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Palominas Fire District Customer Spotlight by jmstewartsigns


									                        Palominas Fire District
                                              Hereford, AZ

       Fire District Gifted Sign for Saving Community
        In June of 2011, an Arizona community thought
they were going to lose everything. A very dry winter
had left plant life tinder-dry and with winds gusting over
50 miles per hour, the stage had been set for a “perfect
storm” in the Sierra Vista area. Nicknamed the
Monument Fire, the blaze started in the Coronado
National Monument at the southern tip of the Huachuca
Mountains near the Mexican border. It spread quickly to
the north through canyons near the Sierra Vista.

        At one point the fire crossed Arizona State Route
92 and headed for Hereford, an area that has about 3,200
homes. Police and fire officials swarmed neighborhoods
in the area with sirens blaring and officers on speakers
imploring, "You've gotta get out now." In the panic to
evacuate, people left most of their belongings behind.
Keepsakes, photo albums and other irreplaceable mementos reluctantly left in the path of the Monument Fire.

       The fire soon entered the quiet subdivision of Wild Horse in Hereford. It threatened the entire
community and burned everything – except for the homes. The brave firefighters of the Palominas Fire District
along with many other firefighters were able to keep the fire from burning a single home in the Wild Horse

    The fire approaches Wild Horse            The Monument Fire at night.        A home in Wild Horse after the fire.
        The Monument Fire lasted about a week and destroyed nearly 40 homes and businesses. The community
of Wild Horse wanted to offer more than thanks to the Palominas Fire District for their amazing efforts. After
some discussion, they settled on an LED sign that would assist both the fire district and the communities they
served. An account was set up so that anyone in the community could donate and after just a short time, the
donations proved enough for their goal! They worked with their Stewart Signs consultant to design a sign that
best suited their needs. Now the fire district can display messages for the community to help remind and
warn residents of fires and fire dangers.

   Palominas Fire District
     10202 South Highway
      Hereford, AZ 85615
                                                        Stewart Church Signs
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