adms 2510: Introduction to Management Accounting
Textbook: Managerial Accounting 9th Canadian Edition by Garrison-SOLD
Managerial Accounting 8th Canadian Edition by Garrison-Ebook for sale $12
past exams and quizzes: $14.00
Quizes: 4 sets from Winter 08 +solution, Q#3summer 06, Q#1summer06, fall 03, Fall 08, one sample quiz
Midterm: Fall 2005, winter 2010(+solution), Winter2006+sol
Final: Winter 05 (+solution), Winter 07(version 1+solution), Winter 07(version 2+solution), Fall 09
(part1+2, with solution), Sample Fall 2010(+solution), Winter 2010 (+solution), Common Final Fall 2004
Solutions and test banks:
- 9th Cdn Edition textbook solution manuals - $15
- 9th Cdn Edition textbook Test Bank - $16
- 8th cdn edition textbook solution manuals - $6
- 8th cdn edition textbook publisher Test Banks -$12 (contains true/false, MCQ, problem questions with
- Managerial Accounting, 12th Edition by Garrison Test Banks - $5 only (not much difference with 8th cdn ed,
contains true/false, MCQ, problem questions with answers)

Adms 2511: Management Information Systems (all for $17)
Textbook: Introduction to Information Systems 2nd Canadian Ed. By Rainer-SOLD
Summarized typed notes for all chapters (two different types of versions, both are good you can study from
any of them)
Quiz: 6 sets of web quizzes Fall 2011(+sol)
Midterm: Practice Fall2010, Fall09-alternative version(2 different sets; +sol), Fall 2009-original (+sol), Fall
2010(+sol), Fall08, Winter09(+sol), Midterm date unknown, Sample Midterm Exams (5 sets; 3 with sol)
Final: Fall09, Fall09(part2; +sol) Summer 2008(+sol), Summer 09, 3 sets of Samples(+sol)

Adms 2600: Human Resource Management ($10)
Textbook: Managing Human Resources 6th Canadian Ed by Belcourt

Final exam Notes for chapters 8-14 (37 pages)
Midterm exam Notes for chapter 1-5, with diagrams and charts (14 pages)
Another midterm notes chapter 1-7 (4 pages)
More chapter based notes for chp: 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Full Textbook Notes, all chapters (complete notes, 91 pages, you don’t need textbook if you have this)
Final Exam Summer 2003

Adms 2610: Elements of Law 1
Textbook: Contemporary Canadian Business Law 10th ed by Wills-SOLD
- Instructor’s Solution Manual (includes only chp.1-3, 7-17,19,21,23,24,25,27,28,33,35) - $8

Past exams+notes all for $22(or choose specifics):
Test 1,2: W2007(T1 only answer), W2008+sol(T1), W2008+sol(T2), S2006+sol(T2), W2007(T2), F2007(T2
answer only), S2004(T2-question), PLUS 3-4 tests from Law Part2(you can practice from them too!)
Midterm: W2010 + answer, F2008 + answer, S2009 answer key (question missing), Practice midterm
questions (3 sets), one Midterm– date unknown, no solution
Final: Fall 2005+sol, S2003, W2005+sol, F2007, Another date unknown

Session based chapter notes (for chap:1-17, 19,21,23-25,27,28,33) plus
Final exam review notes (50 pages) and another Final Review with exam outlines and topics (19 pages)

ADMS 3330: Quantitative Methods 2
Textbook: Quantitative Methods for Business, 10th ed by Anderson-SOLD
          Statistics for Management and Economics 9th ed. By Keller-FOR SALE
- Test bank for all chapters for both book- $12
- Solution Manual for Bartel book - $10
Past midterms and finals: $18
Midterms(All with solutions except W05): Winter05, Winter08, Fall08, Winter09, Summer09-S2, Fall09,
Fall2010, Sum2010-S1, Sum2010-SU, Winter2010, Winter2011, Fall2012
Final: Winter06, Winter07+sol, Fall09+sol, Summer05+sol, F08+sol

Adms 3351: Operations Management
Textbook: Operations and Supply Chain Management 1st Cdn ed By Jacobs
Past Assignments: $17
A#1,2,3 from SU2012+sol, A#1,2 from S12010, A#1,2,3 from F08
Midterm: S1-2008(some correct answers), Fall08+sol, W09(some correct answers), one practice midterm
Practice MCQs with answers: 9-15 MCQs for each chapters (chapter 1- 17)
Study Guide Questions: Chapters 1- 13 Plus Publisher chapter summaries on all chapters
Midterm+ Final Chapter Notes on Chapters: 1,2,4,5,6,11,12,13
- ISBN: 978-0-07-340330-4 (student edition) Jacobs and Chase, Ebook/PDF copy total 431 pages for $15
-test bank for Operations Management 9th Ed by Heizer for $5

Adms 3510: Managerial Cost Accounting and Analysis
Textbook: Cost Accounting A Managerial Emphasis 6th Cdn Ed. By Horngren-SOLD
past exams and quizzes($18)
Quiz: Winter04 > Q#1, Q#2, Q#3, Q#4 all in different versions and solutions (total 18 quizes, contains short and
problem questions)
Midterm 1: Practice Exam w/answer (unit 2+3+4+5), Fall09(+sol), Winter2010(+sol), Winter2011(+sol),
Midterm 2: Sample Midterm+sol, Fall09(+sol), Fall2010(+sol), W2010+sol, W2010(alternate midterm)+sol,
W2010(another alternate midterm)+sol
Final: Fall 2004(+sol), Fall05(+sol), S06(+sol), Winter 2012(lists of questions that came in the exam, not actual

- Solution manual of 5th Canadian ed $5
- Solution manual of 6th Canadian ed $10
- Test bank of 5th Canadian ed $10 (only MCQ, True/False, Essay Questions+solutions)
- Test Bank of 6th Canadian ed $12
- Test bank of 13th ed- $5 (contains everything with problem questions)
- Ebook/PDF file Cost Accounting A Managerial Emphasis 5 th Cdn Ed-$15

Adms 3520: An Overview of Canadian Income Taxation
Textbook: Byrd & Chen’s Canadian Tax Principles 2012/2013 EBook- $20
Midterms, Sample Exams, Finals and Quizzes:$18
Quiz: Summer08> 4 different versions
Textbook notes for chap. 2,3,5,6,7,8,9,14-etc+ Complete Lecture notes
Midterm: F05+sol, F06+sol, F07+96% correct sol, F08, F09, 1 midterm date unknown, S05, S09+sol, S2010,
S2011+sol, W06+sol, W2011+sol, 4 sets of sample exam questions.
Final: Winter2010(only lists topics that actually came in the final, don’t have full questions), 3 sample exams, 1
with sol
One research paper F2009+sol

Canadian Tax Principles 2012/2013 Materials (Covers Volume 1, Chapter 1-14):
- Latest Edition EBook (Chapter 1-14) $20
- Practice Examinations + Solution Files (for chapters 3-11)- $8
- Solution Manuals to Assignment Problems $11
- TIF problems with solutions (Test Item Files/Test Bank) $14
- Study Guide, Chapter 1-14 $5
Canadian Tax Principles 2010/2011 Materials (Covers Volume 1+2, All chapters):
- Practice Examinations + Solution Files (for chapters 3-11)- $8
- Solution Manuals to Assignment Problems $5
- TIF problems with solutions (Test Item Files/Test Bank) $10
- Study Guide (all chapters, 2010-2011) - $5
Adms 3530: Finance
Textbook: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 5th Cdn ed. By Brealey- SOLD
past assignments, midterms, finals ALL with solutions (all $32, or you can choose specifics)
Assignment 1:F07, S07, F2010, F2011, S2011, W07, F2011, W2011, S2012, W2012
Assignment 2: Fall2011, Summer07, Winter07, Fall 2011, Winter2011, S2012, W2012
Finals: F05, F09, W09, F08, W08(part1 and2), S07, W07, F2010, S06, 2 sets of Final exam samples+sol
Midterm: W2012, Common MT F04, F07, F08, F09, F2010, S07, W07,W2010(TypeA), S06, S08, F2011(Type
A+B), W2011(TypeA), S2012, F2012
Plus: formula sheets for Final and Midterm, and typed notes for chapters: 4,5,7,8,10,11,12
- Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 4th Canadian ed. EBook (846 pages) By Brealey- $23
- Textbook solution manual 4th ed $12
- Textbook solution manual 5th CDN ed $15

Adms 3531: Personal Investment Management
Textbook: Fundamentals of Investments: Valuation and Management, 2nd Cdn edition by Jordan-SOLD
past assignments, midterms+solutions, notes ($15)
Assignment 1: W2010+sol, W2011+sol
Assignment 2: S2011, F2010, W2010+sol, W2011+sol, F2011+sol
Midterm: F06+sol, W08+sol (2 versions), W2010+sol, W2011+sol, Fall2011+sol, Winter09+sol
Typed notes on chapter8,9,10,12, and 13+ Lecture notes on all chapters
- Textbook End-of-chapter Problems+Solutions for Fundamentals of Investments, 2th Cdn ed. -$12
- Test Bank for Fundamentals of Investments, 2th Cdn ed.- $13
- Fundamentals of Investments: Valuation and Management, 5th edition by Jordan ebook-$8

Adms 3541: Personal Financial Planning
Textbook: Personal Financial Planning 5th Ed Captus by Ho & Robinson- SOLD
past exams,notes,reviews for $14
Assignment 1 Summer 2012 (no sol), Assignment 2 Fall2011(no sol)
Quiz#1 Fall2008+sol, Practice Problems Winter06
Midterms: F2004, W2009+sol, F2010, S2006, W2010+sol, W2011+sol, W2012, W2009+sol
Chapter based typed notes for chp: 2 to 9, chp: 11-17, plus lecture notes for all classes
Final and Midterm exam review problems and practice questions, formula sheet
-Textbook 4th edition solution manual chap 2-16 for $5

Adms 3585: Intermediate Financial Accounting 1
Textbook: Intermediate Accounting Vol. 1, 9th Cdn Ed by Keiso-SOLD
Past exams all includes solutions, for $8
Midterm 1: Fall04,Winter06, winter08, winter 2011
Midterm 2: Fall 05, Fall06, Winter08, Winter 2011
Sample Midterm Exam MCQs
- 9th Cdn Edition solution manuals - $12
- 9th Cdn Edition Test Bank - $15
- 14th US edition, Vol 1 Test banks - $5

Adms 3595: Intermediate Financial Accounting 2
Textbook: Intermediate Accounting Vol. 2, 9th Cdn Ed by Keiso-SOLD
- 9th Cdn edition Test Banks - $15
- 9th Cdn Ed solution manuals- $12
-Textbook 13th Ed Test Banks - $5
Past Midterms, Finals etc all for $12
Midterm#1: Fall2011+sol, Winter09, Winter08+sol, Winter07, Fall01
Midterm#2: Fall2011+sol , Fall07+sol, Winter07, Winter06+sol(MCQ missing), Summer06+sol, Fall05+sol, date
Midterm (either1 or 2):Winter05, Winter09, Sample Midterm(date unknown)
Final Exam: practice final 2005+sol
*Also have ONLY Solution keys to some Midterms, don’t have Questions for the following:
- MT#1: W08
- MT#2L S07( two versions), W06(versionA), W08(two versions)

ADMS 3660: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility ($8)
Textbook notes on mostly all chapters, separate midterm review notes
Final Case Analysis solution+question (received A) Summer2012

ECON 1000: Microeconomics
Textbook: Microeconomics: Canada in the Global Environment 7th ed by Parkin-SOLD
All for $18
Chapter based notes,
- 7th ed textbook end-of-chapter questions+solutions
- lab questions for all chapters
- Quizes, Midterms, Finals- around 15+ of them (with answer keys)
- test bank for chapter 1,2,3

ECON 1010: Macroeconomics
Textbook: Macroeconomics: Canada in the Global Environment 7th ed by Parkin-SOLD
- Textbook 7th ed Test banks- $15
Midterms and online quiz(all with answer)$6
Winter 2012 (steve)
Fall 2011 (mariam sadia)
Fall 2010 (paschakis)
Winter 2010 (paschakis)
Midterm 2 Sample Summer 08
Winter 08 (paschakis)
3 Online Quizzes each contains 60 MCQs Winter 2012
Sample Final Exam (85 MCQs)
Final exam study guide- contains all chapters summery, total 107 pages

ECON 1530 ($5)
practice problems from 2010+sol, midterm +sol (date unknown), class tests+ sol from 2010
F2005 midterm 1+sol, F2005 midterm 2+sol, another midterm date unknown, Final Exam W05+sol

ECON 2300 ($5)
Midterm F2010+sol, W2011(no sol), S2007 Assignment1+sol
Chapter 9 workbook solutions
Problem sets and review problems from chapter 1-13,+solutions

ECON 2350: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory II (ALL for $7)
Textbook: Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach" 8th Edition, Norton – SOLD
Varian, Hal R. "Workouts in Intermediate Microeconomics" 8th Edition, Norton- SOLD
Test 1/ Midterm: Fall2010+sol, Winter06+sol, Winter07+sol, Winter09, another test (date unknown, +sol),
Practise set 1,2,3,4,5,6 - all with sol (prof V. Bardis)
ECON 2400: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory I ($6)
Textbook: Andrew, Ben, Croushore and Ronald (2011), Macroeconomics, 6th Cdn ed- SOLD
Test 1: Winter09 and Test 2: Winter 09
Midterm W07 solution, Practice MCQ test+sol, Sample Midterm exam 1 and 2 (2008)+sol
Assignment 1,2,3,4 from W2012+sol
Deferred Final exam S2010+sol,, F08 final (Q#1 only+sol)

ECON 2500: Introductory Statistics for Economists I (ALL for $9.50)
Textbook: Moore, David S., and George, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics - SOLD
Assignment 1 and 2: Oct6, Feb18
Midterms: Practice Midterm+sol, W2012+sol, W2011 Ver.1+sol, W2011 Ver.2+sol
Practice Problems+solutions from all chapters, Practice Final+sol
Chapter slides, notes, formula sheet etc.

ECON 2540 ($1)
Assignment 1,2,3 from F2010+sol

ECON 3150

ECON 3430: Monetary Economics I: Financial Markets And Institutions (ALL for $8)
Textbook: Champ and Freeman, Modeling Monetary Economies, Cambridge University Press,
2nd Ed 2001 – SOLD
Problem Sets (1-5)+solutions
Midterm 2: W2012+sol, F2009+sol, W2010+sol, W2011+sol
Final: F2009+sol

HUMA 1720: The Roots of Western Culture The Modern Period
Textbook: Many, ALL SOLD
Textbook essays+solution, & notes for the following (all for $10):
- Essay Assignment Winter2011+ solutions (received around 70%)
- John Locke and the enlightment
- Nicoolo Machavelli the prince
- William Shakespeare
- Voltaire, Virginia Woolf
- Jean Jacques Rousseau
- Mary Wollstonecraft
- Charles Darwin – The origin of species
- Frankenstein Mary Shelley
- Adam Smith: The Wealth of Nations
- Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen
- Sigmund Freud - Why War
- Locke and Descarte, Locke and Machiavelli, Locke and Rousseau
- Same side of the face, Shakespeare in love

HUMA 1770: Historical and Curtural Perspectives of Globalization
Textbook: The Essential of World History 6th ed by Duiker Ebook (both volumes)- $15
         People’s History of the World Ebook- $5
Lecture Notes,
5 Quizes from Fall 2012+sol
weekly response papers
Essay Assignment
HUMA 1780: Stories in Diverse Media ($3.50)
Textbook: Many, ALL SOLD
lecture notes 1-20 for all classes, summarized notes from the textbook, around 16-17 pages on average
Essay 1 and 2 question only

Adms 4501: Advanced Portfolio Management
Textbook: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, 1st Canadian ed, Reilly -SOLD
Midterm#1 F2012+sol, Final exam W2010(TypeA)+sol, group assignment - ($3)
- Textbook test bank(chp.3,4,5,6,7,9,11) for $7
- solution manual for $10
-Ebook 7th edition $11

Adms 4503: Derivative Securities
Textbook: Options Futures & other Derivatives by Hull, 7th Ed.Ebook
Past exams, assignments: (all for $4)
Assignment 1: Fall2010+sol
Assignment 2: Fall2010+sol, Fall09+sol, Winter2010+sol
Final: DateUnknown Sample exam+sol
Ebook 2nd edition; $5
Solution Manual 7th ed- $12

Adms 4504: Fixed Income Securities and Risk Management
Textbook: Fixed Income Analysis 2nd edition by Fabozzi –ebook for sale $15
Past exams, assignments: (all for $10)
W2011 Midterm Exam formula sheet
Assignment:1 F2010(Q+A)
Assignment 2: F2010(Q+A), Fall09(Q+A), W2010- 2 unique sets(Q+A)
Midterm: Fall2010(+Sol), Fall09+sol, Winter2010+sol
Final: Fall09+sol, Winter2010(+Sol)
Final exam review topics summarized in 3 pages
- Textbook publisher Workbook (contains problems and solutions, chp 1-7)- $5
-Fixed Income Analysis 2nd Ed by Fabozzi ebook, 768 pages- $15

Adms 4510: Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues
Textbook: Financial Accounting Theory 6th Edition (2009) by William R Scott.-SOLD
           The CICA Handbook. Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants-SOLD
- Solution manual for Financial Accounting theory 6th Ed by Scott- $15
Past Exams+term paper $8
Midterm: F03, Summer03+sol, S2004+sol, Autumn 2003+sol
Final: W2001+sol, Autumn2001+sol, Autumn2002+sol, W03(+Sol), S2002+sol, W2004+sol, W04 (theory
Term paper S2002 solutions

ADMS 4520: Advanced Financial Accounting I
Textbook: Advanced Financial Accounting 6th ed by Beechy- SOLD
Past exams, notes $7.50
Partial Exam 2 W2010+sol, Partial Exam 2 W2011+sol, Midterm#1 review sample F2010+sol, Midterm#2 review
sample F2010+sol, Final Exam Review F2010+sol (19 pages), another midterm date unknown
Lecture Notes on all chapters from W2012, Prof Gelinas
- Solution Manual for Modern Advanced Accounting 6th ed by Beechy - $17
ADMS 4540: Financial Management
Textbook: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 7th Canadian Ed by Ross
Past assignments, quizzes, midterms (ALL with SOLUTIONS)- $12
Assignment 1: F09,F2010
Midterm: F06(no sol), F09, F2010, F2011, W2010, W2011, W2012
Quiz 1: F2011 (2 sets), W2011(2 sets)
Quiz 2: F2011(2 sets), W2011 (2 sets)
- Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 8th Ed by Ross EBook- $10
- Solution Manual for 8th Ed textbook- $3
- Solution Manual for 9th Ed textbook- $5
- Text Bank for 9th Ed textbook- $12

ADMS 4551: Auditing and Other Assurance Services
Textbook: Auditing: The Art and Science of Assurance Engagements, 11th Cdn Ed by Alvin, Arens,
Past exams +notes all for $13
Midterm: W2004, W2006, F2009(partA), W2009, W2010+ sol, W2010(with mcq), S2011(one question+sol),
W2012 Sample Exam+sol, Practise Midterm+sol, Another Midterm (date unknown), S2011 practice midterm+sol,
Final: F08+sol, F09, W2010+sol, S2004, W2007,
Notes typed on Audit process + S2011 Assignment 5 (no sol)
-Textbook 11th Cdn ed solution manuals- $10

Adms 4561: Taxation of Personal Income in Canada
Textbook: Practitioners Income Tax Act 2011 40th by Sherman-SOLD
Midterms all with solutions for $10
Summer 08(+sol), Fall08(+sol)
Summer09(+sol), Winter09(+sol), Fall09(+sol)
Winter2010(+sol), Summer2010(2 versions, +sol), Fall2010(+sol)
FINAL/MIDTERM2: Summer08 (+sol)

Adms 4562: Corporate Taxation in Canada(all for $2.50)
Textbook: Practitioners Income Tax Act 2011 40th by Sherman-SOLD
           Introduction to Federal Income Taxation in Canada by Beam-SOLD
Midterms: Summer2010(+sol), Fall2010(+sol)
Assignment 1: Winter2011(+sol)

Adms 4900 Management Policy Part I (all for $10)
Textbook: Strategic Management 3rd CDN Edition by Dess- SOLD
          Cases in Strategic Management 10th Ed by Beamish- SOLD
Midterm sample exam Jan2011
Midterm notes on chap 1,2,3, 5,6,7,9,10,11,12,19
case solutions to some cases from the textbook
Case analysis presentation (received 80%),
Prof’s notes on IVEY solved cases
- Strategic Management 3rd Cdn ed Test bank+solutions- $14

        ***Updated as of 28th November,2012. Price and content may be updated in future***

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