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									                  Holistic Health Care Courses – A Great Career Option

Are you really looking forward to jumpstart your career in the field of holistic medicine? If yes, then you
have certainly taken a wise decision because the demand for the professionals’ expert in healing the pain
or diseases of the people through various means such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicines
and therapeutic massages is growing at a rapid pace.

Making a mark in the profession of alternative medicine requires completing a degree or course from the
recognized colleges. If you are scouting for a fulfilling experience and rewarding career in this particular
field, then make sure, you get yourself enrolled in the top-notch colleges that provide the best training and
certification programs. There are innumerable opportunities for the people in this field who have a proper
training and degree. Some of them include:

       Holistic health practitioner
       Acupuncturist
       Homeopath
       Hypnotherapist
       Chiropractic specialist
       Energy healing
       Doctor of Naturopathy
       Naturopath
       Naturopathic health practitioner
       Herbalists
       Natural health advisor
       Life coach
       Iridologist

Educational Requirements for Holistic Medicine Degree

It is imperative that before making an application in any alternative medicine college, make sure to get full
information about the educational requirements vital for enrollment. Most of the courses offered by the
colleges or universities require an individual to have bachelor’s degree a good basic level of education
wide array of studies such as the English, psychology, chemistry, physics, etc. There are plenty of
courses or the certificate programs available in holistic medicine such as the massage therapy,
homeopathy, naturopathy, yoga instruction, oriental medicine and herbal medicine.
The coursework to complete a holistic certification program includes the course work on various topics,
lecture and a first-class training so that the students can get an excellent knowledge about the various
holistic medicine treatment practices. Some of the topics that the students will get to learn through various
courses are as follows:

       Herbal remedies
       Complementary and alternative healthcare
       Mind/body interaction
       Stress prevention
       Chinese medicine
       Eastern perspectives on holistic health
       Detoxification
       Visualization
       Anatomy
       Western perspectives on holistic health
       Nutrition
       Meditation

Before enrolling in any holistic medicine school or university, make sure, it is recognized by the
concerned Bodies.

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (Established 1991) is one of the oldest and finest institutions in the
field of alternative medicines offering regular, correspondence and online programmes in holistic and
natural health for both students from within India and worldwide. Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is
a Government Registered Institution, also accredited in U.S.A., U.K. (Europe), Australia and New Zealand
and internationally affiliated with I.A.E.W.P – An Affiliate of the United Nations, UNICEF and UNESCO.

Therefore, if you are contemplating to enhance a career in the field of holistic medicine, select a best
course, university and have a rewarding and financially secure future.

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines ( http://www.altmedworld.net ), a Government registered and
internationally recognized school for holistic medicine offers career oriented holistic medicine programs
through correspondence and distance learning mode. Enroll yourself today for degree programs in
alternative medicines and become a successful holistic medicine doctor.

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