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Alpha Phi Alpha Appropriations


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									                           McNeese SGA Appropriation of
                              Allocation Information Sheet
General Information:
Name of Organization: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at McNeese State University
Date submitted: 11/27/2012 Amount of funding requested from Senate: $2267.92
Funds Contributed by organization: $1890.00
       1) Fundraising: $500
       2) Out of Pocket:$ 890.00
       3) Alumni Donations & Sponsorship: $500
Percent of total expenses provided by organization: Approx. 45.4%
Trip Detail for 50th Annual Louisiana District Conference:
Number of members attending: 8 active + 2 pageant winners (+ Pageant Runner-Up; paid by
Chapter) = 10 members.
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Details of attending members (including classification, offices held within Organization, record
of past participation in trip*):

Devin Norman: Soph. President                   Jacqueline Clark: Jr. Pageant Winner
Santangelio Collins: Jr. Vice President      Chloe Keller: Jr. Pageant Winner
Darius Heckard: Sr. Secretary                Kayla Morvant: Soph.Pageant Runner-Up
Desmond Harmon: Sr. Treasurer                Morgan Wells: Soph.
Brian Austin: Sr.                            Josh Williams: Soph.
Kenneth Brown: Sr.

Reason for trip: District Leadership Training Conference
Number of times of past participation: 10
Number of students participating directly (Competing, Workshops, and Competition):
Awards won and year received: Philanthropy Award, Most Active Members Council-2009
In what ways does participation in this event the organization and its’ members? The 50th Annual
Louisiana District conference will present ideas on programming, fundraising, and leadership
development that will benefit the organizations’ members in many ways while also giving the
organization improved skills to better serve the university to the best ability.

Various Information:
Number of year’s organization has been in existence at McNeese: 40
Number of members in organization: 7
Activities provided to McNeese students at large (please specify year)*:
2012: Stroll Off Winners (Fast, Slow, and Miscellaneous Stroll), 2rd Place Step Show
participants, Presentation of Step show for Oak Park elementary school, Go to High School Go
to College at Lagrange High School, Project Alpha at Christian Baptist on 5th Avenue, Campus
clean up, Phreshman Phorum, Alpha Week, Pink Ice Domestic Violence Event, and Miss Black
and Gold Scholarship Pageant 2012.
Examples of organization involvement on campus (please specify year)*: The Theta Theta
Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha has been one of the most active and influential organizations since
1972. This organization is participants in Greek Week, Campus Clean Up, and Homecoming.
Many of our members are also leaders in other organizations.

Organizations participation in the Senate for the current year and the previous year (attendance,
committees, legislation, etc.): Alpha Phi Alpha has 1 Active member and 1 Active alternate in
the senate each semester.

Last time organization requested funds from Senate and amount (to the best of your knowledge):
Fall 2011

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