Do You Know what the R-Value Is? by sethtj1


									Do you Know What the R-value is?
The “R-value” is the most commonly referenced statistic when buying garage doors in Sacramento these
days. The value represents how well a garage door will resist heat flow, from whatever side of the door
it comes from.

It tells you with a decimal point, how much it can stop heat from transferring to the other end. It is
determined by dividing 1 by the U-factor.

The U-factor is the exact opposite of the R-value. It refers to how much heat will transfer through a
substance to the other side.

Determining the R-Value
When you know that, you can easily find what the R-value is. These numbers are best determined in two

First, measure the door section only. You want to find out how much it will resist the influence of
                                                       internal or external temperatures.

                                                        As this will receive the brunt of the temperature
                                                        changes, it has to be able to handle the heat. This
                                                        factor is mostly based on its thickness.

                                                        The R-value is measured from the center of the
                                                        door section. Testers measure the width of the
                                                        air films surrounding it, the outside surface,
                                                        insulation and inside surfaces to make one final

                                                    The more material between the inside and
outside help determine how much heat can transfer through the materials quickly. Thinner options will
always transfer heat faster than thicker ones.

Although, you may not be running into climate changes quite like those in colder states, you should
consider the thickness of your options for garage doors in Sacramento. Whether or not you will be
battling temperatures of minus thirty-five degrees, you will want to protect your house.

The Value of Insulating Your Garage Door
Insulating your garage properly is incredibly helpful for insulating your home. Keeping your garage at a
steady temperature will help keep that section of your walls warm, which will in turn protect you from
high energy bills.
The next thing that should be tested is the entire assembly’s ability to resist heat transference. You can
have perfectly heat resistant garage doors in Sacramento, and yet, the three inches of open space
poking out of the right side negate any positive effects it may have had.

The whole assembly needs to seal off your garage. An R-value helps you determine how well an
assembly can resist heat as well.

This is where people need to be careful when buying
good garage doors in Sacramento. They need to be
aware that the R-value of the door itself is not the same
as the assembly.

One may be marketed with an incredibly high R-value,
telling you it is the best option around. And yet, with a
substandard assembly, what is the door worth?

Whatever heat you were trying to keep in or out will slip
by, unperturbed. Consider the assembly’s R-value.

These are all important considerations for the everyday consumer. Find the right one for you buy
shopping around.

As a smart shopper, look for R-values and understand what they really mean, especially since it will be a
part of your life for a very long time. You want only the best for your home.

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