Why Thai Food is so popular

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					Why Thai Food is so popular

Thai cuisine has become really popular over the last few years. Known for the various kinds of
vegetables used as ingredients, people have come to love the food. Most dishes are curry based and
include a variety of vegetables.When people think of Thai food, Thai green curry immediately springs to
mind. However, their are many different dishes on a Thai menu.

Most ingredients in Thai cuisine are small quantities of fat and meat. This means that most Thai people
are very fortunate in their intake of fat being low compared with the Western society. dishes are low in
fat which means less calories are consumed. Thai food offers many benefits:

· Food values - The correct balance is obtained from all the ingredients of vegetables, spices and herbs in
the dish itself.

· Herb and spice values - The correct balance is obtained from the main ingredients of herbs and spices.

· Folk wisdom and art and culture values - Every Thai dish has its own unique natural flavour and taste
and each dish is unique in flavour to others.

Thai food has become a firm favourite in the UK and more and more Thai takeaways and restaurants are
popping up around the UK. However, to be truly charmed by Thai food, it has to be special in the

· Flavour

Every single Thai dish usually consists of more than 3-4 different flavours. The ingredients in each dish
perfectly balance with each other to make the end result absolutely delicious. For example using
miniature egg plants have a bitter taste but when added in certain dishes it helps to reduce the
greasiness of the dish as well as the hot flavour. A badly made dish can put you off Thai food forever.

· Ingredients

The flavour from Thai food comes from the lovely herbs and spices that are added to the dishes. All
these flavours are natural ingredients with smells that make your mouth water in anticipation of tasting
them. As well as being full of the flavour, only the freshest ingredients are used when making the dishes.
It is these fresh ingredients that make the dish special.

                        Thai food not only looks good but also tastes great,

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