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Roulette seems like an easy game to play: you pick a number or set of numbers
and then wish that the ball lands on the number you had chosen. However,
anybody who has played the game knows that big wins in roulette are elusive. In
addition to that, no foolproof system exists that can break the house advantage
totally. Still, by having a sound betting strategy, it is possible to maximize your
wins and minimize your losses while playing roulette.

Know your betting habits and pitfalls

While it is true that roulette is a game of chance, it does not mean that you bet
aimlessly. If you have the tendency chase losses or play emotionally, you should
rethink your strategies as these can lead to more losses than triumphs at the
roulette table. You should know when to walk away, If the numbers you chose
come up, and you make a profit, that’s great. However, if the opposite happens,
leave the game, and try another day.

Establish a betting budget before playing and stick with it

Before starting each session, you should have a roulette budget in mind. Bear in
mind that you should only use money that you can live without. Never use money
that you need to pay for mortgage, rent, or utilities.

Try out roulette programme

Many players make use of offline and online
roulette systems. There are no guarantees that
these will work consistently but many of these tools
teach betting patterns that have higher profit
potential, or at least help curb losses.

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Start in low minimum tables

Try out your strategies by playing in low minimum tables. This way, you can
practice and improve your betting strategies without losing as much money.
Alternatively, you may open a free account in online casinos or free roulette
                                   games to test your betting patterns and
                                   strategies without risking your bankroll.
                                   Once you are comfortable with your betting
                                   strategies, you can now play for real money.

                                      Pocket most of your winnings

                                        Your goal when playing online roulette is to
                                        come home with more money than when
                                        you started. If you continue to use your
winnings during the game, you will end up not earning anything. Keep in mind
that the length of playing the game is not an assurance that you will earn a profit.
In fact, in most cases it is the reverse, as many players who sit longer on the table
have greater risk of going home a loser.

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