Cincinnati Chiropractor, Dr. Todd Elwert, Provides Natural Solutions For Back Pain

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					Cincinnati Chiropractor, Dr. Todd Elwert, Provides Natural Solutions For
Back Pain

Cincinnati, OH, 28-NOV-2012 - Cincinnati chiropractor, Dr. Todd Elwert
has been recognized for his success in providing safe, natural solutions
to individuals suffering from back pain. The doctor creates
individualized programs that address the root cause of the pain and
provides the long-term solutions that help individuals return to their
normal activities without fear of recurring pain.

When interviewed recently Dr. Elwert stated. "People who suffer from back
pain are often unable to enjoy the daily activities that were once a part
of their normal life. In some cases a person may be unable to focus or
function at their job because of the pain and may be restricted to their
bed until the pain subsides. I work very closely with patients to
identify and address the pain and create programs that will give people
the long-term relief they need without the use of medications or invasive
surgery. It is very important to me that my patients are able to begin
enjoying their normal activities and become active participants in
maintaining a greater quality of life."

During the initial meeting Dr. Elwert takes x-rays and performs a
physical examination to identify misalignment, compression of discs or
herniation that may be pinching nerves or restricting proper circulation
through the spine. The doctor also performs flexibility and mobility
tests to identify the parts of the body that are being impacted by the
injury or damage.

Dr. Elwert will ask about the history of the pain, accidents or injuries
that have occurred and the medical history of the individual. The doctor
will also discuss the diet, lifestyle, normal activities and exercise
regimen of the patient. After reviewing and evaluating all of the data
collected Dr. Elwert creates a wellness program that includes relieving
the immediate pain and achieving long-term solutions.

The doctor makes adjustments to realign the spine, relieve pressure on
the nerves and restore proper circulation. The doctor may use other
natural therapies such as massage to relieve inflammation and stimulate
the flow of oxygen to the tissues and cells surrounding the damaged
areas. Exercises designed specifically to strengthen the muscle groups
supporting the spine and increase overall circulation through the body
are also provided.

To get more information about the methods used by Cincinnati
chiropractor, Dr. Todd Elwert to relieve back pain and provide the
natural solutions needed to achieve and maintain greater health and
wellness visit today. Individuals and members
of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will
find contact information below.

Dr. Todd Elwert

Elwert Chiropractic

5616 Cheviot Road

Cincinnati, OH 45247

Telephone: 513-741-4700

Fax: 513-741-4712


5151 Morning Sun Road

Oxford, OH 45056

Telephone: 513-741-4700

Fax: 513-741-4712


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Description: Cincinnati chiropractor Dr. Todd Elwert provides members of the community with the natural solutions for back pain that will allow them to participate in their daily activities without fear of pain. The doctor uses a holistic approach to care that addresses the root cause of the pain and offers the long-term solutions that will enhance the body's ability to heal and provide patients with a greater quality of life.