BUILT ON A R A CING TR A DI TI ON
Designing and engineering motor sports with p assion and performance.
A RACing ORiginAl…
Th e Xtreme Motor Comp any Story.

Imagine a company that is so widely envied for their engineering designs and innovative
products, that within the first few years of operation, the company has to add the name
“Original” to their brand name? Amazing? Yes.

The company started production in 1997, with the launch of the Tantrum series of 2-stroke
racing ATVs for kids. With that racing heritage well established, Xtreme sponsored racing
teams and racing events such as the Detroit Supermoto and the Hare Pit Bike racing events.
This early entry into racing forged a long term relationship with three-time, National Racing
Champion, Guy “Air-Time” Cooper, that resulted in the design and manufacture of the now
famous Xtreme 107 Pit Bike! Cooper’s knowledge of racing designs, helped to keep Xtreme
on course to produce the series of Cooper Replica models and the latest Super Stock 50, 88
and 125cc dirt bike series.

Continuing with this racing heritage, Xtreme continued its innovation in design and engineering
with the launch of the now famous Typhoon class of ATVs in 2006. Again, another Xtreme
“Original” was widely being copied on the outside, but never on the inside. But, sometimes,
you just want the “Original” to be already built-in and already tricked-out. So, we are now
introducing the Super Typhoon 125 that is race ready and totally tricked-out.

In 2007, the company realized its role as a leader in design and engineering, and decided to
let their products make its own statement. The company dropped the name “Original”, and the
company is now simply known as the Xtreme Motor Company! With our newest designs being
introduced this year, it should be quite a year of Xtreme “Original” design!

So, as we move forward into 2008, let the cameras roll. Go ahead and take as many pictures
as you want, but if you’re smart…You better snap up your Xtreme machine now!

Sometimes, the best kept original secret just can’t be kept secret anymore!

Th e Xtreme Motor Comp any
                          Supe R StOCk DiRt Bike Se Rie S
Super Stock 50
A great starter bike, the Super Stock 50 exceeds
the competition on fit, finish and some extra
features to give you an easier rider experience,
including a manual choke for easy starting. This
is a great 50 cc dirt bike with an easy shifting
4-speed, auto-clutch and kick start.

Available	Colors:
					Red									Blue								Orange

                                                   Super Stock 88
                                                   This bike is based on the famous Xtreme Original 107
                                                   Pit Bike, with front disc brakes, a Mikuni carburetor,
                                                   an upgraded rear trailing arm, upgraded shocks and
                                                   a long throw front suspension. A fast auto-clutch,
                                                   4-speed 88cc engine gives this bike the distinctive
                                                   growl through its Xtreme racing exhaust. Built on ten
                                                   inch wire wheels, this bike continues to make history
                                                   on dirt and asphalt tracks all over America.
                                                   Available	Colors:
                                                   					Yellow									Blue								Orange							Black

Super Stock 125
Increase the engine size to a powerful 124cc,
then add a Mikuni racing carburetor, add an
upgraded suspension, and a 14 inch front wheel
and 12 inch rear wheel…and, now you have a
completely different class of bike. This bike is
very powerful and fun to ride with its matched
auto-clutch, 4-speed transmission.
Available	Colors:
					Blue								Orange

                                                   The Cooper Replica 5 is the latest racing version that
                                                   three-time National Champion, Guy Cooper rides and
                                                   recommends as the best ride ever in a 70cc frame
                                                   and body panels. The fifth and latest in a series of
                                                   racing versions, this bike has it all. With an incredible
                                                   light alloy frame, with the best Xtreme upgraded
                                                   suspension, shocks and triple tree…This is the ride
                                                   to beat!
                                                   Available	Colors:
                                                   					Red									Orange			
ute AtV Se Rie S
X- 60
A great ATV for kids over 6 years old, this bike is a lot
of fun. With front and rear disc brakes for safety and
with a full suspension, this should make parents feel
secure in its safety and design. This ATV has the remote
kill switch for additional parental control and safety but it
still has all of the suspension and ride as our adult ATVs.

Available	Colors:
					Red									Camo

                                                                ute 70/90/125
                                                                These Utility/Sport ATVs are just smaller versions
                                                                of the big ATVs. With dual A-arm, front suspension,
                                                                these bikes include; heavy duty rear suspension, triple
                                                                disc brakes, an interactive gauge cluster, four-speeds
                                                                and this is certainly the real deal! Riders from ages
                                                                7 and up with three different engine sizes to choose
                                                                your match.
                                                                Available	Colors:
                                                                					Red									Green

ute 250 Sp ort
The Ute 250 Sport has a full sport suspension, a
five-speed auto shift with reverse, along with a utility
rack in the back for camping, hunting, and trail riding.
This is one of the best values in a sport/utility ATV
for any outdoor adventure! With front dual A-arms
and adjustable rear suspension, triple disc brakes and
headlights, this ATV is ready to go!
Available	Colors:
					Red									Green								Camo

                                                                ute 650 4X4 “the BeaSt”
                                                                Well, this is the ultimate 4X4 experience, with an
                                                                on demand four-wheel drive matched with a fully
                                                                automatic transmission. This one is certainly the
                                                                ATV capable of carrying a load on the trail, doing
                                                                the chores on the farm and can go just about
                                                                anywhere. With electronic instrumentation, electric
                                                                start and pull-start back up, it is fully equipped. Go
                                                                ahead, turn the key and just let the “Beast” go!
                                                                Available	Colors:
                                                                					Red									Green								Camo
                                                         typhOOn AtV Se Rie S
                                                            typhoon 90/125
                                                            The Typhoon class is often imitated in body style,
                                                            but can never be replicated in performance. One
                                                            of our most popular sport ATV series, customers
                                                            can not get enough of the incredible experience
                                                            of auto clutching one of our 4-speed, Typhoon
                                                            class of ATVs. With electric start, manual choke,
                                                            adjustable dual A-Arms and rear suspension, these
                                                            ATVs rock.

                                                            Available	Colors:
                                                            					Red									Blue								Orange

typhoon 450
We gave the Typhoon class of ATV to the kids
and forgot about Dad and Mom. So, we came up
with a four-speed 450cc sport ATV that just kicks.
With reverse to get us out of a tight corner, and a
high-tensile strength, steel cradle frame and dual
A-Arms, triple disc brakes, electric start, adjustable
gas B & M shocks, why wait and let the kids have
all of the fun?

Available	Colors:
					Red									Orange								Black

                                       Supe R typhOOn AtV Se Rie S
                                                            Super typhoon 125
                                                            This is the long awaited racing sport ATV with
                                                            adjustable gas shocks, all-around, triple disc
                                                            brakes, dual A-Arms and an oversized rear shock.
                                                            Electric start is the only amenity of this bike,
                                                            because after you start it, it is all racing. Immune to
                                                            any magnetic force of nature, the Super Typhoon
                                                            is made from the strongest aluminum alloys. We
                                                            spared nothing to make this ATV, light, strong and
                                                            agile. Ready, set, GO!

                                                            Available	Colors:
                                                            					Orange								Black
Be ach Colle ction
key WeSt
The Key West is relaxed and laidback but with
enough power to take you through the streets of
any beach town and village with panache. A four-
stroke, under 50cc powered scooter, the Key West is
made for tooling around, Buffet couldn’t have said it
better… take me to Paradise.

Available	Colors:
					Red									Blue								Black

                                                           DeStIn 150
                                                           Like the famous white beaches of
                                                           Florida, the Destin 150, is smooth and easy on
                                                           the eyes. The Destin takes you where you need
                                                           to go in a hurry. With plenty of power for urban
                                                           commuting and cruising speeds of up to 65
                                                           mph, the Destin will keep you cool on those hot
                                                           summer nights.

                                                           Available	Colors:
                                                           					Red									Blue							

atL antIS 150
Named after the lost city of Atlantis, this 150cc
retro-designed scooter brings you back to an era
when long body lines and plenty of curvy chrome
reminded us of another time. You may not look just
like Elvis in Beach Bingo of the fifties, but this well-
built, heavy duty scooter/cruiser will get you there in
style and it can still carry you and your long board to
your next beach party.

Available	Colors:
					Red									Black								Silver
                                                                                       SCOOte RS
                                                          eu rope an Café Colle ction
This is the epitome of upscale styling, and efficiency.
Fuel efficiency in the triple figures and a style that
includes a lot of storage areas for carrying all of
your café needs. With a 2-stroke efficient 50cc
engine, low maintenance, ease of handling and
handsomely color-matched, 12” cast alloy wheels,
how can you not be seen? The Expresso…Just
make mine a double!

Available	Colors:
					Red									Blue								Yellow

                                                           The Americano is made for style and stability.
                                                           Our most powerful 50cc 2-stroke bike, with a
                                                           remote start and security system and a cell phone
                                                           call indicator on its graphite gauge cluster, the
                                                           Americano has enough power to take two and
                                                           a picnic basket. The Americano has a definite
                                                           European style, matched with a powerful
                                                           American attitude.

                                                           Available	Colors:
                                                           					Red									Blue								Copper

aerIo 150
This smooth oil-cooled, 150cc powered scooter can
cruise or take you on your daily commute. With a
top speed of 68 mph, this scooter has adjustable
dual front and rear shocks to make for a great ride.
Remote start and a security system will keep this bike
safe and ready to ride.

Available	Colors:
					Red									Blue								Black
urban Colle ction
urBan aSSauLt 125
Designed with a Flex frame, this 17” wheeled, 125cc
road bike is one of the best riding motor cycles ever
made for urban driving. With a large amount of
low-end torque coming from its Italian designed, high
compression engine, this 6-speed motor cycle gives
you lots of engine control, along with fuel efficiency.
If you want quick throttle response and a fast 0 to
60 speed, with great handling in a terrific street bike,
then this is it!

Available	Colors:
					Red									Orange	with	Black

                                                                                   Metro 400
                                                                                   This is the ultimate cruising motor scooter.
                                                                                   Designed with front and rear comfortable cruising
                                                                                   seats, this Italian-designed, high-compression
                                                                                   400cc engine creates a smooth ride and an
                                                                                   affordable way to commute with the ease of an
                                                                                   automatic transmission. With plenty of storage
                                                                                   on this big powerful scooter, you and a friend can
                                                                                   cruise through the streets and enjoy the country
                                                                                   roads in comfort.
                                                                                   Available	Colors:
                                                                                   					Red									Blue								Silver

                              XtRe Me iS ROAD ReADy
                                    Ask your dealer about the Xtreme Difference in Service!

                5       WorkInG Da

          Either we ship your original Xtreme replacement
                                                                                           1   year of free
                                                                                              on-roaD ServIce
                                                                             If your Xtreme on-road bike stops for any reason, just call
          part to your local dealer before the end of 5 full                   us and then we will transport you and your Xtreme bike
           working days or the cost of your part is free!                    to an authorized repair dealer, or even get you to the local
                                                                                        gas station for a little extra gasoline.

           See your dealer for specific details of these benefits and learn many more reasons for becoming an Xtreme Motor Company customer.

    XtRe Me pe RfORMAnCe CuStOM ShOp
 Complete catalog of accessories and parts for racing enthusiasts for Xtreme Motor Company vehicles and more.
                                             XtRe Me p Owe R Se Rie S
     GeneratorS, coMpreSSorS, WeLDerS anD More
Our parent company has been manufacturing power tools, generators, compressors and welders for some of the
largest home retailers in the US, for quite some time. Now, the Xtreme Motor Company has its own line of power
equipment, geared specifically to the needs of our motor sports customers.

   XtRe Me MOtOR COMpAny De liVe RS
   PeRfORMANCe:            If you want upgraded performance choices in design, parts and engineering,
   then make Xtreme your choice. Just as in racing, the winner is not just about leading the race, but it
   is who can finish the race, and that requires the best quality in parts. Our performance is the sum of
   our parts, matched to great design.

   PRODUCT QUALITy:               All of our factory facilities have either achieved ISO 9001 or 9002
   Quality Control certification in manufacturing. We meet all of the new EPA certifications to help keep
   our environment clean and our on-road vehicles meet or exceed the US DOT requirements for safety
   and performance. Finally, we check the quality of each of the parts that make up the whole.

   SAfeTy:     Xtreme Motor Company continues to be a leader in safety, whether it is on the track, trail
   or on the road. We follow all of the recommendations and protocols of the Consumer Product Safety
   Commission. The Xtreme Motor Company supports safe trail trekking and riding safety. Finally, ask us
   about our free Xtreme On-Road Service Program to eliminate the fear of being stranded on the road.

   SeRvICe AND PARTS:               We sell our products exclusively through authorized dealers that have
   qualified mechanics to service our products. We post our service manuals, owner’s manuals on service
   and parts on our website to give you fast service. Ask us about our “5 Day Parts Guarantee because
   if we don’t ship in five days or less, the parts are for free. We not support Xtreme original replacement
   parts, but we also have the largest selection of custom performance parts, accessories and also
   competitive parts for other brands. Finally, we encourage through our Dealer Programs to ensure that
   our local dealers carry a large selection of wear and tear parts.

   WARRANTy:          We back up what we say and do with one of the best motor sports vehicle
   warranties in the industry. We expect performance from our vehicles, and that they will continue to
   perform under the toughest conditions. The bottom line is, if it does not meet your expectations, then
   it doesn’t meet ours.
2008 ute AtV SpeCS
Product specifications are subject to change. For more information, visit xtrememotorco.com
	   	                                      X60	                   TYU70	                    TYU90	                 TYU125	                  TYU250
	   Engine	Type	                      4-Stroke,	1-Cyl	        4-Stroke,	1-Cyl	          4-Stroke,	1-Cyl	        4-Stroke,	1-Cyl	      4-Stroke,	1-Cyl	Sohc
	   Displacement	                         62.9cc	                 71.8cc	                    85.9cc	                124cc	                   229.2	
	   Cooling	System	                         Air	                     Air	                      Air	                    Air	                 Liquid
	   Ignition/Choke	                         CDI	                  Air/CDI	                   AC/CDI	                 AC/CDI	                 CDI		
	   Transmission	                   Auto	with	Manual	        2-Spd	Auto	clutch	        3-Spd	Auto	clutch	      4-Spd	Auto	clutch	     4-Spd	with	Reverse	
	   Final	Drive	                           Chain	                  Chain	                     Chain	                  Chain	                Chain
	   Starting	System	                         	                    Electric	               Electric/Kick	          Electric/Kick	           Electric
	   Fuel	Delivery	                           	                        	                          	                       	
	   Front	Suspension	                Ind.	Dual	A-Arm	           Dual	A-Arm	               Dual	A-Arm	             Dual	A-Arm	             Dual	A-Arm	
	   Rear	Suspension	                   Mono	Shock	             Single	Shock	             Single	Shock	           Single	Shock	             Live	Axle	
	   Brakes	FR/RR	                          Disc	              Dual	Disc/Disc	           Dual	Disc/Disc	         Dual	Disc/Disc	         Dual	Disc/Disc
	   Tire	Size	FR/RR	                    145/70-6	            19/6-10		19/7-8	          19/6-10		19/7-8	        19/6-10		19/7-8	       22.7-10		22-10-10	
	   Dimension	(LxWxH)	               47.24”x33.46”	          61.2”x35.8x50.8	          61.2”x35.8x50.8	        61.2”x35.8x50.8	
	   Seat	Height	                          24.40”	                 29.92”	                    29.92”	                 29.92”	                  31”	
	   Wheel	Base	                           29.92”	                 38.39”	                    38.39”	                 38.39”	                  50”	
	   Fuel	Capacity	                           	                        	                          	                       	                1.85	gallons
	   Dry	Weight	                          182	lbs.	                    	                          	                       	                  392	lbs.
	   Wheel	Size/Type	                     6”	Steel	           10”	Steel/8”	Steel	       10”	Steel/8”	Steel	     10”	Steel/8”	Steel	              	 	
	   Weight	Capacity	                         	                        	                          	                       	
	   Color	                              Camo/Red	               Red/Green	                 Red/Green	              Red/Green	          Red/Green/Camo	
	   Special	Feature	                         	                        	                          	                       	

	   	                                   TYU650	                     TY90	                    TY125	                STY125	                 STY450
	   Engine	Type	                         4-Stroke	             4-Stroke,	1-Cyl.	         4-Stroke,	1-Cyl.	      4-Stroke,	1-Cyl.	          4-Stroke
	   Displacement	                        648.7cc	                   85.9cc	                  124.0cc	              124.0cc	                448.0cc
	   Cooling	System	                   Liquid	Cooled	                  Air	                      Air	                   Air	              Liquid	Cooled
	   Ignition/Choke	                      CDI	Auto	                 AC/CDI	                   AC/CDI	                AC/CDI	                CDI/Auto	
	   Transmission	                          Auto	                 Auto	Clutch	              Auto	Clutch	           Auto	Clutch	        5-Speed	with	Reverse	
	   Final	Drive	                           Axle	                     Chain	                   Chain	                 Chain	                  Chain	
	   Starting	System	                   Electric/Pull	            Electric/Kick	            Electric/Kick	         Electric/Kick	            Electric
	   Fuel	Delivery	                           	                          	                         	                      	
	   Front	Suspension	                  Dual	A-Arm	               Dual	A-Arm	               Dual	A-Arm	            Dual	A-Arm	              Dual	A-Arm	
	   Rear	Suspension	              Single	Can	Gas	Shock	         Mono	Shock	               Mono	Shock	             Mono	Shock	         Single	Can	Gas	Shock	
	   Brakes	FR/RR	                       Disc/Disc	             Dual	Disc/Disc	           Dual	Disc/Disc	         Dual	Disc/Disc	            Disc/Disc
	   Tire	Size	FR/RR	              2548-12/25x10-12	                     	                         	            19x6-10/18x6.5-8	       22x7-10/20x11-10
	   Dimension	(LxWxH)	                  85x50x46	                63.3x36.5	                       	                      	                  72x51x44	
	   Seat	Height	                          35.8”	                    26.2”	                        	                  29.5”	                   33.5”
	   Wheel	Base	                           51.2”	                    41.5”	                    41.5”	                  41”	                    50.4”
	   Fuel	Capacity	                     5.3	gallons	                     	                         	               0.8	gallons	             2.9	gallons	
	   Dry	Weight	                          660	lbs.	                      	                         	                242.3	lbs.	               462	lbs.
	   Wheel	Size/Type	                       12”	               10+8	-	Aluminum	                    	                      	                     10”	
	   Weight	Capacity	                     484	lbs.	                      	                         	                      	
	   Color	                                Green	              Blue/Orange/Red	          Blue/Orange/Red	         Orange/Black	               Black	
	   Special	Feature	                         	                          	                         	                      	

2008 Supe R StOCk DiRt Bike S
Product specifications are subject to change. For more information, visit xtrememotorco.com
	   	                                     SS50	                     SS88	                    PS125	                   CR5
	   Engine	Type	                     4-Stroke,	1-Cyl.	         4-Stroke,	1-Cyl.	         4-Stroke,	1-Cyl.	    4-Stroke,	1-Cyl.	Sohc
	   Displacement	                        49.5cc	                   85.9cc	                    124cc	                 124cc
	   Cooling	System	                         Air	                      Air	                       Air	                  Air
	   Ignition/Choke	                        CDI	                      CDI	                         	                   CDI
	   Transmission	                4-Spd	Semi-Auto	Clutch	 4-Spd	Semi-Auto	Clutch	          4-Spd	Manual	          4-Spd	Manual
	   Final	Drive	                          Chain	                    Chain	                    Chain	                 Chain
	   Starting	System	                       Kick	                     Kick	                      Kick	                 Kick
	   Fuel	Delivery	                           	                         	                          	
	   Front	Suspension	                        	                         	                          	            Upside	Down	-	DNM
	   Rear	Suspension	                         	                         	                          	          Piggy	Back	Drum	Shock
	   Brakes	FR/RR	                      Drum/Drum	                Disc/Drum	                 Disc/Drum	              Disc/Disc
	   Tire	Size	FR/RR	                2.75-10/2.75-10	          3.5--10/3.50-10	           2.75-14/3.5-12	         2.75-14/3.5-12
	   Dimension	(LxWxH)	                       	                         	                          	
	   Seat	Height	                           25”	                      28”	                       30”	                 31.5”
	   Wheel	Base	                              	                         	                          	                  46.3”
	   Fuel	Capacity	                           	                         	                          	               1.53	gallons
	   Dry	Weight	                              	                         	                          	                 154	lbs.
	   Wheel	Size/Type	                    10”	Steel	                10”	Steel	            F-14”	R-12”	Steel	
	   Weight	Capacity	                         	                         	                          	
	   Color	                          Blue/Orange/Red	     Yellow/Blue/Orange/Black	         Blue/Orange	           Red/Orange
	   Special	Feature	                         	                         	                    Oil	Cooled	                	
2008 SCOOte R SpeCS
Product specifications are subject to change. For more information, visit xtrememotorco.com
	    	                                       Key	West	                      Destin	                     Atlantis	                  Expresso	                   Americano	
	    Engine	Type	                         4-Stroke,	1-Cyl	             4-Stroke,	1-Cyl	             4-Stroke,	1-Cyl	             2-Stroke,	1-Cyl	             2-Stroke,	1-Cyl
	    Displacement	                             49.5cc	                     149.6cc	                     149.6cc	                     49.4cc	                      49.8cc
	    Compression		                            10.5	:	1	                     9.2	:	1	                      9.2:1	                         	
	    Cooling	System	                             Air	                          Air	                         Air	                       Air	                          Air
	    Ignition/Choke	                            CDI	                          CDI	                           	                      CDI/Auto	                    CDI	Auto	
	    Transmission	                            Auto/Cut	                    Auto/Cut	                       CVT	                     Auto/CVT	                    Auto/CVT	
	    Final	Drive	                                  	                            	                            	                        Belt	                         Belt	
	    Starting	System	                       Electric/Kick	               Electric/Kick	               Electric/Kick	              Electric/Kick	                Electric/Kick
	    Fuel	Delivery	                                	                            	                            	                           	
	    Front	Suspension	                    Telescopic	Fork	               Trailing	Link	                Telescopic	               Dual	Hydraulic	              Dual	Hydraulic	
	    Rear	Suspension	                              	                            	                 Hydraulic	Monoshock	           Mono	Hydraulic	             Mono	Hydraulic	
	    Brakes	FR/RR	                           Disc/Drum	                   Disc/Drum	                   Disc/Drum	                  Disc/Drum	                   Disc/Drum	
	    Tire	Size	FR/RR	                   90/90-10/90/90-10	            3.50-10/3.50-10	              3.5-10/3.5-10	                Tubelesc	12”	           Tubelesc	120/130-12”	
	    Dimension	(LxWxH)	                  70.5”x27.1”x42.5”	           65”x26.8”x42.1”	                       	                   72”x26”x44.5”	              74.5”x26”x47”	
	    Seat	Height	                                  	                            	                         28.4”	                         	
	    Wheel	Base	                              47.1	in.	                    47.6	in.	                       50”	
	    Fuel	Capacity	                         1.5	gallons	                 1.5	gallons	                 1.32	gallons	
	    Dry	Weight	                              177	lbs.	                    225	lbs.	                    231	lbs.	                    175lbs.	                     185lbs.	
	    Wheel	Size/Type	                           10”	                          10”	                           	                          	                        12”	Steel
	    Weight	Capacity	                              	                            	                            	                       250	lbs.	                   300	lbs,
	    Color	                               Red/Black/Blue	                 Red/Blue	                   Silver/Black	              Blue/Red/Yellow	            Blue/Copper/Red	
	    Special	Feature	                              	                            	                            	                          	

	    	                                          Aerio	                  Metro	400	            Urban	Animal
	    Engine	Type	                          4-Stroke,	1-Cyl	            4-Stroke,	1-Cyl	        4-Stroke,	1-Cyl
	    Displacement	                            149.6cc	                    383.4cc	                 124cc
	    Compression		                                 	                       10.5:1	
	    Cooling	System	                             Oil	                   Water	Cooled	            Air	Cooled
	    Ignition/Choke	                          CDI/Auto	                      CDI	                CDI/Auto
	    Transmission	                            Auto/CUT	                      CUT	                 6-Speed
	    Final	Drive	                                Belt	                      V-Belt	                 Chain
	    Starting	System	                       Electric/Kick	                 Electric	               Electric
	    Fuel	Delivery	                                	                           	
	    Front	Suspension	                     Dual	Hydraulic	            Front	Telescopic	           Hydraulic
	    Rear	Suspension	                        Mono	Gas	              Hydraulic	Monoshaft	 Adjustable	Mono	Hydraulic
	    Brakes	FR/RR	                           Disc/Drum	                Dual	Disc/Disc	           Disc/Disc
	    Tire	Size	FR/RR	                     120/130-70-13	           120/70-16/140-60-16	 120x70-17/160x60-17
	    Dimension	(LxWxH)	                     76”x29”x49”	                       	                79”x32”x43”
	    Seat	Height	                                  	                         31”	
	    Wheel	Base	                                   	                        61.4”
	    Fuel	Capacity	                                	                     3.7	Gallons
	    Dry	Weight	                               222	lbs.	                  379	lbs.	               267	lbs.
	    Wheel	Size/Type	                              	                           	
	    Weight	Capacity	                          400	lbs.	                       	
	    Color	                             Black/Red/Blue/Silver	        Red/Blue/Silver	           Black/Red
	    Special	Feature	                              	                           	                      	

XtRe Me p Owe R Se Rie S ge ne RAtOR SpeCS
3000	Rated	Watt                              5000	Rated	Watt	                             5300	Rated	Watt	Silent	Diesel	                  6500	Rated	Watt	Gasoline	
Gasoline	Generator                           Gasoline	Generator                           Generatorwith	Electric	Start	                   Generator	with	Electric	Start	
•	   	 ,500	peak,	3,000	running	watts	
     3                                       •	   5,500	peak,	5,000	running	watts	        and	Wheel	Kit                                   and	Wheel	Kit
	    of	power                                	    of	power                                •	   6,625	surge,	5,300	rated	watts	            •	   9,000	surge,	7,500	maximum,	
•	   120V	outlet                             •	   4-120V	outlet                           	    of	power                                   	    6,500	rated	watts	of	power
•	   120/240	V	NEMA	outlet                   •	   240V	outlet                             •	   2-120V	outlets                             •	   4-120V/20A	outlets
•	   12V	DC	teminals                         •	   12V	DC	teminals                         •	   1-240V/120V	outlet	NEMA	type               •	   1-120V/30A	locking	outlet
•	   Automatic	voltage	regulator             •	   Automatic	voltage	regulator             •	   12V	DC	teminals                            •	   1-240V/120V	NEMA	outlet
•	   Circuit	breaker                         •	   Circuit	breaker                         •	   Voltage	selector	switch                    •	   12V	DC	outlet
•	   4	Gallon	fuel	tank	with	fuel	gauge      •	   6.5	Gallon	fuel	tank	with	fuel	gauge    •	   Automatic	voltage	regulator                •	   Electric	start	with	battery
•	   15	hour	run	time	at	half	load           •	   10	hour	run	time	at	half	load           •	   Circuit	breaker                            •	   Wheel	Kit
•	   6.5	HP	OHV	single	cylinder	engine       •	   13	HP	OHV	single	cylinder	engine        •	   Electric	start	with	battery                •	   Automatic	voltage	regulator
•	   Automatic	low	oil	engine	shutdown       •	   Automatic	low	oil	engine	shutdown       •	   Wheel	Kit                                  •	   Circuit	breakers
•	   Non	contract	transistorized	ignition    •	   Non	contract	transistorized	ignition    •	   4	Gallon	fuel	tank                         •	   6.5	Gallon	fuel	tank	with	fuel	gauge
•	   Engine	On/Off	switch                    •	   Engine	On/Off	switch                    •	   8.5	hour	run	time	at	half	load             •	   11	hour	run	time	at	half	load
•	   National	service	chain	for	warranty/    •	   National	service	chain	for	warranty/    •	   10	HP	air	cooled	diesel	engine	            •	   16	HP	OHV	single	cylinder	engine
	    repair	work                             	    repair	work                             	    with	EPA	certification                     •	   Automatic	low	oil	engine	shutdown
•	   2-Year	parts	and	labor	warranty         •	   2-Year	parts	and	labor	warranty         •	   Automatic	low	oil	engine	shutdown	         •	   Non	contract	transistorized	ignition
                                                                                          	    with	indicator	light                       •	   Noise	rating	at	7M	-	82	decibels
                                                                                          •	   Non	contract	transistorized	ignition       •	   Engine	On/Off	switch
                                                                                          •	   Engine	On/Off	switch                       •	   National	service	chain	for	warranty/
                                                                                          •	   Noise	rating	at	7M	-	70	decibels           	    repair	work
                                                                                          •	   1-Year	parts	and	labor	warranty            •	   EPA	certified
                                                                                                                                          •	   2-Year	parts	and	labor	warranty
                            Xtreme Motor Company
	               Headquarters	                                  Parts,	Sales	and	Service
	    501	Davis	Road,	Elgin,	Illinois	60123	          35	Midway	Drive,	Russellville,	Arkansas	72801
		             847-695-3524			                                     888-844-9440

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