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The Parish Pump team work very hard each month putting together our village news and
appreciate contributions from all. We cannot however be held responsible for inaccuracies,
mistakes or views expressed.

Having endured a few months of enforced leisure, I am now back to a strict diet
of heels and yoga, getting ready for Christmas and delighting in the joys of two
working ankles.
I wasn’t sure when I was allowed back on the roads after being laid up with my
Achilles tendon in tatters, but my physio said ‘Well, if you can do an emergency
stop, then you can drive’ ‘But Frankie!’ I exclaimed, ‘I am a woman. This is how
we drive. Stop, go stop go. We do not use our gears!!!’
It’s quite true though. Even a relatively speedy person such as Lewis Hamilton
would be left standing at the stampede that is mums on the school run. Forever
in fear of being named and shamed for persistent tardiness, they surge as one
armed with a cup of coffee between their knees, three packed lunches made with
bread that didn’t rise properly and is the consistency of chewing gum (probably
will take seven years to digest as well) and wet hair dripping down their necks. Or
is that just me? Probably why my friend has taken over the morning run, and I
get to saunter in for the afternoon pick up, far more dignified, and less
soggy.....although if this rain doesn’t stop....
Surely the most exciting thing to happen in a long time, is the complete facelift
being given to my bathroom (rather hoping I’ll be next). I have a house full of
the most polite builders, plumbers and carpenters possibly ever. The kitchen
cupboards were taken off the wall last week, and not only did they clean them
out for me, they also pointed out I needed to throw away my out of date tins.
Actually, that was a bit like having my mother to stay, but I was most impressed
(especially at finding some baking powder from 2001....surely still good to go for
the odd fairy cake?).
I am a bit of a refugee currently however, and am doing the rounds of friends’
houses for showers. I’m almost not wanting the bathroom to be finished,
because I’m enjoying my tour of parshars (power showers to those who aren’t in
the know) so much, especially the one which had millions of jets of water coming
out of the walls and ceilings. I felt like I was in a car wash and was so shiny the
rest of the day I was like a little ball bearing with shoes.
Last week I was just dashing out of the house when I bumped into my
neighbour’s father, who has a permanent twinkle in his eye. ‘You’re looking
lovely today Ros’ he said, ‘Oh, do I look alright?’ Said I, genuinely worried that I
had had a mishap with the eyeliner and was looking like an 80’s reject ‘I had to
put my make up on in the dark because there’s no mirror in the bathroom’ Quick
as a flash he replied ‘Well, it’s the best I’ve ever seen you look’ Hmm!
Have A great Christmas and New Year and see you in February!
(thanks to the fabulous Findlay Wilson for bailing me out at the last minute with the photo)

Dear friends

A        s the Christmas season comes round again, I have been intrigued by the
         comments about it that I have heard. For example ‘It is the time of year
         when everyone wants their past forgotten and their present remembered’
or ‘Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace by giving our
children the latest Xbox game - the Assassins Creed III’ or the older comment
‘To a warring world God sent a baby not a bomb’. I suppose that in their way
they are highlighting three things for which our world is always looking - and to
which Christmas is always pointing. That is, forgiveness in a world of regrets,
peace in a world of upheaval and hope in a world of despair. And it is exactly
those three things that are wrapped up in the parcel of truth that so often lies
unopened under the Christmas tree.
It was also just those things that sent a small group of what were appropriately
called Wise Men across mountains and deserts to a stable in Bethlehem. They
were seen as the first indication that the new-born child, Jesus, is not just for a
small chosen few. He is for the whole world. He is for everyone everwhere
always. He has brought to light a radically fresh way of understanding what life is
about; and those Eastern searchers after truth represented a world of those who
longed for just that; forgiveness for the past, freedom from the present evils, and
a future of exciting fulfilment. They had come to see that the key to that is in
Jesus and they expressed that in their gifts.
They brought Gold - representing money and all material things. More misery
has been caused by the love of money than almost anything else. We love money
because it represents the range of things that this material world can bring. To
catch a glimpse of the love of Christ has been the thing that has transformed so
many people. Nothing makes the world sit up in such amazement as when it sees
people full of generosity, offering up their ‘gold’ to Christ, because he is the
centre of their affections, not money.
They brought Frankincense, which because of its fragrance has been seen as
representing the inner treasures of thought and influence, things such as
knowledge, music and artistic skill. When artistic skill and imaginative thought are
laid at the feet of Jesus, beauty, goodness and truth emerge.
They brought Myrhh, which was used for embalming and so spoke of suffering
and sorrow. What we do with bad experiences is the key to our character. As we
renounce self pity, resentment and the victim mentality, and come rejoicing in
Christ in the face of suffering, ‘the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon us.’
So let us bring our money our minds and our miseries to Jesus in the coming
year, and find his forgiveness, freedom and fulfilment.
Harry MacInnes

December 2nd Advent I
10.30am       Shilton            Benefice Advent      Rev McGrath
6.00pm       Westwell            Benefice Evensong    Rev Wheaton
December 9th Advent II
9.00am        Alvescot           Holy Communion       Rev MacInnes
9.00am        Broadwell          Holy Communion       Rev Wheaton
10.30am       Filkins            Parish Communion     Rev Johnson
10.30am       Shilton            Parish Communion &   Rev Wheaton/Rev
                                 Children Church      MacInnes
11.00am      Little Faringdon    Advent Service       Rev Ross
6.00pm       Black Bourton       Evensong             Rev MacInnes
6.00pm       Kencot              Evensong             Rev Wheaton
6.00pm       Holwell             Carol Service        Rev Johnson
December 16th Advent III
9.00am        Holwell            Holy Communion       Rev Wheaton
10.30pm       Langford           Parish Communion     Rev MacInnes
10.30pm       Filkins            Family               Rev Wheaton
3.30pm        Alvescot           Christingle          Rev MacInnes
4.00pm        Langford           Christingle          Rev Wheaton
4.00pm        Westwell           Carol Service        Rev Ross
6.00pm        Alvescot           Carol Service        Rev MacInnes
6.00pm        Little Faringdon   Carol Service        Rev Wheaton
6.00pm        Broughton Poggs    Advent Carols        Rev McGrath
December 20th
6.30pm       Kelmscott           Carol Service        Rev MacInnes
December 23rd Advent IV
6.00pm       Black Bourton       Village Carols       Rev Johnson
6.00pm       Shilton             Carol Service        Rev Wheaton
6.00pm       Kencot/Broadwell    Carol Service        Rev MacInnes
December 24th (Christmas Eve)
4.00pm       Filkins             Crib Service         Rev Wheaton
11.30pm      Alvescot            Midnight Communion   Rev Harrison
11.30pm      Langford            Midnight Communion   Rev Wheaton
11.30pm      Holwell             Midnight Communion   Rev MacInnes
December 25th (Christmas Day)
9.00am        Westwell           Holy Communion       Rev Harrison
9.00am        Kelmscott          Family Communion     Rev Wheaton
10.30am       Broadwell          Parish Communion     Rev Kettle
10.30am       Filkins            Family Communion     Rev Wheaton
10.30am       Shilton            Parish Communion     Rev Harrison
10.30am       Black Bourton      Parish Communion     Rev Ross

10.30am      Kencot                   Family Communion         Rev Johnson
11.00am      Little Faringdon         Parish Communion         Rev MacInnes
December 30th Christmas I
10.30am         Black Bourton         Benefice Communion       Rev Kettle
10.00am               Black Bourton            12th January    Rev MacInnes
Sunday 2nd December (Advent I) Purple/Blue
Jeremiah 33:14-16 Psalm 25:1-10     1 Thessalonians 3:9-13     Luke 21:25-36
Sunday 9th December (Advent II) Purple/ Blue
Malachi 3:1-7b    Psalm 66:1-12      Phillippians 1:2-11       Luke 3:1-14 (15-20)
Sunday 16th December (Advent III) Purple/Blue
Zephaniah 3:14-20     Psalm 85            Phillippians 4:4-7   Luke 7:18-28 (29-
Sunday 23rd December (Advent IV) Purple/Blue
Micah 5:2-5a          Psalm 80:1-7        Hebrews 10:5-10      Luke 1:39-45 (46-
Monday 24th December (Christmas Eve) White/Gold
Isaiah 52:7-10     Psalm 2          Hebrews 1:1-6 (7-12)       John 1:1-14 (15-18)
Tuesday 25th December (Christmas Day) White/Gold
Isaiah 52:7-10    Psalm 2           Hebrews 1:1-6 (7-12)       John 1:1-14 (15-18)
Sunday 30th December (Christmas I) White/Gold
Exodus 3:1-3a 11-     Psalm 111           Colossians 3:12-17   Luke 2:22-40
6th January Epiphany
10.30am        Black Bourton           Benefice Communion      Rev MacInnes
                                       Service                 /Rev Johnson
4.00pm       Bradwell Village Hall     Church @ 4              Rev Wheaton
6.00pm       Holwell                   Benefice Evensong       Rev MacInnes
 13th January Epiphany I
9.00am         Alvescot                Holy Communion          Rev Wheaton
9.00am         Broadwell               Holy Communion          Rev McGrath
9.00am         Westwell                Holy Communion          Rev Kettle
10.30am        Filkins                 Parish Communion        Rev McGrath
10.30am        Shilton                 Parish Communion &      Rev Ross/Rev W
                                       Children’s Church       heaton
11.00am      Little Faringdon          Matins                  Rev MacInnes
6.00pm       Black Bourton             Evensong                Rev Wheaton
6.00pm       Kencot                    Evensong                Rev MacInnes
 20th January Epiphany II

9.00am          Holwell                  Holy Communion           Rev Wheaton
10.30am         Langford                 Parish Communion         Rev Wheaton/Rev
10.30am     Kelmscott                    Family Communion         Rev Johnson
6.00pm      Filkins                      Evensong                 Rev Johnson
6.00pm      Westwell                     Evensong                 Mr Jeremy Lane
 27th January Epiphany III
9.00am          Shilton                  Holy Communion           Rev MacInnes
9.00am          Kencot                   Family                   Rev MacGrath
10.30am         Alvescot                 Parish Communion         Rev MacGrath
10.30am         Filkins                  Family Communion         Rev MacInnes
10.30am         Broadwell                Matins                   Mr Jeremy Lane
11am            Lt Faringdon             Parish Communion         Rev Kettle
6.00pm          Holwell                  Evensong                 Rev MacInnes
6.00pm          Langford                 Evensong                 Rev Wheaton
9th January      Black Bourton           10.00am                  Rev Johnson
23rd January     Black Bourton           10.00am                  Rev MacInnes
Sunday 6th January Epiphany (White)
Isaiah 60:1-6      Psalm 72:1-11 (12-  Ephesians 3:1-12           Matthew 2:1-12
Sunday 13th January Epiphany I (White)
Isaiah 43:1-7      Psalm 29             Romans 6:1-11             Luke 3:15-22
Sunday 20th January Epiphany II (Green)
Isaiah 62:1-5             Psalm 128    1 Corinthians 12:1-        John 2:1-11
Sunday 27th January Epiphany III (Green)
Nehemiah 8:1-3, 5-        Psalm 19:1-6 7-14       1 Corinthians   Luke 4:16-30
6, 8-10                                           12:12-31a

‘The Sermon on the Mount is probably the best-known part of the teaching of
Jesus, though arguably it is the least understood, and certainly it is the least
obeyed.’ (John Stott) In our studies this autumn, we shall be exploring how we
can apply this teaching in today’s culture, and in our own everyday lives:
December 4th         ‘Enter through the narrow gate’ (Matthew 7:13-29)
Our meetings are on Tuesday afternoons at 11 Oakey Close, Alvescot, from
2.00pm to 3.30pm.You are most welcome to any or all of them: please contact
me on 01993 846169 if you would like more details.
Liz Johnson

                CHURCH @ 4 (Starts Sunday 6th January In Bradwell
                  Village Hall)
                    Too busy with the kids on Sunday morning? Too cold and
                  dark to head out in the evening? ‘Church89 @ 4’ is perfect for
                  folks who aren’t able to make it along at other times on a
                  Sunday. Also, it will be great for those who may be new, or only
recently interested in, coming to church and are looking for something in a less
formal environment.
Beginning on Sunday 6th January at 4pm in
Bradwell Village, ‘Church @ 4’ will meet on the
first Sunday of every month. There will be a
mixture of hymns and newer songs, prayers and
Bible readings, a talk, and chance to chat over
refreshments afterwards. We will share Communion every other month, and
parents need not fret as there will be groups for younger and older children, as
well as toys for the tiniest. To find out more please get in touch:
Patrick Wheaton - 01367 860846 or Alex Ross - 01993 824871 Come and join
us. We’d love to have you there.
Friday 1st March 2013 at 2.30pm in Kencot Church.
The service has been prepared by Christian women of France and if you would
be willing to be one of the readers please let me know.
This is an interdenominational service and it would be good if ladies from the
Benefice would join us for what is usually a very enjoyable service. For more
information please telephone me on 01367860504.
Diane Blackett
This month is a time for saying thank you, first to those who
supported us at the Church and Chapel Coffee Morning and then to
all those who came to the Soup Day.
There were lots of villagers who came along for the stalls, the coffee and a chat at
the Coffee Morning. Jean will have further details in the Shilton section but on
the Helping Hands stall we raised £142.00, all of which goes straight out to
Uganda and helps buy more mosquito nets and helps to pay for the nurses who
visit the schools and give treatment as well as trying to show the children simple
preventative measures. Just buying one scarf from the stall is enough money for a
mosquito net, so not only are the scarves really nice but you know a child is
benefitting from your purchase too. The stall from the Highworth Christian
Bookshop did exceptionally well this year and sold over £280.00 worth of goods.
So thank you so much to everyone who came and spent! The profits from all the

rest of the stalls and coffee are divided between the Church and Chapel and our
share will also go to Helping Hands in Uganda. Special thanks to Jean Roberts
who as ever was quietly efficient and organised the whole morning beautifully.
Our Soup Days started again the same week and again the support from villagers
was excellent, thank you all so much. There were 50 there and it was as usual a
great time to get together and have a relaxing chat and some good food. It is all
free because members of the Chapel give all the food but if anyone wants to give
donations they are welcome. We shall be supporting different charities each
month, and this month the donations, almost £100.00, will go the Gatehouse for
the homeless in Oxford. Our next Soup Day is on Wednesday 5th December and
again everyone is very welcome. We will be supporting the charity called
Embrace, a Christian charity working in the Middle East and helping children of
all faiths and races to fight injustice and poverty. We thought it appropriate to be
helping children in Bethlehem at this time of year. Our January Soup Day will be
the second Wednesday of the month on the 9th, 12 noon to 1.30pm.
We’d like to invite you to our Christmas Carol Service on Sunday 16 th December
at 3pm and to the Carols by the Pond on Saturday 22nd December from 6.30 to
7.15pm. The Carols by the Pond with lanterns, mince pies and punch is always a
wonderful time despite the weather. We shall try to do it whatever the elements
throw at us but if you think it may be cancelled please ‘phone me on 01993
843444 anytime during the afternoon and leave a message for me to get back to
you if I’m out struggling to get fairy lights in the trees!
Preachers for December
Sun 2nd        We are going to Cote Old Chapel for an Advent Service at 3.00pm
Sun 9th        David Earl
Sun 16th       Carol Service Barry Shepherd. Refreshments in the Old School
Sat 22nd       Carols by the Pond - 6.30pm
Sun 23rd       Informal TBC
Tues 25th      Informal 10.00 am
Sun 30th       Mike & Chris Barrett.
You are very welcome to all of our services and we do hope to see many of you
over this Christmas period. We wish you all a very joyful Christmas.
Elizabeth Harfield
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 5th December at 3.00pm in the
Methodist Church Schoolroom. Our speaker will be Mr Ken Mumford of Witney
or his daughter talking about working with street children in India. All are
welcome. Refreshments will be provided.
There will a service at 3.00pm every Sunday in the Methodist Church.
Barbara Edwards

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill &
Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month there are
dozens of events organized by the many local organizations that
flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened, and
to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we receive, but
please accept that we can not always advertise your particular
event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

                 St Peter’s

Our Advent services leading up to Christmas this year begin when we join with
St Peter’s Infants’ at 3.30pm on December 16th for our popular candlelit service
to celebrate Christingle. Another favourite, our service of readings and carols is at
6.00pm also on 16th December and will be followed by seasonal refreshments.
On Christmas Eve we celebrate Christ’s birth with a Communion service
beginning at 11.30 pm. Everyone is very welcome to all our services.
Do join us for carol singing on Monday 17th December from 6pm, meeting at the
village notice board, the more the merrier and louder, all in a good cause!!
In preparation for Christmas we will be cleaning and decorating St Peter’s at 10
am on Saturday 15th December. Come and join us, refreshments will be provided.
We’ll be using seasonal foliage and flowers with a green, red and gold theme so
any you are able to bring will be gratefully received.
Remember to book your tickets for our fun quiz in support of the church
restoration and development. It’s on Saturday 26th January and as usual will
include a two course supper with a hot main dish.
Bring your family, friends and neighbours to represent different parts of Alvescot
or other benefice parishes! There’s a broad range of questions, something for
everyone and good company (+ the odd glass or two) on a dark winter’s night!
Tickets priced £8.00 are available from me on 01993 842435.
Jayne Lewin

Thank you to the parish council for a brilliant bonfire and fireworks display,
thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.
Please make a note in your diary for 23rd March 2013. Lots of people enjoyed the
evening with The Oddfellas last year and they are happy to play for us again next
year. This time we will raise money for Breast and Prostate Cancer Research.
Tickets £8.00 in advance from Terry Morris 01993 842135 or me on 01993
Doreen Hart
This year, Mrs Morris is celebrating twenty-five years of
employment at St Peter’s. She worked at the school
voluntarily for a number of years prior to this, while her two sons, Alan and
Colin, were pupils at the school and was employed as a member of the team in
January 1988 as a Teaching Assistant. Later Mrs Morris also worked as the
school’s cleaner and continued in this role until 2006. As everyone knows, Mrs
Morris is an enormously valued member of our school community and her
commitment and dedication to the school has never faltered. On Monday 12th
November, Mrs Morris was invited to attend a celebration event hosted by the
Chairman of Oxfordshire County Council where she received a gift in
recognition of her 25 years of service. On behalf of the many governors,
headteachers, teachers and support staff who have worked with Mrs Morris and
all the children who have attended the school, I thank Mrs Morris for everything
that she has done for St Peter’s during the past 25 years and look forward to
working with her for many years to come!
This year, St Peter’s has once again supported ‘Operation Christmas Child’. The
children and parents have been busy filling their shoeboxes with gifts which will
be given to disadvantages children all over the world this Christmas time.
We will be looking forward to our Nativity. Sue Morris will be helping the
children to learn the songs and we are all practising hard for our performances
on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th December. If you would like to join us for
our Nativity, please do come along at 9.30am on the morning of Wednesday 12 th
Our Christingle Service at St Peter’s Church will be held on Sunday 16 th
December at 3.30pm. This will be in aid of The Children’s Society and everyone
is welcome.
From all the governors, staff and children of St Peter’s, we would like to wish all
the readers of The Parish Pump a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Sam King

              BLACK BOURTON
              St Mary’s

Please make a note in your diary for 23rd March 2013. Lots of people enjoyed the
evening with The Oddfellas last year in Alvescot Hall and they are happy to play
for us again. They sing a variety of British and American Folk songs and play a
variety of instruments This time we will raise money for Breast and Prostate
Cancer Research. Tickets £8.00 in advance from Terry Morris 01993 842135 and
Doreen on 01993 844124.
The Parish Council do not meet in December, the next meeting will be
Wednesday 23rd January 2013 in St Mary’s Church at 7.30pm. Everyone welcome.
Doreen Hart
An upstanding member of the village (Mr Neil Graham) approached the BBVA
with the idea of planting Daffodils throughout the verges of our fine village. He
suggested it would provide a chance for the entire population to lend a hand in
planting and then seeing the benefits the following year; he also mentioned it
would be great to get all the children involved. The BBVA has ordered 3500
mixed Narcissi and Daffodil bulbs and as soon as we know the date of arrival we
will publicise the planting day on Black Bourton’s web site, email through the
BBVA account and throw up a few posters around the village. It is open to all
and every age and we would like to see them all planted for next spring’s bloom.
More information will follow on time, date and location.

               St Peter & St Paul’s

December 2nd                  Alison Goldingham
December 9th,16th             Anna Coull
December 23rd,25th, 30th      Georgina Lewis
January, No flowers (unless anyone keen to do it)

The youngest in the village came up trumps, and brought some much needed
extra money to us as a result. Many Thanks to Charlie and Sam Greenslade, and
Lucy and Ben Taylor,not to forget the Mums and Dads ! Put the rest of us old
codgers to shame.
The traditional combined Carol service is at Kencot this year. It is always a lovely
and well attended service. so look for details in benefice service list.
This is proposed for Broadwell on Tuesday December 18 th, Check with Jack
Auger 01367 850 566 in case plans changed
June Goodenough
A big thank you to the army of helpers who supported our church for this year’s
Ride and Stride,
On a lovely day, we had 50 visitors to St Peter and St. Paul on foot and bicycle.
Huge thanks to everyone who greeted our visitors, each giving up an hour of
their precious Saturday. We raised our largest total so far- £281.00.
Well done to Ben and Lucy Taylor who raised a huge amount of £261.00 by
cycling to 12 churches, together with their Dad, Peter who needed a week to
recover his cycling legs!
Big thanks also to Charlie Greenslade who raised £20.00 before the day, but had
to abandon the ride when he broke his arm the day before. Hopefully he'll have
better luck next year.
Anna Coull
India will be coming to Broadshires over the next couple of weeks. (If
it could bring its weather too then that would be great.) The children
will be learning about Diwali and taking part in a number of different
activities to celebrate the festival. The country of India itself will be located on a
map, and the children will literally be getting a taste of its culture when they try
some Indian food. Noses will be twitching, with perhaps a few sneezes, when
they also smell different spices. Their knowledge could make the familiar fish
fingers and beans a little more interesting if they help out in the kitchen at home.
An Indian clothes fashion parade will take place as outfits will be brought in to
try on. Diva lamps will be made and will decorate the preschool, no doubt
brightening up their surroundings.
The topic for this term is Weather. We are making a chart to plot how many
sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy or frosty days we have. Mmm…based on recent

weeks I’m thinking there may be one column that is slightly more filled than the
The children will be making windmills and wind decorations and collecting a
hugely excessive (no doubt!) amount of rain. The dolls and teddies will think
summer has come early as the sand tray will be converted into a warm, sun-filled
beach. What fun they will have when the lights are turned off for the night.
Deckchairs will be dragged over and towels laid out as ‘Club Tropicana’ blares
out of the CD player!
Discussions will be had about how we keep warm in cold weather and what
animals do in the wild. I am hoping that Aidan listens particularly carefully to this
bit as he thinks taking his coat off during frosty walks to school is a perfectly
acceptable way to keep warm!
Rowan Harris
                 FILKINS & BROUGHTON POGGS
                 St Peter’s

Filkins Church, Monday 24th December at 4.00pm A traditional
service of carols and readings. Come and join us as we
remember the story of Christmas.
Children are invited to come dressed as characters from the
Christmas story as we create our own real life Nativity scene.
Patrick Wheaton
By popular demand carols by candlelight a celebration
of Christmas in Filkin’s church 7.00pm on Thursday
13th December mulled wine everyone welcome bring a
Jackie Cullum
The 2013 St Filica AGM will be held on Tuesday 19th February 2013. All
members are invited to attend to vote on the distribution of funds, non members
are welcome to find out what we do and join up! For anyone who would like to
apply for funds full details will be published on the Filkins website and in the St
Filica Newsletter in December.
Mary Bohm

Covering the villages of Filkins, Broughton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                                  Thursdays
                                          3rd Jan      Mr A Woodford       860319
8thJan        Mrs G Cox         860250    10th Jan     Mrs H Ward          860430
15th Jan      Mrs F Shrouder    860053    17th Jan     Mrs J Higham        860197
22nd Jan      Mrs J Geake       860534    24th Jan     Mrs A Dossett-      860357
29th Jan      Lady Allison      860787    31st Jan     Mrs M Cover         860302
 5th Feb      Mrs G Cox         860250    7th Feb      Mrs H Ward          860430
12th Feb      Mr J Langer       860700    14th Feb     Mrs A Dossett-      860357
19th Feb      Mrs F Shrouder    860053    21st Feb     Mrs J Higham        860197
26th Feb      Mrs J Geake       860534    28th Feb     Lady Allison        860787
5th March     Mrs G Cox         860250    7th March    Mrs M Cover         860302
12th March    Mr J Langer       860700    14th March   Mrs A Dossett-      860357
19th March    Mrs J Geake       860534    21st March   Mrs J Higham        860197
26th March    Mrs F Shrouder    860053    28th March   Mrs H Ward          860430
Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.50, Fairford and
Witney - £5.50 Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £9.00, Cheltenham and
Oxford - £11.00 (plus parking charge if paid)
Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
appointment. The Surgery Service only covers appointments up to 4.00 pm on
Tuesdays and Thursdays.
All users of the service must be able to make their way to and from the car
unaided. For all hospital runs please contact me on 01367 860319.
Tony Woodford
Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                 Afternoon
Monday       9.00am to 12.30pm        1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday      8.30am to 12.30pm        Closed
Wednesday Closed                      Closed
Thursday     9.00am to 12.30pm        Closed
Friday       Closed                   1.30pm to 4.30pm

This year we are holding a Christingle Service in the playground
for nursery children, parents, family and friends, on Wednesday
12th December at 4.00pm. Our After-School Club children will also be joining us.
The children are currently busy decorating ‘lanterns’ and we look forward to
making Christingles nearer the time. The outside areas will be decorated with
pretty outdoor lights and lanterns and Patrick Wheaton has kindly offered to lead
the proceedings. This will be followed by mulled wine and mince pies for
parents/carers. Our Christmas party will take place on Thursday 13 th December
during the morning session; the children will have party food followed by
traditional games and a visit from Father Christmas.
Autumn Term finishes Friday 14th December. Holiday Club will run from
Monday 17th December to Friday 21st December. Nursery will then be closed to
everyone and will reopen for the Spring Term on Wednesday 2nd January 2013.
Louise Jenkins
Do please remember that minutes and notices of meetings are displayed on the
notice boards in the bus shelter, in Broughton Poggs in the Village Shop, and in
the Post Office. There is a more comprehensive file of Parish Council bumph in
the Cotswold Woollen Weavers Coffee Shop.
Cris Hoad

Day                 Morning                                     Afternoon
Monday              10.00am- 12 noon                            3.00-5.00pm
Tuesday             10.00am-12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Wednesday           10.00am - 12 noon                           3.00-5.00pm
Thursday            10.00am-12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Friday              10.00am - 12 noon                           3.00-5.00pm
Saturday            10.00am-12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Sunday              closed                                      3.00-5.00pm

On September 8th I once again put on my walking shoes and set off around the
churches. It was a hot day and drinks of water at each church were very welcome.
I raised £372.00, half of which will go to the Methodist Church. Thank you to all
the friends and neighbours who supported me.
Thank you also to the kind gentleman from Shilton Church who gave me a lift
home, saving me a long walk home at the end of a tiring day.
Barbara Edwards

                  St Mary’s

Sunday,December 9th, at 6.00pm is the time and date
of our Carol Service this year. This is always a happy
occasion with favourite carols sung, younger
members of the congregation reading the lessons and
a chance to chat afterwards over a festive mince pie. Then on Christmas Eve we
will be celebrating the festival with a Midnight Service, starting at 11.30, so do
please come and join us!
Corinna Rock

                 St George’s

Church Brass and Flowers -             Ellie Maughan
Please join us to celebrate Christmas with Carols and Readings on Thursday 20th
December 2012 at 6.30 pm. Mulled wine and mince pies will be served after the
Enjoy Christmas shopping in style in the beautiful Arts & Crafts Morris
Memorial Hall in Kelmscott on Saturday 8th December, from 11.00am - 3.30pm.
Admission and parking are free.This event showcases the
very best of local, handmade products including jewellery,
ceramics, glass, soap, textiles, turned wood, artwork,
aromatherapy, papier-mache, bags, baby clothes, cards
and so much more! This is the perfect opportunity to
select original gifts for the whole family in a relaxing
environment and enjoy our homemade refreshments at
the same time. Please note that we can only accept cash
or cheque, credit card facilities will not be available. For
further details, please call me on 01367 253103 or visit the village website, This event raises funds for the Morris Memorial Hall, a
registered charity, so please do come along!
Laura Roberts

                St George’s

24th November - 24th December       Advent No Flowers
24th December                       Decorating the church for Christmas. All
                                    welcome to help.
31st December to 31st January       Anne Dossett-Davis
Carol Singing around the villages of
Kencot and Broadwell will take place on
Tuesday 18th December Broadwell meet
by the bridge at 7.00pm.
Thursday 20th December Kencot meet at
the bridge at 7.00pm. We finish at The
Village Hall for refreshments and more
singing. If you can’t manage all the
walking, please join us at the Hall. This is a
fun event for all ages so please do come and join us. Collection for Cancer
On two occasions we have had to cancel due to freezing conditions. If this
occurs this year please contact Gill Cox 01367 860250 or 07889607020 to see if
the Carol Singing is taking place.
The service in St George’s Church will be at 10.30am. All are welcome. The
collection will be for Helen and Douglas House.
Saturday 8th December - Truly Scrumptious Children’s Christmas Cupcake
Decorating Class For further information contact Geraldine 07753 719859 e-mail www. truly
Art Classes : drawing and painting class on Wednesday mornings 10.00am - 12.00
This class is for beginners and ‘improvers’ and is friendly and informal. For
further information contact Michele - email Tel
07917361296 Website
Gill Cox
My husband and I have recently taken up the hobby of geocaching. This activity
was introduced to us via a friend who wanted to encourage his young children to

explore new places and he has now explored places as far a field as China in
pursuit of a geocache.
Geocaching is a high-tech form of treasure hunting. Geocachers use the internet
or Smartphone apps to identify geocaches and GPS devises to find them. Please
visit for more information.
A cache can be as tiny as a screw head or snail shell (a nano cache) or as large as a
lunch box. Nano caches simply consist of a logbook with larger caches
containing items that people may swap, as well as a logbook to record visits.
Currently there are geocahes locally at Langford, Alvescot, Carterton and the
former RAF Broadwell. We recently visited the cache at the former RAF
Broadwell, discovering that one of the previous visitors was from Spain!
We would like to place a cache in Kencott as we believe that this would
encourage more people to visit our beautiful village. We feel that it would be
appropriate to place a nano cache on the green in Kencott. If you have other
thoughts about where the cache should be placed or have information or photos
that could be included on the web page that would be created for the cache we
would like to hear from you. We would like to name the cache ‘2 T or not 2 TT’
and if anyone knows why there is this discrepancy in the spelling of Kencot/t we
would love to hear it.
We feel that this is a lovely family friendly hobby that is available to all and would
love for Kencott to be a part of it. Andrew and I will take on any cost involved in
setting up and maintaining the geocache.
Jane Moir (nee Cox)
Prices ORCC were quoted per litre
Month        Highest quoted     Average quoted           Cost to bulk oil members
July         68p                58.9p                    54.95
August       70p                62.8p                    58.95p
September    68.1p              62.5p                    58.75p
October      66p                61.5p                    56.45
If you would like to join the scheme all you need to do is to pay an annual
membership fee of £20 +VAT (£24) to ORCC (Oxfordshire Rural Community
Council) which will cover as many oil orders of 500 litres or more as you need
during the course of the year. For further information go to if you do not have
internet access please contact Wally Cox who is the co-ordinator for both
Kencot and Broadwell contact Email Tel 01367
Wally Cox

               St Matthew’s

Church Flowers                          December 24th am
Christmas Festival Decoration           All welcome to come along and help.
A quiz is to be held on Saturday 1st December in Langford Village Hall. Doors
open 7.00pm and Quiz starts at 7.30pm. The formal is 6 themed rounds and 2
picture rounds enter a team of 6 people or buy a single ticket and we will add you
to a team. Tickets are £15.00 per person to include a curry supper from Bilash
There will be a Pay as you go bar. Tickets from Jim Johnston 07966 280117 or All proceeds go to St. Matthew’s Church.
Carol singing will take place on Wednesday 12 th December and Thursday 13th
December, singing starts at 6.30pm. Everyone is welcome to come along and join
in for either / or both of these evenings, no singing experience required, just
come along and join in the carolling. Proceeds go to St. Matthew’s Church.
Join us for an evening of whist at Langford Village Hall on Tuesday 4th
December. We start at 7.30pm; however if you would like some tuition please
arrive a little earlier than this. You do not require a partner, but are very welcome
to come with one.
The entrance fee of £1.00 includes tea and biscuits at half time. Everyone is
welcome. All profits to Langford Village Hall. If you need any more
information please ring me on 01993 852378
Jo Hutchings
On Friday October the 26th, the last day of half term, St.
Christopher’s held its very first school INDABA.
‘The African term indaba comes from the traditional African
culture. People get together to sort out the problems that affect
them all, where everyone has a voice and where there is an
attempt to find a common mind or a common story that everyone is able to tell
when they go away from it.’ Dr Rowan Williams
Our school INDABA brought together all of the school’s children to discuss
what they thought made St. Christopher’s such a great school. Working in mix-
age table groups they talked about their ideas; with the older children supporting
the younger to record their thoughts. It was important for every child’s voice to
be heard. The groups then discussed the things that could make our school an

even better place. These thoughts will be used by our smaller school council to
focus on specific school improvement projects.
It’s going to be a very busy half term with Children in need, Anti-bullying week,
the excited build up to the school Christmas fair and then finally our Christmas
celebrations. We do hope you are able to come along to The Christmas Fair
which takes place on Saturday 8th December between 11:00-3:00. You are also
invited to our carol service being held on the evening of December 19 th
December which will be a mix of modern and traditional carols and songs.
Shaw Goodwin
Having vanished from the life of St Christopher’s in
Langford way back in July I thought I would seize this
opportunity to write a short piece about what we have
been up to!
We were fortunate to find that we had engaged the services of a really friendly
and professional builder. This was a serious blessing as it has made the whole
transformation of the house a pleasure in which we worked as a team rather than
it being an ordeal or a battle of wills.
I think I was unrealistic enough to suggest to some folk before leaving St
Christopher’s that we might be open for business by the end of August Of
course, that was a combination of naivety and wishful thinking. In the event we
surprised ourselves by opening before the end of September.
Given that we are starting a new business from scratch and noting the general
mood of economic pessimism we are excited by the flow of enquires and actual
business that we have seen. In tandem with the business beginning to move
forwards I have been amazed by the amount of teaching supply work that is out
there. So, as we hunker down for the winter and the anticipation of snow on the
hills and muffins round the log burner we remain excited about our leap into a
‘new thing’.
It is hard to beat a bright winter’s day in the Yorkshire Dales and we would love
to welcome you into the beautiful town of Richmond, so do look us up at:
Or you can find us on Facebook at Cordilleras House B&B where you will find
photos of the lovely surrounding area, and details of special winter offers to
tempt you to our door.
Of course, we are only about 10 minutes drive west of the A1 so an ideal place to
break your journey if you are making the long run north to Scotland. All in all, it
is just a perfect place to be, do drop in and see if you agree!
Gez and Liz Cornish

                 LITTLE FARINGDON
                 St Margaret’s

Advent        No flowers
Christmas Day Caroline Holden, with usual extra decorations by others, please
There will be three services in December:
9th December (11.00am) - Advent Service on our usual second Sunday.
16th December (6.00pm) - Carol Service.
This is one of our most popular services, when we will get into the festive
Christmas mood in our lovely floodlit church with carols and readings and with
participation by young and old. After the service, mulled wine and mince pies will
be available for all to enjoy.
Christmas Day (11.00am).
Do come to these December services and make Christmas 2012 even more
It was lovely to welcome others from the Benefice to the Benefice Service in St
Margaret's Church on 4th November. In addition to the curate, Patrick Wheaton,
telling us about Jonah and the whale - or was it a shark? - we had the pleasure of
listening to Edward Baldwin playing both the oboe and alto saxophone during
the service. Edward is an A-level pupil at Burford School and is the first local
beneficiary of the MAJIC of Music award initiated by the Browne family. It was
also marvellous to meet Patrick’s successor, David Spence, and his wife Elly, who
will be joining the Benefice next summer.
Jeremy Taylor
Fabulous fireworks and frosty weather combined to make this year’s Bonfire
Party one of the most successful to date. Thank you to all those who contributed
so much to the event through sponsorship, generous use of their land and sheer
hard work. This year’s profit will be shared between Helen & Douglas House, St
Christopher’s School in Langford and St Margaret’s Church in Little Faringdon.
Make sure that you pencil into your diaries and calendars Friday 1st November
for the 2013 Bonfire Party of the year!
Fiona Dixon

               Holy Rood

The Shilton Prom on 20th October was another sell-out success and the audience
was treated to a amazing array of talent from far and wide, as well as home
grown, including two string quartets, vocal and instrumental soloists, wonderful
organ playing, and audience participation in rousing renditions of old favourites
like ‘There’ll always be an England’. The evening was topped off with the
traditional ‘Last Night of the Proms’ essentials, ‘Jerusalem’, ‘Land of Hope &
Glory’ etc, sung by all with appropriate patriotic fervour!
The Old School was packed afterwards with a merry throng tucking into a
gargantuan buffet provided by the many brilliant and enthusiastic Shilton cooks.
This entertaining evening raised £637.50, which will be divided between a new
concert fund (so that we have a pot for lots more concerts!) and Old School
funds. Thank you to everyone who participated in any way, including some very
generous donations and sponsorship.
There was a jolly good turnout for the annual churchyard maintenance day and
an amazing amount was achieved in a few hours, despite the odd hail storm! Our
beautiful churchyard now looks incredibly spic and span.
Shilton’s bonfire blazed brightly and the firework display went off to schedule
and with the requisite bangs, crashes and wallops, much to the delight of the
assembled crowd of young and not so young on a crisp, dry evening. Amazingly,
letting off the fireworks seems to be the most popular event of the year as far as
volunteers are concerned, attracting the most offers of help by far! A collection
during the evening resulted in the sum of £179.16 being raised for Maggie’s
Cancer Caring Centres.
Notable dates for the rest of this year are as follows:
5th December        Soup Day, Old School, 12 noon - 1.30pm
16 th December      Carol Service, Baptist Chapel, 3pm
22 nd December      Carols by the Pond 6.30pm - 7.15pm
23 rd December      Carol Service, Parish Church 6pm, followed by supper in the
                    Old School. As usual, everyone is welcome to come to supper,
                    which is free (but, of course, food donations will be sought!)
Christmas Day Parish Communion, Parish Church, 10.30 am
Shirley Cuthbertson

We’ve started the Soup Days again. In December it will be on Wednesday 5th and
in January on Wednesday 9th. It is from12 noon until 1.30pm and everyone is
very welcome
The last meeting for 2012 takes place on 5th December in Shilton’s Old School,
starting at 7.30pm. Call 01993 840825 for further information.
Katherine Robertson
Our December meeting will be on Friday 14th when Tim Porter will talk about
Medieval monasteries in Gloucestershire. We shall then loook forward to the
festive season by indulging in appropriate refreshments.
In January our speaker on Friday 11th will be Simon Townley whose subject is the
history of the area of Broadwell, Langford and Kelmscott.
Fred Robertson
Our Village Christmas Party on Saturday 15th December in the Village Hall
7.00pm Bar will be open. Christmas Faye Raffle. Adults £10.00 Children Free.
Skittles Evening with supper on Monday 21st January 7.30pm at The Plough at
Quiz The Quiz Evening on Friday 19th October was a great success in a very
closely fought contest with just 6 points separating 1st and last teams. The
Outsiders came out top. Yours truly team came last (the demon drink is a terrible
thing). Many thanks to hosts B, David, Peter.and Shirley for a great evening.
June Charlton Sadly we have recently heard that ex Bradwell resident June
Charlton has passed away. Our thoughts are with June’s family at this time.
Can I on behalf of the Residence Association (BVRA) wish everyone a very
Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year.
 Tony Cripps
CHURCH @ 4(Starts Sunday 6th January In Bradwell Village Hall)
‘Church @ 4’ is perfect for folks who aren’t able to make it along at other times
on a Sunday. Also, it will be great for those who may be new, or only recently
interested in, coming to church and are looking for something in a less formal
Beginning on Sunday 6th January at 4pm in Bradwell Village, ‘Church @ 4’ will
meet on the first Sunday of every month. There will be a mixture of hymns and
newer songs, prayers and Bible readings, a talk, and chance to chat over
refreshments afterwards. We will share Communion every other month, and

parents need not fret as there will be groups for younger and older children, as
well as toys for the tiniest.
To find out more please get in touch: with me on 01367 860846 or Alex Ross on
01993 824871 Come and join us, we’d love to have you there.
Patrick Wheaton
Do you have young children aged between 0-5years old? Why
not come along to our baby and toddler group? Weekly craft
activity, songtime, playtime and refreshments included in the £1.50 per family
contribution. Come along to the village hall for a free taster session, you and your
children would be very welcome. Mondays 9.30-11.30am. For more details,
please contact me on 01367 860890 or Lorraine Ainslie on 01993 822689
Miranda Mowbray

              St Mary’s

               Lynne and David did a fantastic job of running their first village
meeting at the Dower House this month. There were interesting presentations
and a lively debate about the relative merits of different ways of supplying
Westwell with water, a new borehole and pipe work or Thames Water It was
decided that further work is needed.
Paul and Nigel kindly agreed to collaborate on ways of mechanically but safely
removing weeds from the pond with the air of providing a clear slate, after which
regular handweeding could prove effective.
Broadband: David reminded us all to please sign the petition on the Oxon
website to further our cause for better broadband.
A village tidy up was agreed for the spring ad we are hoping that next year’s
summer event will be a rounders match against Holwell. By the time our
neighbours read this, the gauntlet will have been laid down!
There are plenty of more immediate events to look forward to, Westwell
Christmas dinner at the Cotswold Gateway on December 1st. If you are
interested and don’t yet have a ticket, contact Lynne.
Carol Service: Christmas Carol Service for all at St Mary’s on Sunday 16 th
December at 4.30pm And the Westwell carol singers will gather again on the
evening of Saturday December 22nd to spread good cheer around the village with
their unique and enthusiastic renditions of some Christmas favourites
Miles Gibson

             A look at events and news from a little
             further afield.

                Oxfordshire Book Awards 2012
More schools (54) than ever before took part in the Oxfordshire Book Awards
this year. 270 children attended the awards ceremony held at the Amey Theatre,
Abingdon on Thursday 4th
Winning authors (pictured)
attending the event are the
delightful Tony Ross,
illustrator of Gangsta Granny
by David Walliams (Best
Primary Book); the very
wonderful Patrick Ness,
author of A Monster Calls
(Best Secondary Book) and
the lovely Nadia Shireen,
author and illustrator of Good
Little Wolf (Best Picture Book).
The event was held on National Poetry Day and so everyone enjoyed a truly
splendid afternoon of celebration with poems ready by Burford student,
Katherine Mordecai, and by students from the Burford Primary Partnership.
Patrick, Tony and Nadia entertained us all with their lively talks and some
fantastic illustrations from Tony. David Walliams, author of Gangsta Granny was
sadly unable to join our celebrations due to filming commitments, but sent a very
personal message which was relayed by his publisher. Following the ceremony,
students enjoyed a slice of delicious and decorative cake (featured in the above
photo), and a drink before clamouring to get books and their programmes signed
by their favourite authors.
Our annual Miscellaney Performances will be held on Tuesday 18 th and
Wednesday 19th December at 7.30pm in the Main Hall. Tickets are available

from Mrs Andrew in Reception and are £5.00 per Adult (£4.00 for Children and
concessions) with Mulled Wine and a Mince Pie included in the price.
Telephone: 01993 823303 or Email
Burford School will be holding a 6th Form Information Evening on Thursday
17th January 2013 at 7.00pm in the School Hall. There will be a presentation,
followed by an opportunity for students and their parents to talk to teaching staff
about the subjects and courses offered. We look forward to welcoming you.
For up-to-date information on all school matters and events, please visit our
school website
Jane Edwards
The Klanglust Ensemble at Burford Church on October 31 st
Half Term arrangements combined fortuitously on October 31st. The school
holiday in Oxfordshire coincided with that in Bavaria, which allowed the
Klanglust Ensemble, from Furth, near Nuremberg, to pay its third visit to the
Cotswolds and the Lenthall Concerts. In their turn the concerts were denied their
regular venue at Burford School, but were able to stage the concert in the warm
acoustic of Burford Church. The orchestra, mostly in their teens or early
twenties, rose to the occasion.
As on previous occasions the orchestra, under their Director, Bernd Müller, paid
homage to English music, starting their programme with Purcell’s Abdelazer
Suite, nine short pieces taken from the incidental music for Aphra Benn’s play.
Unfamiliar music, except for the Rondeau which Benjamin Britten purloined for
his Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, but engaging and freshly played. So
too was the Mozart Divertimento which followed: music which would be very
hard not to like.
The second half was no less appealing. Bach’s Concerto for 3 violins was a
showcase for the leader and two members of the Ensemble: Maria Hussong and
Valentina Pilny, alike in technical ability but with contrasting tonal quality which
made Bach’s intricate counterpoint the easier for the ear to unravel. The
programme finished with the Holberg Suite, the orchestra clearly revelling in
Grieg’s feast of delicious tunes.
In the first of two encores the orchestra played a graceful Tico Tico and then
returned to base with an Andante by the Bavarian composer Max Reger. We
look forward to their next visit, thankful that the Artistic Director of the Lenthall
Concerts, Michael Bochmann, has such a close association with this brilliant
young group. For a brochure giving details of all concerts in the season ring
01993 824949 or visit
Christopher Yapp

Wednesday, January 16th 2013. 7.30pm at Burford School. Royal College of
Music String Band directed by Mark Messenger. This talented young orchestra
will be playing a programme of English favourites by Elgar, Britten and Holst.
Tickets available at the door (£12) or in advance (£10) from The Madhatter
Bookshop, High Street, Burford, from Music Stand, High Street, Witney, or from
Lenthall Concerts tel 01993 824949. Further details of the 2012-13 concert
season are available at
From now until Christmas Eve, 24 of Burford’s independent businesses,
sponsored by Burford Chamber of Trade, have joined the national ‘Celebrate an
Independent Christmas’ campaign! This is a nationwide scheme to improve
footfall to our high streets, towns and village centres, to increase consumer
confidence, and to boost retail sales of small independent businesses. Burford is
the only town in Oxfordshire taking part and hopefully it will encourage people
to visit our beautiful town in the weeks up to Christmas to do some seasonal
shopping and find goodies not available on your average high street!
Visitors and locals are invited to take part in a ‘Shopping Crawl’ following a map
which lists all the participating businesses. The idea is to get a stamp or a
signature in each business you visit, and the completed forms will then be entered
into a Prize Draw with a value of over £800.00 in cash, vouchers and treats,
including an overnight stay for two in a four poster bed, a champagne afternoon
tea and a hamper.
Look out for the distinctive posters in participating businesses and collect your
town map, then off you go to enjoy the wide range of wonderful independent
shops, hotels and restaurants in our lovely town!
Jayne Lewin
Secrets & Stories: an international exhibition featuring digital works of art
Exhibition Dates: 11th - 27th January 2013 Opening Reception: Saturday 12th
January, 12 - 2.00pm The public will be invited to vote for their favourite entries
in the following categories: Most Intriguing, Most Bizarre, Most Creative, and
Overall Favourite. About the Exhibition: Artists working in digital media, using
an iPad or similar mobile tablet device, have been invited to submit their digital
paintings, drawings, collages, and illustrations to West Ox Arts for this unique
exhibition. A series of workshops and demonstrations will be offered in tandem
with the exhibition. Details at:
exhibitions.html 01993 850137 Gallery Hours:
Tuesdays- Saturdays, 10.30am - 4.30pm & Sundays 2.00pm - 4.00pm


S     pecial Winter Tennis Club Membership for readers of
      the Parish Pump. Membership until the end of April
      2013 Adults £30.00 Family £35.00 with no joining
fee For an application form please ring the Club Secretary
Ann Cadogan on 01993 841522
We are a historic, beautiful and friendly tennis club at the
far end of Broaadwell Village with 6 macadam courts (3 with floodlights). We
offer social and competitive tennis in the Oxford LTA leagues and have 2 LTA
approved coaches offering group and individual coaching to adults and children
Arthur Marment
This morning thirty eight people gathered in the main dining room for our
Service of Remembrance. Patrick took the service, Brigadier Crowdy laid the
wreath and Stuart played the piano. It was a very moving service and thank you
to everyone who took part and to those who attended.
 Earlier this month residents and staff rummaged deep in draws and wardrobes
for hats, coats and gloves. Senior Carer Eileen, emptied the cupboard of carefully
stashed away rugs, just in case they were needed and we all set off in the direction
of the Orchard. It was one the chilliest evenings so far but the seats stragically
placed earlier in the day by Mike and Jim, promised optimum viewing and were
soon filled.
A good lighter was needed to challenge the threatening sudden gusts of wind but
oh, they proved no match for our Angie and before you could say, ‘Guy Fawkes’
she had people swirling and swishing their sparklers in the night air, forming
shapes in artistic fashion and evoking memories of days gone by.
There were brilliant colours of flashing lights and big bangs to fright, fountains of
of falling stars and swooshing from rockets making their way up to Mars? It was
fun while it lasted but over so quickly.
 The theme for our special lunch for this month is a Thank You lunch when we
have a chance to express our appreciation to all the volunteers who help make a
difference. Thanks for the fresh flowers each week, the visiting and befriending
to name but a few. Congratulations Beryl on your 100th Birthday
Annette Baldwin
Windrush Class are Years 1 & 2 at Burford Primary school. We have a bright and
vibrant classroom and love to learn through fun and innovative methods!
We wanted to share our science week with you to give everyone a taste of our
passion for learning.

Our week started with a chance to test some materials; the children are learning
about fair testing and recording, so lots of discussion was key to their learning.
They tested many stretchy items in different ways. By the end of the session we
were using some magnificent scientific words and could all see that a fair test was
essential for testing stretchiness. That afternoon we had a vote and chose to
explore what would happen if we added a ‘Mento’ mint to a bottle of cola...well
all I can say is it got quite messy! We shared this experiment with the reception
children who thought we were rather amazing scientists indeed.
We had a super week and the children are really fired up about science and all of
its possibilities.
Zoe Duff
Christmas is nearly upon us and that can mean only one thing.... pantomime!!!
This year Carterton's amateur dramatic group, Acting Community
Thingumybogs, present ‘ALADDIN: Because That’s His Name..’.
Come along and boo, hiss, clap, cheer and laugh as we watch the wicked
Abenazar try and seek the magic lamp that contains the all powerful Genie! Is all
hope lost? No! We will follow Aladdin as his tries to foil Abenazar’s plan, will he
win the heart of the princess? What will he use his 3 wishes for? Will Widow
Twanky find a man? Packed with songs, slapstick and silliness for the whole
family and all the fairytale magic of a traditional pantomime!
Performances are at Carterton Community College on Friday 14th December at
7.00pm, Sat 15th December at 2.00pm & 7.00pm and Sunday 16th December at
2.00pm. Tickets are on sale now priced at £5.00 each from Giles Sports in
Carterton Town centre. All profits from this event shall go to Save the Children
Fund, to help disadvantaged children in this country and abroad. More
information can be found on our website:
Kayleig James
Saturday 8th December - Truly Scrumptious Children’s Christmas Cupcake
Decorating Class For further information contact Geraldine 07753 719859 e-mail www. truly
Art Classes : drawing and painting class on Wednesday mornings 10.00am - 12.00
This class is for beginners and ‘improvers’ and is friendly and informal. For
further information contact Michele - email Tel
07917361296 Website
Gill Cox

Lechlade Gardening Club meets every 2nd Wednesday in the month at 7.30pm
The Memorial Hall, Lechlade on Thames. There are monthly talks and on
occassions a garden visit with a wide variety of topics covered. The committee
welcome ideas from members for future talks and visits and the club is very
welcoming to new members. Decembers talk will be by Laura Thompson from
the award winning Bloom Room, Lechlade on Thames and will be a
demonstration and talk on creating a Christmas Wreath.
Recently a website has been created for the club and those with access to the web
can find it on which gives full details
of the clubs activities, contacts and much more. We hope you will like it and we
look forward to hearing your views.
Lastly the Lechlade Gardening Club wish you all a very happy Christmas and a
good gardening New Year.
Tim Yeoman
What to do if there’s a fire
Would you know what to do if your smoke alarm went off in the
Would you and your family be able to escape? In the event of a
fire you need to stay calm and act quickly, make sure everyone in
your house knows the escape plan. Follow the tips below to get everyone out:
• Follow your escape plan and get out
• Raise the alarm - shout and get everyone together, make sure everyone in the
house knows about the fires, do not look for the fire
• Get everyone out, you should have an escape route planned that everyone in
your household is familiar with, the best route is the one you always use
• Don’t delay to look for pets
• Don’t delay to save valuables
• If there is a lot of smoke crawl along the floor as the air will be cleaner
• Only open the doors you need to and close any open doors you can to slow the
spread of the fire
• Know where the door keys are to unlock them.
• Before you open any doors, feel them with the back of your hand, if they are
warm don’t open them, the fire is on the side
• Make sure you stay together if you are escaping with others

Don’t go back in:
• You should find somewhere safe to wait near the building
• If there’s someone still inside, wait for the Fire and Rescue Service to arrive -
you can tell them about the person and they will be able to find them quicker
than you
• If you go back into the building, you will slow down the fire-fighters' efforts to
rescue anyone else missing, as well as putting your own life in great danger.
If you require any further advice please visit
Kevin Robbins Retained Station Support Officer Burford,
01993 822117 or 07831 170 480
This joint letter from the management committee and parish council working
group was recently delivered to all residents of Filkins and Broughton Poggs.
Filkins Village Shop would also welcome help from its many supporters in
neighbouring villages.
Since Filkins Village Shop opened in 2005, it has become by common consent an
important part of our village. However it traded at a loss every year, and even in
the last couple of years as sales increased to the point where we might break
even, costs have risen faster.
The original financial model was based squarely on volunteers to run the shop
alongside some paid staff. After an enthusiastic start involving more than fifty
volunteers, unfortunately numbers have fallen consistently to the point now
when we have less than a loyal handful.
We have tried various ways to galvanise enthusiasm, including the expansion of
the shop premises into the old upstairs flat. This allowed for better stock control
and margins, higher sales, and a balanced budget. In fact we have exceeded our
budget on sales, but the lack of volunteers has entailed far more expenditure on
paid staff, and our costs are now unsustainable even with the increased sales.
In addition we have seen a reduction in those prepared to join the management
committee which now consists of just two active members, who both manage the
business and do volunteer shifts behind the till. Not only is this a heavy
commitment on the two, it does not fulfil the legal requirements governing
community businesses like ours.
Seven years ago, the idea of a community shop was the most popular to come
out of the Parish Plan, and the shop was subsequently established with the
endorsement and support of the village and the parish council. The council
continue to support the shop as an important part of the village infrastructure,
and support this letter.

But without the revival of support in the village, Filkins Village Shop cannot
survive. We need urgently to find:
• Volunteers to join the Shop Management Committee
• Volunteers to serve behind the counter, and do other tasks in the shop
• Volunteers to organise the volunteer rota
• Volunteers who are prepared to write articles for our local newsletters
• Volunteers to recruit shop members, and keep them informed on shop matters
• Volunteers to carry out simple handyman jobs that arise from time to time
• Volunteers to fund raise for the shop
If you, like us, believe that a village shop can provide an important service to
those in the village who do not have the option of driving to town to shop, play a
part in helping our village remain distinctive and vibrant, provide a place to find
company on an empty day, and be a source of whatever it is you run out of in the
middle of baking… Then you too will want to help Filkins Village Shop prosper.
Please come forward, and help. Please volunteer.
In the meantime, without enough volunteers, there will be times when the shop
will have to be closed. We will try to post advance warning on the door, but we
know this will cause inconvenience and distress to some, and we are truly sorry.
All of us involved with the shop will continue to work for its success, but we
need your help. If you wish to volunteer, to offer support and ideas, or for more
information, please talk to me, Trish Poole, at any time (tel: 0797 6055 308), or to
any of the other signatories below. And thank you for reading this.
Trish Poole, Alan Heath, Jeremy Irwin-Singer, Rob Bohm
RESIDENTS: As many of you may be aware there have been some burglaries in
the local area recently that the police are investigating. There are a number of
things you as residents can do to help prevent these offences happening. Crime is
largely opportunist so by taking simple steps to protect your home will deter
criminals. Ensure that your house is always locked and secure regardless of how
long you are going out for, it is important when going out to ensure desirable
small electrical items such as laptops are where possible hidden. Car keys should
also be kept out of site and not on a hook near the front door. Community
vigilance is also very important so keep an eye on your neighbour’s properties,
and if you see anything suspicious such as vehicles or people hanging around
please report it on the numbers below. In an emergency always call 999. I can be
contacted on the now standard 101 non - emergency number
PCSO Colin Davies

Air Commodore Ager has written an additional Open Letter with an up-date of
measures that have been implemented, as a result of pressure from the sub-
committee here in Black Bourton. Here is the link to the RAF website where you
can view the letter.
18_A884679DD2A04EF8.pdf Thank you to all of you who have added your
own weight to this cause, with letters or complaints.
Monica Tudor
RE: FILKINS HALL                         A TIMELINE
(apologies for leaving this bit out last month…..typing failure! Ed)
The article was meant to start with the words
One end of the village has the fine stone hall with it’s great gabled dovecot….(you
might have to scroll back to last month for the rest of the article! Ed)
John Twitchett
Thirteen members of the West Oxfordshire Field Club met up for a delicious
dinner at the wonderful Cailey Hall Hotel, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk, on Tuesday
16th October for our three night birding break.
We had chosen a window of three days when the Spring high tides were over the
magic seven metres to have a good chance of seeing the wader spectacular at
Snettisham. The times were 8.00 am on Wednesday, 8.45 am on Thursday and
9.32 am on Friday but this entailed leaving the hotel before breakfast at least 2.5
hours before high tide to be in position at Sanctuary Hide in plenty of time.
Wednesday dawned with heavy rain early on so we abandoned that day and
headed for Titchwell Marsh RSPB Reserve and had a good morning watching the
birds, notably large numbers of Ruff and a large flock of Golden Plover.
After lunch we headed for Brancaster Staithe and then Lady Anne’s Drive at
Holkham. It was good to see two Grey Partridge there, a bird I had not seen for
several years and there were good numbers of Jays in the woods which had come
over from the continent a week or so before. We also had good views of Marsh
Harrier. On the way home a lone Barn Owl performed for ten minutes patrolling
backwards and forwards across a tussocky field while another Marsh Harrier flew
low overhead.
The next day was a repeat, almost, of Wednesday when there was early heavy rain
clearing to give a fine day.
We visited our local beach within walking distance and headed for a sandy rocky
spit jutting out into the sea about one mile along the dunes path. This proved to
be perfect for seeing a large number of waders just after high tide pushed up on

to the spit and was particularly good when a large flock of knot took off and flew
in front of us before landing further back down the beach where we were able to
have close views.
Later in the morning some of us used a car pass to drive down to Snettisham
Rotary Hide and some walked from the RSPB car park. The tide was out
exposing vast areas of mud way out into the Wash and the birds were well spread
out. There were notably a large flock of Golden Plover close in and large
numbers of Knot way out, viewable through the scope. This is an amazing wild
area for birds to feed. The shingle beach still had some flowering Horned Poppy.
The last morning six of us left the hotel at 6.30 am making the considerable
sacrifice of missing out on a Cailey Hall breakfast!
We left our cars in the Snettisham car park and headed out for the third hide
(Sanctuary Hide) just as it was getting light, a walk of about 1.5 miles. A
considerable number of bird watchers and photographers were congregating
above the beach as we took up our seats in the hide overlooking the bottom end
of Pit 4. Redshank were coming over the bank and dropping on to a small island
first of all and there were Little Grebe in the water in front of us. Later very large
numbers of Oyster Catchers flew over and congregated in a group on a shingle
bank in front of the hide. Then came thousands of Knot in swirling masses,
performing wonderful patterns as they came in ever increasing numbers to land
in huge swathes which were continually moving and seemed to flow into and
across the water from an island that was completely covered and then formed a
large amorphous mass pushing the Oyster Catchers back. The noise of their
wings and their calls was breathtaking and up to 50,000 waders had left the now
flooded Wash and came over the bank to land in front of us. These were
augmented by many large skeins of geese flying noisily overhead.
One of nature’s most spectacular sights and one I had been waiting twenty years
to be there at just the right time. A fitting climax to our three days.
Back home on 25th October a visit to Westonbirt Arboretum on a grey drizzly
day rewarded us with beautiful bright colours of Acers, Beech and Lime, an
explosion of reds, oranges and yellows. My second Brambling of the season (first
in Norfolk).
26th October there was a cold North East breeze blowing and a skylark was
singing over the fields.
Whilst mowing up leaves in the churchyard a mallard duck flew on to the rectory
wall next to me and was quacking away. I could not hear her because I was
wearing ear defenders but I could see her beak opening and closing.
This happened three times when I was tipping leaves and the third time, thinking
this unusual behaviour and that she seemed quite distressed I looked over the
wall and was amazed to see seven newly hatched ducklings running around. She

could fly up on to the wall but they were obviously too small and as usually
happens she was trying to take them to the nearest water, the Shill Brook. They
could not get out of the garden and she was asking for help. I opened the two
garden gates and off they went. I have not known a hatching of eggs so late or
such unusually intelligent behaviour by a duck. It was a cold day and frost was
forecast overnight so I wonder if the chicks survived.
27th October, a frosty start with a lovely blue sky and the first Fieldfares were
flying over the first field calling noisily.
29th October, a Kingfisher flew off piping along the brook (my second this
3rd November, Little Egret flew up from the Brook.
4th November, my third Brambling sighting on sunflower heart feeder in the
6th November, Two hundred + Fieldfares feeding nervously on hawthorn berries
at Broadwell Airfield.
David Roberts
Nick Herbert. Gun.Bowls player. Rat Man
For someone who says he dislikes people en masse, Nick Herbert is very good
company. As the man who has controlled our pests in West Oxfordshire for over
twenty five years, he has some gripping stories (ask him about the lady in
Charlbury who had forty cats or the chap who had a truly revolting use for Pot
Noodle cartons), but he’s also hugely knowledgeable about our local wildlife.
His has been a life lived out of doors. Born in Great Barrington in 1958, he
worked on the land from the age of fourteen. He is one of a long line of Herberts
who populated the village and worked on the estate. His grandfather ploughed
with horses and Nick managed to convince Charles Wingfield to take him on as a
gamekeeper at just fifteen. It was at Great Barrington that he met his wife, Sue,
who was Mr Wingfield’s PA. After seven seasons, he and Sue decamped to Trull
near Cirencester before deciding to accept a job offer in the South of France.
Nick drove and looked-after Princess Antoinette (Prince Ranier’s sister) at her
home in Eze-Sur-Mer just outside of Monaco. He says it was a good experience
for a chap from rural Oxfordshire, but he felt uncomfortable living somewhere
where he couldn’t see a field or a cow, and so after a while they came home.
Having bought a cottage in Alvescot in 1983, Nick took a job as pest controller
for West Oxfordshire council. Covering a huge territory he looked after our
homes and businesses for twelve years before deciding to set up on his own. He
enjoys what he does because, he says he likes to solve problems for people. He
also likes the daily variety and the fact that his is a rural beat. He now looks after
some ninety-five homes and has many farm, business and estate contracts.

Working for himself also gives him the freedom to go shooting. He has a great
love of being out on in the field on pheasant and partridge days; mainly at Asthall
and Swinbrook and always with friends. He uses vintage guns, his other passion
is collecting them, and often he’ll be out with something rare from the 1890s.
Nick also spent some years loading on the Blenheim estate. He remembers
meeting many ambassadors, politicians and royalty; indeed he says that the best
shot he’s ever seen was the Prince D’Arenberg who cut a fine figure in a Loden
cape and trilby hat. But Nick himself is no mean shot. In fact in the nineties he
was a County clay champion.
When not working or shooting, Nick plays bowls with the Burford club. He also
does a spot of fishing (mainly trout but also some course fish) and he and Sue
have a lovely garden at their house in Langford, so he must put in some hours
there too. Nick is a busy man, but he subscribes to the wisdom that you only get
out of life what you put in. And he strikes me as a very affable and contented
chap. So that must be right.
Julie-anne Edwards
Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb with haricot beans, tomatoes & rosemary
I know I have written about slow-cooked shoulder of lamb before, but here is
another, even easier recipe which is perfect for hassle-free entertaining at this
time of year. As I said last time, the whole point, to me anyhow, of slow-cooking
is not having to brown, fry, reduce or baste the dish, leaving you free to do other
things, or have a sit down and read the paper. This recipe was given to me by
Lucinda (my biggest fan!) but she cannot remember where she found it so I
cannot credit the clever person who first came up with it. As you will see, it could
not be easier. The anchovies are optional but I often add them to a lamb stew.
They melt away (so fish averse people truly would not know they were ever
there) but they really enhance the flavour. Anchovy essence would work too. The
recipe also suggests serving in large soup bowls with crusty bread and a salad.
Here I differ from the aforementioned clever person. I like it with mashed potato
and a green vegetable. As with all slow-roasted meat dishes, it will sit quite
happily in a slow oven until you are ready to eat it; indeed further cooking will
make it even more tender and flavoursome.
1 shoulder of lamb (1.8kg/4lb)
2 large tins haricot beans & their liquid
300-400ml/1/2- 3/4pt white wine
2 large onions, roughly chopped
10 shallots, peeled
6 tomatoes, quartered
3tbs tomato purée

Salt & 6 peppercorns, crushed
10 cloves of garlic, peeled
2 bay leaves
3 bunches of rosemary
3 anchovy fillets, chopped (optional)
Black olives (optional)
Put the shoulder of lamb (including knuckle if cut off) into a large roasting tin or
casserole. Cover with the remaining ingredients, tucking the bay leaves and
rosemary round the meat. Cook for 4 hours in the simmering oven of the Aga
(150ºC) then transfer to the roasting oven (220°C) for a further hour. Serves 4-6.
*If using a fan oven decrease the temperature by 20°.
               Angela Galione
                               CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR THE
                                  FORTHCOMING MONTH
                    Send your event details to Gill Cox (contact details inside front cover) by 10 th of
                           each month for events taking place during the following month

1st      Langford Quiz 7pm Village Hall,Tickets 07966280117,
2nd      Shilton Soup Day 12-1.30pm
5th      Shilton Parish Council meeting 7.30pm at Shilton’s Old School.
8th      Kelmscott Christmas Craft Fair,11am - 3.30pm Morris Memorial Hall, 8th
         Children’s Christmas Cupcake Decorating Class for info tel Geraldine 07753
17       Carol singing Alvescot, meet 6pm by the noticeboard.
18th     Carol Singing Broadwell meet at the bridge 7pm.All welcome
20th     Carol Singing Kencot meet at the bridge 7pm.All welcome
Until 23rd December West Ox Arts Craft Exhibition & Sale Bampton info
Until 24 December Shopping Crawl in Burford, prize worth over £800. Info 01993
26th    Fun quiz Alvescot Village Hall Tickets 01993 842435.
Mondays Bradwell Babes 9.30 – 11.30 info 01367 860890
Chess at The Vines, Black Bourton 6.45pm


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