Fun family camping trips-a wish away__ by Marchushaas


									Fun family camping trips-
A wish away!! trips a wish away!!

  Few essentials for a fun camping abroad
    Types of camping

Tent Camp                   Car Camp

            Canoe Camping
   Choose the right destination

Gather information from web,
travelogues, professional outfitters and
people who already visited the place
Seasonal variation should also be
   Best mode of travel

The mode of travel between countries
and within the camping region need to
be chosen in accordance with what is
readily available
    Checklist for campers

Adequate bedding and shelter
Personal belongings & suitable clothes
Basic First Aid
Game ideas during the trip
    Enjoy your camping trip…

With the above tips in mind and if all
the fellow-campers are as enthusiastic
as you are-a successful camping trip is
just a wish away!!!!
Thank you for watching

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