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									                                    GIRISH V BANGALORE
                                         Brentwood, CA 94513
                                         Tel [M] (408) 420-0646
                                       E-mail: bvgirish@gmail.com


To be part of Product Development Group/department at a suitable position consistent with my


       •       Team and Project Management from concept, design, prototyping to production
       •       Processor and Microcontroller based system design for Military, Commercial and
               Industrial applications
       •       Well versed in Signal Integrity, PDN, Use of S-Parameter and EMI/EMC in
               product design
       •       VXI bus based card/instrument design
       •       Design of LCD Controller electronics for Desktop LCD Monitors, LCD TVs.

           •    Signal Integrity tool QUCS
           •    ORCAD – Schematic capture package
           •    Timing Designer – Timing Analysis tool


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in Electronics Engineering, Bangalore University, INDIA


        •      10+ Years experience in project management and leading teams and working with
               cross functional departments
        •      20 Years experience in Digital and Analog System Design
        •      Designed products with considerations for Signal Integrity, PDN and usage of
        •      Designed and developed VXI bus based instruments
        •      Experienced in the entire design cycle of a product from concept, design,
               implementation, testing and documentation
        •      Experienced in the basic design concepts for digital Hardware design like DC
               loading analysis, AC timing analysis and EMI/EMC. ‘DESIGN FOR TEST’ concept
               was implemented in most designs

Company and Designation: Brimar Display Solutions
Sr. Engineering Manager Sep 2010 – Current
As Senior Engineering Manager, I am responsible for display product development & design
for US customers with the following responsibilities.

   -   Customer engagement for product definition and Spec
   -   Design, Plan and Manage the Engineering team
   -   Aid Business Development in customer interaction
   -   Product Architecture definition, planning and budgeting
   -   Hands on board design related to the product

Designed a smart monitor with ComExpress based processor board with various peripherals
on PCIe such as USB, 1553 bus, PCIe, SATA GIGe, CAN bus and WiFi. Also, designed
LED backlighting for Day and Night mode of operation.

Company and Designation: Digital Systems Engineering, Scottsdale, AZ
Manager – Electrical Engineering Dept. August 2007 – August 2010

As Manager of Electrical Engineering department I am responsible for design, development and
support activities for rugged Flat Panel Monitor electronics at DSE. DSE makes custom and off-the
shelf LCD monitors for Avionics, Industrial, Marine and other similar industries which require a
rugged display with such features like Night-Vision, High-bright, touch screen, Day light viewable
LCD monitors. I as the Electrical Engineering Manager am responsible for all the design,
development & productization of the electronics. Currently, have 4 Engineers reporting to me. My
scope of work at DSE involves product design, Engineering Management, product planning,
Technical support to customers, product marketing and project management for the entire design
cycle from Product specification to Product deployment. I have personally designed and/or guided the
team in the design of following DSE monitor series MSM (conforming to MIL Spec 461E), AWM &

Highlights @ DSE as EE Manager

   -   Develop project spec for in-house projects or work with customers for custom design.
   -   Collaborate with Mechanical Engineering dept, purchasing, PC Cad and circuit design
       team, as well firmware engineering and develop plans during development.
   -   Closely monitor project progress thru’ group meetings and status reports to effectively
       manage projects
   -   Generate status report through OPPM reports and keep track of budget

Company and Designation: Eagle Vision Displays, Santa Clara, CA
Manager – Engineering March 2002 – July 2007
Company and Designation: Eagle Vision Displays, Santa Clara, CA
Manager – Engineering March 2002 – July 2007

As Manager of Engineering department I am responsible for design, development and support
activities for Eagle Vision Displays (EVD). At EVD we develop custom and off the shelf flat panel
display controller products. I am involved in product design, creating product road map, team
management, hiring and growth of engineering team.

Company and Designation: Sage Inc., San Jose, CA
Application & Development Engineer August 1997 – Feb 2002

Involved in the design and development of various Flat Panel Display Controller boards for LCD
based Desktop monitors. The Design consists of Sage Custom LCD Controller ASIC’s, a High speed
ADC (140MHz) with built-in Genlock PLL. The design involved digitization of RGB analog video.
The design and board layout was executed to ensure minimum PLL jitter and analog noise. Integration
of touch controller was implemented in many LCD controller designs and is being used widely by
many of Sage customers. Gained considerable experience in interaction and dealing with customers at
various stages like sales, design and support after production. Notable customers include Rockwell
Automation (Duluth, GA), Brunswick Bowling (Muskegon), and Daisy Data (Gettysburg). Worked
with Distributors and Sales Representatives and was instrumental in developing and sustaining a close,
dynamic & productive relationship with all parties involved. I managed a team of 4 engineers for
product development and 2 technicians.

Company and Designation: Microcon Instruments and Systems Ltd.,
                         Bangalore, India
Systems Manager September 1992 - May 1997

Started in the company as a Hardware Design Engineer and was a Systems Manager at the time of
leaving the company. Worked on various projects described as below. The projects involved
designing of Microprocessor\Microcontroller based Electronic Systems and FPGA designs. The job
involved designing various products for customers and was leading a team of 4 engineers at the time
of leaving the company.


The system consists of a 486DX4-based raster color display driver and a 486DX4 based X-Y display
driver card. The display controller functions were implemented on a XILINX FPGA. The display
system consists of multiple cards on a backplane for driving LCD displays.

Both the designs were implemented on XILINX 4013E FPGA’S. The display controller FPGA
controls an interlaced raster scan display. It generates PAL standard video sync signals and acts as a
graphic machine interfacing a graphic memory and a RGB display.

The scan converter FPGA acts as a controller to convert base band video of various standards to PAL
format. This device generates all the PAL Video Sync signals as well as interfaces to an ADC and
RAM-DAC for video format conversion.

Both the designs were implemented using Viewlogic for schematic capture and XILINX XACT
synthesis as the front-end tools.


VXI/GPIB instruments based Automatic Test Equipment to test a Digital Engine Control Unit
(DECU). Designed a set of VX1 Instruments for the above ATE based on 80196 Microcontroller.


Black box of a fighter aircraft. The unit is responsible for loading/receiving data related to a mission.
The unit is based on 87C196KC Microcontroller interfaced to MIL STD - 1553B bus.


VXI plug & play driver development on Lab windows / CVI and Labview platform. The project
involved leading a team of software programmers. The drivers were developed for various customers
like WAVETEK, VXI Technology, Interface Technology, Pacific Avionics and Western Avionics.
These drivers were developed at Irvine, California under the leadership of Mr. Paul Dhillon of VXI
Technology Inc.


Work Status – US Citizen

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