高三年级 英语 Workbbook checking_ M9U2 授课者 王时亮 湖南邵阳县第

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					A1, P118
1. starve     Starvation
2. tolerate   tolerance
3. opposed    opposition
4. colonize   colonies
A1, P118
5) innocent   innocence
6) desired    desirable
7) strength   strengthen
A2, P118
1)simplified simplify simply
2)considering considerate
  considered    considerable
3)influential   influence
4)concluded     conclusion
B1, P119
1 vritue   2 inappropriate
3 collar   4 idiom
5 burglar 6 sadness
7 political 8 warmth
B2, P119
1 arbitrary   2 Traditionally
3 unconscious 4 medium
5 random      6 symbolized
7 suits       8 conveyed
9 sleeves     10 surgeon
C1, P120
1. hope    2. message
3. doubt   4. story
5. proof   6. condition
7. fact    8. idea
9. Word
C2, P120
2. The whole city was excited
by the news it had won the
award for the cleanest city.
3. Putonghua, or Mandarin, is
the official language of China.
4. The tiger, one of the largest
meat eating animals in Asia,
usually weights from 165 to
225 kilograms.
5. All of Paige Jackson’s
friends wrere delighted by the
news that he would study
abroad next year.
6. The Statue of Liberty, a symbol
bond of the friendship between
the USA and France, was given to
the USA by France in 1886.
7. The judges did not believe the
man’s story that he had won all
the money in a contest.
C2, P120
8.The Taj Mhal, India’s most
famous palace, was built by
an Indian king as a gift for his
8.The Taj Mhal, India’s most
famous palace, was built by an
Indian king as a gift for his wife.
D1, P121
1 seeds     2 equality
3 tasty     4 unconsciously
5 convey    6 dimensions
7 sadness   8 unrest
1. Every citizen should be loyal to
 the country and its people.
2. Every student in our class has a
 say in the matter of who will be
 elected monitor.
3.These football players have
  done far less than what the
  coach expected.
4.The problem is that what he
  says does not correspond to
  what he does.
5.Our school building is quite old
  and dates back to the 1920s.
6.The lecturer discussed his
  favourite topic, which led to
  many arguments among the
  students afterwards.
7.The ability to talk distinguishes
  human beings from many
8.During this period you will
  receive strict training relating
  to your duties.
 thank you for
your attention !

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