Tracking every detail regarding the supply chain management could be done in no time by MistyKValentine


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									Inventory Control Software to
Improve Internal Operations
Access to any transaction in
the Magaya system such as
shipments,           invoices,
warehouse receipts, cargo
releases, purchase orders, and

Configure            which
transactions your customers

Increase your customers’
visibility into their data.
Inventory management software has
a lot of benefits to offer a company,
and today's technology helps it stand
out even more. Get the benefits of
using Inventory management software
then have a LOOK AT THIS.
Good software goes deeper than
just giving you an overview,
however. You'll be able to track
profit and loss, taking a look at how
much a particular supplier is
charging compared to another, for
instance. You can look at shipping
costs as well as other factors and
use the data to formulate strategies
that could save your company big
bucks over time.
The purchasing process begins with a
Purchase Order (PO) created in the
Magaya Supply Chain Solution,
containing all the information about
the order. The PO is sent to the
manufacturer or supplier. Convert the
PO into a Pickup Order. Then the
merchandise is sent to the warehouse.
When the cargo arrives, the Pickup
Order can be automatically converted
into a Warehouse Receipt. The
accounting department can instantly
use the original PO to create a bill that
goes to Accounts Payable and is later
used to pay the provider.
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