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									                   A Straightforward Nokia Lumia 610 Review

The greatness of Nokia Lumia 610 is that, it allows a person to have considerable
smartphone experience, even when the budget is not high. Nokia Lumia 610 belongs to
the Windows Phone 7.5 group. Though it is classified as a low end smartphone, it
contains the features of the high end smartphones. One of the most noted drawbacks of
this phone, which should be mentioned in the Nokia Lumia 610 review, is it does not
support all the apps and games. This log back makes some of the Nokia phone lovers a
bit disappointed. Instead of this drawback, there are some more essential features,
which are quite attractive to the eyes of the gadget freak generation.

Nokia Lumia 610 smartphone contains 800-megahertz processor. The in built memory of
this phone is 8-gigabyte. This phone also has a random access memory of 256 MB. The
resolution of the screen of this phone is 3.7-inch, and maximum resolution of this is 480
x 800 pixels. The camera of Nokia Lumia 610 is of 5 MP. Though it is quite convenient,
the customers will be quite offended by the less MPs of this camera as other
                      smartphones offer 8 MP cameras. It can be said that, 5 MP is
                      perfect for a mobile camera. If a person uses his camera for not
                      any serious reasons, it would not be a matter of serious
                      inconvenience. This camera is perfect for people, who like to take
                      photos of themselves, of friends, or in a gathering or a small tour.

                     Nokia Lumia 610 review should mention that this phone has a
                     conventional look. People who like the charm of the traditional
                     smartphones will surely like this style. The plastic casing is present
                     at the back position of the phone, where the battery is set. The
                     smoky silver finishing touch has made this phone an attractive one.
                     The material is plastic, as available in any of the low end Nokia
                     phone. Though it has plastic as its basic material, it has a sturdy
                     look. As a phone by Nokia, it promises to be a strong phone for the
rough users.

Nokia Lumia 610 review shows that, this phone has got limited things to expect in the
matter of connectivity. In this phone, a micro USB outlet and a 3.5 mm jack are
available. Its drawback is that, the developers have forgotten to include a microsd slot
for this phone. In the matter of file transfer, it will be of considerable disturbance, if
there are not several programmes installed in this phone. The navigational keys of this
phone are quite impressive. They are extremely sensitive, and, therefore, extremely
easy to manoeuvre. There are three soft keys on the front side of the phone, which are
here for the purpose of exploration of the mobile menu. The convenience of using this
phone helps to handle will also make it a strong option for people. The screen is of TFT
LCD standard, and its 3.7-inch screen has a resolution of 480 x 800.

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