McKissock Offers Timely Land Surveyor Courses, Including Two Webinars in Early December

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       McKissock Offers Timely Land Surveyor Courses,
         Including Two Webinars in Early December

        The Countdown is on for Continuing Education Credits before 2013

Warren, PA, November 27, 2012 - McKissock, a leader in continuing education for
state-licensed professionals, offers a wide variety of online courses and live webinars
for land surveyors in need of continuing education credits for license renewal before
the end of the year. McKissock is a trusted resource for state-specific, state-
approved land surveying, engineering and home inspection courses, regulation
information and compliance.

Here are three timely and informative courses available from McKissock:

   •   LIVE WEBINAR: Tracking the Railroads
       Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012
       1 – 5 p.m. EST
       Surveyors involved with the original location and layout of the railroads had a
       much easier time than we do today, as we try to recreate not only original
       configuration of rails and parcels, but also what kinds of rights the railroad
       companies may have had in the land beneath their tracks. This land
       surveying course will discuss historical, legal, and practical aspects of the
       problems we face today as we unravel the railroad puzzle.

   •   LIVE WEBINAR: Elevation Certificates
       Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012
       10 a.m. – 2 p.m. EST
       For land surveyors who are already familiar with the Elevation Certificate, this
       class will keep them up to date with details of each section of the form and
       any new changes resulting from the newest revisions – the most recent being
       November 2012. For those new to Elevation Certificates, the class will provide
       enough information to get started in completing them. We will point out how
       the form is to be completed while tying it back to its roots in the National
       Flood Insurance Program, including discussion of Base Flood Elevations and
       several sample problems to practice completion of the form under a variety of

   •   POPULAR ONLINE COURSE: “Disputes Between Adjoining Land
       Owners” Surveyors often find there is more than one opinion as to the
       location of interests and boundary lines between adjoiners. This course
       addresses such disagreements and some of their legally prescribed
       resolutions, including adverse possession, quiet title actions, estoppel,
       boundary line commissions and boundary line agreements. Learn more about
       this land surveying course.

“All three of these courses can play a pivotal role in a land surveyor’s career, while
also meeting continuing education requirements,” says Wendy Lathrop, president
and owner of Cadastral Consulting, professional land surveyor and McKissock course
developer/instructor. “Even the most seasoned professionals can use assistance in
understanding the nuances of legal terms and concepts, and other complicated and
changing elements of their profession.”

Visit and select a state for a list of approved continuing
education (CE) for land surveying, engineering and home inspection courses.
McKissock offers customizable packages, individual courses and affordable webinars.

About McKissock:
McKissock is an education company that educates, empowers and enriches
professionals in real estate, appraisal, home inspection, land surveying and
engineering. McKissock gives specialists a place to go to access relevant, easy-to-use
and high-quality courses that provide the hours and information necessary to meet
state compliance and regulation requirements. Founded in 1990, McKissock offers
more than 100 courses and serves thousands of professionals daily. The company is
focused on providing a superior customer experience that will help professionals
move their career forward. To learn more, visit


Description: The Countdown is on for Continuing Education Credits before 2013