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									                   A Brief Discussion Concerning Animal Cloning

The subject of Pros and Cons of Animal Cloning has been a subject of enormous
controversy since its inception. Different moral and ethical questions have been
emerged, and besides there are some practical causes too, which are strong enough to
have an opinion against animal cloning. This is an article stating both pros and cons of
animal cloning since it is not possible to form an independent opinion about something
like animal cloning without knowing its fundamental aspects. Animal cloning is a process
of creating a genetically identical creature by taking a cell from a parent organism. The
conflict between taking the power of creation, and let nature following its own course has
become a heated topic in the debates. Besides, as the research is still in a very initial
stage, there is not much evidence, apart from assumptions.

In the discussion of pros and cons of animal cloning, there are endless positive
possibilities to fill the list with positive points of animal cloning. In the case of animal
breeding, it is possible to create a better offspring with the union of the cells of two
superb quality animals. This trait can enrich the livestock with more nutrient materials.
Besides, there will be less diseased animals. Cloning can improve look, stamina and
                                                   other different qualities of an animal.
                                                   When the stock of livestock becomes less,
                                                   animal cloning can retain the supply of
                                                   meat, milk and other different staffs. In
                                                   this way, the supply of nutritious and
                                                   disease free animals can be continued in
                                                   the time of crisis.

                                                Human aggression has resulted extinction
of many species. It is possible to get these animals, birds, reptiles and others back from
the extinction by using animal cloning. The discussion of pros and cons of animal
cloning must include this point of reviving the extinct species with the use of advanced
level animal cloning technology. If animal cloning can achieve the level of advancement
required for this revolution, there will be a guarantee that no other species will be wiped
away from the face of the earth. There will be hope for the survival of the endangered

There are different potent negative aspects related to the animal cloning. These points
are also highlighted in the debate about pros and cons of animal cloning. The success
rate of this technology is extremely disappointing. It takes millions of dollars to conduct
such research, and if, the outcome is not satisfying there is ample cause to stop the
research. It is said that, instead of creating a whole new creature, a body organ can be
remade. It will benefit cancer patients to a huge degree. It is only possible, when the
research shows considerable advancement. The animals born from cloning are born with
many defects. Most of them do not last for more than 1 day. If the research gains its
expected results, there will be anarchy if the knowledge falls on the evil hands.

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