Creating a Luxurious Space

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					Creating a Luxurious Space

Remodeling and decorating on a tight budget can be a stressful task as you will probably want to make
your home look better than you are able to with the small budget. However, there are several things
that you can do to make your home appear more luxurious than it is, even on a tight budget.

The first thing you will need to consider when you are trying to update the look of your home is the
furniture. The furniture can have a tremendous impact on how the rest of the room appears.

If you are going to splurge anywhere, it should definitely be on nice looking furniture that gives you the
look you desire. Furniture can show your personality and it can make your manufactured home in Utah
look fantastic.

Sprucing the Place Up
When the furniture looks scratched and dumpy, it definitely does not add to the luxuriousness of your
home and it can be quite difficult to dress it up. In some cases, all your furniture will need is a new color
of finish and a new style of handles on the drawers.

                                                                           However, it may be better to
                                                                           simply purchase new furniture if
                                                                           the kind you have is too out of
                                                                           date. You may also want to get
                                                                           rid of it if does not have the look
                                                                           that you are hoping to put forth.

                                                                           The next thing you should
                                                                           choose carefully is the flooring.
                                                                           The flooring is the second thing
                                                                           you should splurge on if you
                                                                           have enough money.

                                                                           Sometimes a nice rug can cover
                                                                           up scratches in an otherwise
                                                                           nice floor. A rug can also lend
                                                                           softness to the hard wood floor
                                                                           that it otherwise lacks.

If you have carpet that is stained and ragged, you may want to replace it. After you replace your carpet,
make sure you look up tips for how to keep it in nice condition for a long period of time.

However, when you rip up the old carpet you may discover a beautiful wood floor that simply needs to
be sanded and finished. Whatever flooring you choose, it should match seamlessly with your chosen
look and style.
Adding Visual Appeal
The third thing you should consider in a room is symmetry. While you do not have to perfectly match
the left half of the room with the right half of the room, you should make sure the room appears

You do not want all of the furniture to be on one side, leaving the other half looking too empty. Instead,
everything should flow together and feel balanced.

In some cases, too much symmetry is not a good thing and you will want it slightly different. You will
need to make sure that you balance the decorations in rooms that are not symmetrical in shape well as
the room is starting out unbalanced.

The next thing you will need to turn your attention to is artwork. Artwork can be quite expensive and
                                                                too many people start by buying
                                                                expensive works of art, leaving nothing
                                                                for quality flooring and furniture.

                                                                However, artwork does not have to be
                                                                expensive to add a lot to a room. If
                                                                anywhere in the budget can be cut, it is
                                                                probably this area.

                                                                You could probably create some artwork
                                                                yourself that would turn out great and
                                                                complement the room well. Not only will
                                                                you be able to design the piece of
                                                                artwork to match the room perfectly, but
                                                                it will have sentimental value because
                                                                you created it yourself.

The next thing you will want to turn your attention to is the mirrors that are in the room. Mirrors are
particularly important for rooms that are small in size because they make small rooms appear larger.

Mirrors are also simple in nature so they will not make a room appear too busy like an overdose of
artwork can. In addition, they complement artwork quite well as they allow the attention to be drawn to
the artwork upon entering the room.

The lighting that you choose for the room is also very important. Placement of this lighting is also
important because of how the light will be spread around by the mirror.

The type of light you choose will also affect the mood that is conveyed through the room. It is important
that you match the mood of the room with the feel if you are going to create a luxurious setting on a
small budget.

None of these things take major renovation of the room in order to make it appear luxurious. Instead,
you can simply change a few of these small things and you will have a completely different feel and
luxurious look.

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