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Democracy is a system of government by all the people of a country, usually through the
representatives whom they elect, as allowing freedom of speech, religious and political opinion.
It means fair and equal treatment of each other by citizens without social class divisions. It’s the
system of government the country according to people’s will. Genarally speaking, two board-
based essentials are necessary for the working of democracy. Firstly a constitution, preferably
written, must exist to regulate the legislative and executive functions of the Government.
Secondly, election to the law-making body or bodies must be held at well-defined interval on the
basis of a board-based electrical system. Other conditions, essential but not indispensable, are a
well organized party system, freedom of expression and a fair degree of literacy among the
masses. Free and fair election is the pre-condition of democracy. Democracy is the right of the
people to speak equal rights. They enjoy the rights of food, cloth, shelter, education, medical
treatment and other facilities. People are the sources of power, that is, possess the absolute power
in a democracy country. Abraham Lincoln, the late president of the USA, defines democracy as
“Government of the people, by the people and for the people” In a true sense of democracy the
majority party should form a coalition with the main opposition party and work together in
democracy. Good relations with minor parties form the government which causes anarchy. On
the other hand, the main opposition party in coalition with some minor parties is engaged in
destructive criticism and collision. Ours is a democratic country. Let us hope we will stride
ahead with our unity towards a brighter tomorrow.

Description: So let us we hope a new democracy for our new generation.