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									              BDF inaugurates a new R&D lab
Bdf opens new facilities in the Girona Science and Technology Park to improve the
service to clients and expand the research and development capacity.

S    ince September 2012, BDF has relocated to the University of Girona Science
     and Technology Park a sales office and its own R & D biotechnology
laboratory. The new place will contribute to give better service to customers and
the new facilities are designed for developing new biotechnological products and
advance in scaling and production processes:

The extensive equipment provided by the Laboratory provides the opportunity to
practice the following disciplines:

       - Basic and Molecular Microbiology
       - Biotechnology and Process Engineering
       - Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry

Our R+D laboratory is equipped with:

      2 5L bioreactors
      Lyophilizer
      Ultrafreezer
      Biological safety cabinet
      Centrifuge
      Incubators
      Spectrophotometer
      HPLC
      Water purification equipment

The location of the facilities inside the Science and technology Park also provides us
access to public service laboratories, reinforcing our own capacity equipements and
creating new opportunities. This context gives us a close collaboration with
universities and research institutions.27/11/2012

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