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					Thai Food-Add flavors to your life

One thing that makes Thai food special is the delicate balance of every variety of flavor
acknowledged by the human palette. While you probably already know Thai dishes are known
for being super spicy and light-your-tongue hot, there are many other flavors that are infused
into these dishes as well.

You can get all of these flavors blended into your food when you order Thai food:

• Salty
• Sweet
• Sour
• Spicy
• Bitter

Bitter is not a word that most people want connected to their food, but there are some people
who enjoy the full range of flavor. These are typically Thailand natives who know how to
properly prepare bitter tasting foods and balance them out with some of the other flavor
Many Thai food fans enjoy a bit of the bitter from time to time as a sign of their appreciation for
this innovative cuisine. There aren't many other national cuisines that feature bitter tastes in
some meals.

The Sweet Tooth
If you have a sweet tooth and want a meal that is satisfying in this way, there are some Thai
dishes that you can enjoy. Some of them would include:

• Sweet & Sour Chicken
• Green Curry
• Other Curries

You won't find a lot of authentic Thai dishes that are extremely sweet, but many meals can be
served with something sweet. For instance, sweet plum sauce may be served with some meat
dishes. When ordering Thai food, you can often ask for your food to be sweetened. An authentic
Thai kitchen can add more sugar to the food to give it more of a sweet taste.
Heating up the Kitchen

You won't have to look hard to find something hot and spicy in a Thai kitchen if that is what your
taste buds crave. One example would be Tom Yum, which is a Thai soup that blends spicy with
sweet. You can play up the sweet or spicy depending on your taste buds, but an authentic Thai
kitchen will fuse them so every bite delivers intense flavor.

A lot of natural spices and peppers are used to give authentic Thai dishes their spicy heat. If you
as for something milder or what to turn up the heat, a good kitchen should be able to
accommodate you to some extent on most dishes.

Sour Thai
There are also some meals that are made authentically sour in the Thai cuisine. These dishes
tend to be meat based with the sour brought in through the sauce. Oftentimes the sour is
blended with sweetness, such as the sauce used for sweet and sour chicken dishes.

You can also find sour fish dishes in the authentic Thai cuisine. Again, you get fish with a sour
sauce to fuse in the flavors you enjoy.

What Do You Crave?
The great thing about Thai food is you can find a dish to satisfy whatever craving you are having
at any given time. There is a way to fuse the food with all of these different flavors, which
ensures you are always in the mood for Thai!

                 Thai food not only looks good but also tastes great,

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