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					Automatic Google Traffic
Master Off-The-Wall Marketing strategies that teaches you how to
piggyback off popular websites to get quick rankings, indexing,
and traffic, NOW!

© 20012: May not be reduplicated, copied, or shared in any form
or way, or less the purchaser contained the appropriate licenses to
do so.

Disclaimer: The author makes no claims to how much an individual
can earn with the techniques applied herein. Results tend to and
do vary from individual to individual. The results are dependent on
countless of variables, which include time spent applying the
techniques, actually applying the techniques, and the amount of
effort and effort put into applying the techniques.
Hello! My job as an Internet business owner is to constantly seek
out posh opportunities for my business over the World Wide Web.
I’m always digging for remunerative markets and au courant traffic
generation mechanisms.

You see, once you have all the traffic that you can handle, you can
calmly select what methods you will use for pecuniary
acquisitions, and this is veraciously why I chiefly focus on traffic
generation techniques.

I don't give my attention to the in vogue money making schemes
flooding the Internet because I don't need anyone to tell me what
is the best way to make money online.

However, you best believe that I’m always looking for contemporary
traffic generating contingencies. In this master collection of
marketing data I provide you with 40 TESTED websites that you can
use for more traffic today along with on-the-money marketing
strategies. Receiving a bunch of websites without no marketing
ideas is simply a waste to the beginner marketer.

Many of these websites are amongst the most trafficked
websites globally according to Alexa. I discarded networks that
many marketers know about such as Digg, Myspace,
Stumbleupon, Squidoo, Blogger, Technorati, Twitter, Ezine
articles, Reddit, Craigslist, Yahoo answers, and etc.

It is not that these websites will not deliver you traffic, it is just that
there are so many marketers already capitalizing off of the traffic
in these networks that the owners and users of these networks
have taken acute efforts to shoot-out marketing efforts. This as
you can imagine is a catastrophe for conversions.

Most likely, your marketing returns will swiftly hit the skids as more
and more marketers come on there and use automated bots to gain
an upper-hand over their competition.

This is exactly why I consistently search for websites that are highly
trafficked, but are not as profoundly marketed on. This way I will be
able to generate more traffic plus get more gains from my ventures.

Also, something important to keep in the back of your mind is
that just because one website brings in more traffic then another,
does NOT make it better.

For example, Digg is a popular social news site that can give
you jillions of traffic if you hit the frontpage. However, I ran over
30 marketing tests on Digg, and the eventuality is, Digg traffic
converts like nothing.

However, compare that to a lesser trafficked social news site like
Propeller and you will assume that Propeller gives you less traffic
which is true, BUT, the traffic from Propeller is more crackerjack,
and you can actually monetize off the network in a number of

So, relax at your desk and enjoy the read. There will be treasures of
goodies that will fuel your starving website with rich quality traffic
only if you take action. Enjoy.
Methods in random order

website url:

This website was originally named “bluedot,” and works in a very
similar fashion to another popular social bookmarking network
called stumble upon. To get traffic to your website, simply
download the toolbar and bookmark your content urls. To
download the toolbar visit this url here:

For the most part, Faves executes the no follow attribute on their
network, which means that they will not pass link juice on to your
website. Regardless of them not passing any link juice, some of
the stories that I have submitted to this network has ranked high
in Google for their long tail keywords.

The reason for this is because the root domain of this network
contains a high pagerank in addition to lots of pages indexed in
the search engines, which gives them more pizzazz in Google.

Most of the networks listed in this product have just that as
well which equals more Google traffic!

Make sure to use proper seo copywriting such as sprinkling
keywords in the title and the description of the story that you
are submitting.

website url:

This is a content publishing network that operates in a similar
manner to associated content because it has an option in which
members can earn money by witting articles for the network.

This website specializes in “how-to” articles, and is another
great and free way to promote your content.

To get more traffic to your website, simply bang out a how-to
article about your niche market, and submit it. You can place
your website url in the “sources” section.

This network has a very low Alexa rank which means that it receives
lots of traffic. Most articles published in this network will get lots of
relevant comments. This typically show that the users will actually
read the content which means that they are more likely to convert.

The top trafficked article directories from my research are
ezinearticles, ehow, associated content, articles base, and isnare. If
your going to take the time to submit articles, then make sure to
submit it to these directories because if your not, then your articles
are missing out on a lot of extra visitors.

These networks I estimate acquire at least 93% of the
article directories traffic on the Internet.

website url:

Scribd is a document sharing network. It may seem a little different
to you if you are unfamiliar with it, but in reality, its not that much
different from any other media sharing network on the Internet.

For example, you have video sharing networks such as Youtube,
which allow users to upload and share videos. You have image
sharing networks such as Flickr, which allow individuals to
upload and share images.

Well, now you have something called a document sharing network
which allow users to upload and share documents. The format of
documents that Scribd supports are Microsoft Office doc, docx,
ppt, pptx, pps, xls, and xlsx.

The PDF files that it accepts are .pdf, and .ps. The Open Office
files that it accepts are .odt, odp, swx, sxi, etc. Last, the text files
that it accepts are .txt, and .rtf.
If you try to submit any other file types then it will not work.
You may still be wondering how you can monetize off of the
massive traffic that Scribd serves daily.

Simple! One way you can do this is by converting ALL of your
articles that you have collecting dust in directories, and then
submit them to Scribd. A free tool that you can use to convert
documents to a .pdf file is convert neevia:

Make sure to stick your website url in the end of the document, or
in any other location that you fancy. Since Scribd has such a high
pagerank, it is likely that the pdf could get ranked on the first
page of Google for its keywords (if they are long-tail).

Also, make sure to fill out your profile and enter in your website url
in here. There are also other ways that individuals could leech
more traffic.

For example, you can start a group on the network and invite
users of the network to join your group and participate in
discussions related to the content that you submit.

A creative marketing example I saw was that an individual has a
group in which he linked to his online magazine. They then
would post pdf documents of their daily content. It is a good way
to get extra publicity to the content that you submit.
website url:

This is a network that is very similar to Scribd. It is another popular
document sharing network in which you can upload your documents
to. Use it in a similar fashion that you would use Scribd.

website url:

Rollyo is a user-powered search engine, in which users can make
custom search engines that return results only from sites that they
added to the search engine. Register your account and make a new
search roll with urls from your website. You can also copy and
paste your search roll to your website by copying the xhtml code
from your user control panel.

Yahoo upcoming
website url:
This is an event network that is part of Yahoo! networks. This tool
tracks your ip and shows you events that are relevant to your
geographic location. If you market offline and in the future will
host a seminar, event, or a local portal website, then posting it in
this network is a nice way to attract publicity to it.

website url:

This is a free blog hosting/social networking network. Scan users
profiles and add those who profile matches the typical description
of your demographic as friends. Once that is done, you can setup
your blog on the network, and inform them of updated content.

website url:

This is another document publishing network like Scribd in which
you can upload content to, and sell your info products on as well.
This is very convenient for info product marketers that are
looking for new ways to generate sales.
website url:

This is similar to a question and answer network, and I stumbled
across this when i was doing some data mining in the search
engines. It has an interesting twist because users can ask if
something they do, think, or encounter is normal, and then users
of the network can respond and add in their two cents. When you
submit a story you can embed xhtml into your content. Make sure
to write interesting and meaningful questions. To insert a url use
this syntax here: <a href=””> </a>.

website url:

This is a microblogging service that is similar to Twitter. The
website emphasizes ease of use. It takes less then a minute to get
started. An Individual can post short snippets of content with a link
to their website.

website url:

This is a social bookmarking network that is similar to
stumbleupon and Faves in that it requires users to download and
install their tool bar so that they can submit sites to their network.
After you install the tool bar, submit your content to the network.
website url:

Rapidshare is a German owned one-click hosting company. By
“one click” this means that you can find files from your hardrive,
and then upload it to the network.The trick is to name the file
extension with keywords that you want the file to be optimized
for. Similar to using document sharing networks, I would highly
recommend converting articles into .pdf files so that you can
upload them to the network.

As you may have guessed, I sell lots of information products, and
some knuckle heads illegally upload information products that
they purchase to one-click hosting networks like rapidshare and
mediafile which I will also cover shortly.

How I found this out is by monitoring my product's brand keywords
in Google, and to me surprise, I found some of my products being
pirated on these networks. Once I got everything solved, I realized
that one-click hosting sites could be used as an extra way to
generate visitors to your sites. Kind of a morbid way to discover
this I suppose.

Rapidshare has a pagerank of 6, is adored by Google, and has
many files indexed in the search engines. It only makes sense to
use it as a additional means to leverage your business. In short, if
you have free content that you would like to use to generate more
traffic to your sites, then convert it into a .pdf file and then upload
it to rapidshare. Rapidshare is a top 20 most trafficked website

website url:

This is another one-click hosting network which is similar to
rapidshare. Convert content to pdf files, and upload it to
this network.

As again, the important thing is to make sure that your pdf file
name is keyword rich. The reason for this is because this is
what mediafire and other one-click hosting services will use to
automatically generate the download link to the file that you
uploaded to the network.

If your file name is keyword rich, then it could rank high in the
search engines due to the powerful backlink juice that media
fire has.

website url:

If you ever purchased or sold anything on Amazon, then you might
as well take advantage of some extra free traffic that it has flowing
through the network. In your profile you can fill out your website
url and leave reviews on products that you purchased.

website url:

Bing is definitely a search engine that is on the rise. It is
consistently within the top 40 most visited websites on the
Internet, and it is slowly but gradually gaining share in the search
engine realm.
A lot of Internet marketers predict that Bing will dethrone Google
as the most used search engine, and all I have to say is anything is
possible these days.

I remembered when Yahoo! was the best search engine to use and
a funny named search engine called Google came along and won
many people over.

Anyhow, to get traffic from any search engine your urls most be
indexed in the network. Visit and enter in Replace “yourwebsiteurl” with your actual
website url. If it is not indexed then try and submit your website by
visiting this url here:

Before you do this make sure that your website is live and ready to
go because if it is not, then it will greatly decrease your chances
for getting your website indexed into the system.

Last, to increase your chances, make sure to submit a xml site
map. The .xml format is the universally accepted sitemap format
according to which just happens to be the
authoritative network that monitors sitemap documentation.

After that is done, your website url should appear in Bing
shortly afterwards.

website url:
This is an interesting network which allows users to make their
own toolbar with pre-populated content, and then allow their
website visitors to download it.

This is a unique way to draw more publicity to your website.
Simply sign up for the network, and fill in the details for your

You can then copy the code for the toolbar to your website and
have users download it. Just think about it, browsers/toolbars are
a very viral marketing tool to have.

Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are some popular web
browsers. There are also many popular toolbars that individuals
use such as stumbleupon. Make one for your website so that
individuals can stay more up to date with your latest content in a
more interactive way.

website url:

This is a general social network that has teenagers that make up
most of the user demographic. If you have a website that is tailored
towards this demographic, then you can register for an account
here and carry out all of the typical social networking duties
such as:
     Making and filling out a profile.
     Making blog and article entries which links back to your

This is another website that is constantly under Alexa's top
100 most trafficked websites.

Live journal
website url:

This is a blog network that have both free and paid options. I do not
see many Internet marketers take advantage of the high authority of
this network. A lot of them tend to stick to the commonly talked
about blogging networks. The paid level is not that much different
from the free level except that you have some extra features such as
domain forwarding, and more space. You can still post content with
links to your website using the free service, and this will also be a
another way to collect an easy backlink to your website.

website url:

This is another file sharing service which means that it is similar to
rapidshare. It is also constantly within the ranks of the top 100 most
trafficked websites on the Internet. To get more traffic, simply collect
your keyword rich pdf files, and upload it to this network.

website url:

This is another file sharing service that is within the top 200 most
trafficked websites worldwide according to Alexa. This is another
place to upload your content to that you want to further publicize.

website url:

This is the third most visited social network in the world, and is
constantly within the top 40 most trafficked websites in the world.
Register for an account, and fill in your profile with your website
url in it.
Hi5 allows you to make use of xhtml so that you can embedwebsite
urls using anchor text in this format here: <a href=””> </a>.

You can also start a blog on the network and add content with a
link back to your website. Just like in any other social network,
make sure to segment and add friends who profile content
correlates to the theme of your website, and contact them when
you have new content to display to them.

website url:

Yet another filesharing service that you can use to generate more
publicity to your content. Upload more of your pdf files here.

website url:

This is a social bookmarking network that is usually within the
top 3000 most trafficked websites on the Internet. It has recently
acquired another popular social bookmarking service named furl.
After you download the toolbar, bookmark quality content from
your website here.
website url:

Another file sharing service that you can upload your pdf files.

website url:

This is a highly trafficked social networking website that is
constantly in the ranks of the the top 200 websites in the world.
Bebo is the acronym for blog early and blog often, and is currently
owned by AOL since its acquisition in 2008.

You use it just like you would any other social networking website.
After you register for the network, there are several of tools that Bebo
provide their users with. You can start a blog, a group, and even
upload teasers of your product in the Bebo authors section.

website url:

Multiply is a social networking network in which users can make
blog posts, and display their content along with many variations of
media. Multiply allow individuals to upload images, and also allow
them to use css to customize the look and feel of their profile.
There is also a marketplace available if individuals want to sell
their items as well.

website url:

This is another social network that is within the top 100 global
websites in the world. As you may think by the name, Friendster
can be used for dating and seeking new relationships, however it
can also be used for networking and collecting more leads.

The original idea for this website is to make an online network
similar to Myspace except safer and more secure. Register for a
account, fill in your profile with your website url, set up a blog,
segment and target new friends, add content to your blog, and
send bulletins to your friends.

website url:

This is a free hosting site in which you can make your own website
that is hosted on the network. The concept of this is very similar to
other free website hosting services such as angelfire, or geocities
(which is being discontinued this yea). Make an account, and
prepopulate it with content and links back to your website. You
can also build groups on the network and pitch your content ideas
to it as well.

Website url:

Plurk has been considered the main rial to Twitter. Plurk is a
microblogging platform which has many features that is similar to
Twitter. Individuals can send short updates to the network just
like they can in Twitter, except these are know as “Plurks” as
opposed to “Tweets.”

The maximum length of the messages are 140 text characters. All
of a user's plurks are kept in a graphical interface representing a
time linee, and once someone signs up to receive your new
plurks, they will be able to see the wholetimelinee of everything
that you submitted to the network.
website url:

Tripod is a free hosting service that provide users with the ability to
publish website content, make a blog, or upload images. They have
free and paid options as well, but to generate traffic you only need
to use the free option. The paid option allows you to do more
technological stuff such as running cgi and Perl scripts on your


Slideshare is another one of those services that you can upload
media to. It is kind of like the youtube of slide sharing services. It
is in fact the largest slidesharing service, and have the greatest
number of users.

Internet marketers can upload slides to the network so that they
can share their ideas, communicate with others that have a
similar ideology as themselves, and also generate more leads for
their business.

If an individual comes across a particular slide that they fantasy,
they can then download or embed it within their website. This is a
similar process in which users embedtheir favorite videos that
they find from Youtube to their websites or blogs.

This network can accept virtually any presentation, document,
excel, zip, and pdf file. If you already have files uploaded to
your own server then there is a feature which allows you to add
the single url to the network.

You can also fill in your profile telling more about yourself and
your company, with a link back to your website.

website url:

This is highly trafficked social news sites. The content that
primary makes it to the front page is content that consist of
politics or bizarre news. However, the traffic and link juice can be
worth it, so if you ever have a story that can fit within the theme
of the website then it never hurts to submit it here.

website url:

This is another social news sharing site which is often compared to
Digg because of its similar graphical user layout and features. Just
like with Digg, you can make a profile, and submit interesting
content from your website. As opposed to Digg, Shoutwire has a
collective amount of different themed stories that get on the
frontpage, while Digg on the other hand tends to have stories that
focus primarily on technology.

website url:

This is another social news sharing network which I caste under
the “Digg clone” section. Register for the network, fill in your
profile, and submit interesting content from your website.

website url:

This is a research site owned by Amazon that is very similar to
Yahoo Answers! In order to register for this network, you either
need an Amazon account, or you need to verify your account with
a cellular phone.

Unlike previous question and answer websites such as Google
answers, this network is more interactive. Users can earn points
depending on how well they answer questions, and conversely,
they can lose points depending if they answer questions poorly.

To receive free traffic to your website, find questions that fit within
the theme of your website, and answer them well with your
website url as the source.

It works in an extremely parallel fashion to Yahoo answer! And if
you are familiar with that network then you should have no
problem making the adjustments to this one. There are also
discussions that users can participate in within the network so that
they can receive more traffic.

website url:

This is another highly trafficked question and answer website. What
is really cool about Yedda is that you can enter the keywords of
questions that you are interested in answering under tags, and
then you will be given this type of content by Yedda.

Just like when your using Yahoo answers, you can find questions
that relates to the theme of your website, and you can answer
them with a link to the source.

Yedda has the follow attribute which means that they DO pass the
pagerank on to your website. More link juice equals better
search engine results.

website url:

This is another question and answer network. Register for an
account, and answer questions that are in the expertise of your
field with a link to your website url.

website url:

This is a social networking website that offers a variety of wiki
features. Make a wiki for your website, or for the keywords that you
are trying to rank for.

website url:

This is a wikihosting service, also commonly referred to as a “wiki
farm” in which an individual can make a wiki for their business.
website url:

This is an award winning social news network. Users can post
news story as well as start a blog on the network.

website url:

This is a free web hosting network in which users can make a
website and a blog as well. Register for the account and post
your content onto the website.
Thanks for purchasing my product and hope you enjoy the free
traffic. When it comes to getting fast, free, and easy traffic over the
Internet, the name of the game is the piggyback off of websites that
are already receiving lots of traffic. As you have probably noticed by
reading this, many websites may have different demographics, or
utilize different media, but the the same marketing principles
become redundant over time which makes things easier for you as
the marketer. From here on, all you need to do is find new highly
trafficked networks on the Internet, and then use the techniques in
here to exploit it for as much traffic as possible.

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