Colleges Against Cancer Appropriations

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					Bill F12-11                                                        Senator Katelynn McCartney
November 28th, 2012

                            McNeese SGA Appropriation of
                             Allocation Information Sheet

 General Information:
 Name of organization: Colleges Against Cancer
 Date submitted: 11-28-12             Amount of funding requested from Senate: $ 1,000
 Funds contributed by organization:
        1) Fundraising: $ 15,000
        2) Out of pocket: $ 1,200
 Percent of total expenses provided by organization: 8%

        Trip Detail:
        Number of members attending:                        Location:
        Details of attending members (including classification, offices held within
        organization, record of past participation in trip*):

        Reason for trip:
        Number of times of past participation:
        Number of student participating directly (competitions, workshops and presentations):

        Awards won and year received:

        In what ways does participation in this event benefit the organization and its members:

        Event Detail:
        (If request is for multiple events, please attach information on each event.)
        Date: April 12, 2013 Location: McNeese State University quad
        Number of students expected to attend: 2500
        Details of event: Relay For Life gives students an opportunity to celebrate with cancer survivors,
        remember loved ones lost to the disease, and fight back. Activities, entertainment, and food are
        provided throughout the night for students to participate in.
        Number of students involved in the execution of event: 20

 Various Information:
 Number of years organization has been in existence at McNeese: first year
 Number of members in organization: 30
 Activities provided to McNeese students at large (please specify year)*: Bra Pong Oct. 2012, Great
 American Smokeout Nov. 2012

 Examples of organization involvement on campus (please specify year)*: 2012 McNeese homecoming
 parade, freshman orientations- June & July 2012

 Organizations participation in the Senate for the current year and the previous year (attendance,
 committees, legislation, etc): Senator Katelynn McCartney- Course Materials & Bookstore Committee

 Last time organization requested funds from the Senate and amount (to the best of your knowledge): Never

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