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Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., provides individuals who have suffered whiplash in Haverhill car accidents, the safe, natural care that will alleviate pain quickly and effectively. Dr. Amari uses a holistic approach that incorporates chiropractic care and alternative, natural therapies to reduce swelling, improve mobility and enhance the body's ability to heal.

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									Haverhill Chiropractor, Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., Helps Alleviate Whiplash Pain
From Auto Accidents

Haverhill, MA, 28-NOV-2012 - Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., helps individuals who
have been injured in Haverhill car accidents to return to their normal
activities quickly and effectively. The doctor focuses on providing the
care and support that relieves whiplash pain safely and naturally. Using
both chiropractic methods and natural alternative therapies the doctor
addresses the immediate pain and offers the long-term solutions that will
help the client enjoy greater mobility and flexibility.

When interviewed recently Dr. Amari stated. "I encourage anyone who has
been involved in a car accident to visit my office as soon as possible.
Many people do not feel pain right after an accident occurs however, in
the hours and days after the accident an individual may begin
experiencing pain that is so severe they are unable to function in their
normal activities. By addressing injuries before swelling and
inflammation begin, we are often able to avoid the debilitating pain that
can occur. I work very closely with clients to ensure that they get
relief from pain and are able to resume their normal activities more

During the initial consultation Dr. Amari performs a physical
examination, takes x-rays and conducts flexibility and mobility tests to
identify the areas of the spine and neck that have been impacted by the
injury. The doctor will ask for details about the accident and the parts
of the body that sustained injury. He will also discuss the normal
activities of the patient, their diet and exercise regimen as well as the
type of activities they perform on a daily basis.

After reviewing the information Dr. Amari creates an individualized
program that addresses the immediate issues through the use of gentle,
low-force adjustment of the spine to realign discs that may be pinching
nerves and restricting proper circulation through the spinal cord. He
also may use alternative therapies such as hot/cold therapy and massage
to relieve swelling and inflammation in the affected areas and stimulate
circulation and healing to the tissues and cells.

The doctor may recommend exercises specifically designed to increase
flexibility, strengthen muscle groups supporting the spine and neck and
increase circulation through the body. In addition the doctor may
recommend dietary changes that will increase the vitamins and nutrients
required by the body to heal more effectively and quickly.

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