List Of Different Software by KiranBhat6


									List Of Different Software’s that can be developed:

Stock Management

Order Processing and Activity Control (OPAC)

Income Tax Deduction at Source

Material Purchasing and Scheduling

Billing Software

Hospital Laundry Management

Stationery Management System

Computerization of Library Management System

Resume Builder Application

Daily Power Generation and Performance Reporting Software

Repository and Search Engine for Alumni

Storeroom Management System

Post Office Automation

Automated Payroll System

Result Generation System

Time Management

Settlement and Yield Calculation Software

Hospital Management System

Mini-Corporate Management System

Online Banking System

Online Library Management System

Online Inventory Management System

Electronic Filing System

Law Practice Management Software
Customer Relationship Management Software

Claims Management Software

Sports Scheduling Software

Time Tracking Software

Child care management software

Appointment scheduling software

Employee scheduling Software

Association management system

Field Service Management

Workforce management

School-administration software

Enterprise report management

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