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									The IMSlave Link Blaster
    And Meta Pinger

      By John Wilson

   Copyright John Wilson 2011 all right reserved
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                        Copyright John Wilson 2011 all right reserved
Hello and Welcome, thank you for buying the IMSlave Link Blaster, the indexer has been
a tool I created some time ago and have used it to help my own business websites get
the backlinks indexed, I wanted a tool that would create instant meta indexing backlinks
to my sites as well as get fast indexing and pinging, but when I couldn’t find a tool I
decided to make my own.

So I set out a plan
The most common problem faced and question asked was “how can I get my links
indexed in the search engines?”

The best way to answer that question is to break it down into steps:

Step a)

Ping your links to the top RPC directories for example


What pinging does is to let the search engine know what new content is available on the
numerous sites thru RPC. These sites have big amounts of updates therefore are
crawled more frequently by the search websites. Dependant on the quantity of new
content these directories have depends when the search sites will pick up 'the ping' of
the new content.

On average these pings often get crawled and indexed around every 24-48 hours. If
you've got a wordpress blog then login in thru the admin panel and take a look at your
settings and you'll see an inventory of ping rpc sites that get pinged when you post
content to your blog.

I use around ninety plus of the top RPC site when I ping sets of my url links. To manually
do this task it would take you hours, particularly if you have huge number of sites to
ping. You can of course use some of the free services like 'pingoat' or 'pingomatic' to cut
the time it'll take to do the pinging. These sites ping to a couple of RPC sites immediately
but no way as many as IMSlave Link Blaster.

Step b)

Meta Indexing Submissions

Together with pinging, I use a combined strategy to get all of my urls indexed
exceedingly fast using 'meta indexing submissions '.

But what are 'meta indexing submissions' you can ask?

                          Copyright John Wilson 2011 all right reserved
Meta indexing uses probabilistic sites to blast our links into the search sites at super
speed. Using meta indexing I've had in some instances, had my sites indexed in around
sixty minutes and less!!

But how do I submit to these sites manually?

Well allow me to show you how

A ) Take one of your web site urls


Strip off the http and www. So you’re left with

this is the URL we use to meta index.

Let's use three meta indexing sites to be submitted to in our example


Replace the 'yoururl' with your own url and we have got the following links


Put those urls in the browser address area and navigate to the site and that is it. You've
been Meta indexed. It’s actually that straightforward to do. The difficulty comes when
we want to meta index fifty of your urls against a small list of sites ie. 150 or even a
bigger meta list of 3000 sites. It is not possible to do that manually.

You have two choices here.

The 1st is to choose your favourite 5-10 Meta indexing sites and just utilize them. The
2nd is to use an automation tool to accomplish the job for you.

I use a custom written tool called IMSlave Link Blaster and this allows me to load in my
lists of custom urls (mixture of profile / blog / forum / software and articles etc.) then
with a single button click ping 93+ RPC sites within just a few minutes (instead of

I then use this tool to Meta index the same sites to roundabout 3,000+ Meta indexing
submission sites. This usually takes around 5-10 minutes dependent on the amount of
urls I am indexing. But the entire process is automated, so I push the button and go and
watch some television or have a cup of tea.

And that’s it.. your all indexed..

Let me now go through and show you how to install the software.

                           Copyright John Wilson 2011 all right reserved
Installing the software
IMSlave Indexer will come in a single .exe file all you need to do is double click the file to
install it, follow the steps shown below and you will be indexing your sites in just a few

Step 1

Double click this file windows will usually ask you if you want to run the file, click yes.

Step 2

Click Next Again

Step 3

If you agree with the licence agreement put a tick in the box and click on Next.
                         Copyright John Wilson 2011 all right reserved
Step 4

If you want to install in somewhere other than the default programmes folder click on
browse and find the location you want it in otherwise just click next.

Step 5

It’s all done, now wasn’t that easy, tick “Start The Application” box and click on finish.

                         Copyright John Wilson 2011 all right reserved
How to use the software
Using IMSlave Link Blaster is easy there are only 3 steps.

   1. Loading Your URLs
   2. Running The RPC Pinger
   3. Running The Meta Submit Tool

Step 1)

Enter your keywords/anchor text and the url of the page your link is or your main site
that needs indexing, and click Add URL

Step 1a)

Once you have loaded your backlinks select them with a tick.
                        Copyright John Wilson 2011 all right reserved
Step 2)

Click the “Config” button the base list is already loaded so if you have already got your
urls indexed and want to boost them click on “Load 3K Meta List” otherwise skip this

Step 2a)

Now click on the RPC Pinger

                         Copyright John Wilson 2011 all right reserved
Step 2b)

And click on start submission

Step 3)

Running The Meta Submit Tool

Very similar to the “RPC Ping Tool” except you click on “Run Meta Submit Tool” Now
you will see the Meta Submission Blaster, Depending on you pc you can adjust the
thread count each thread uses around 1MB of ram, so it’s up to you, but the more
threads you use the faster the process will complete.

                       Copyright John Wilson 2011 all right reserved
How To Use The Software In-depth
You can import your links from a .txt file some of you may not have your links in a file
but for those who do, I have added this option to the programme.

The links need to be in the following format


Importing Links From The Clipboard

Importing links from the clipboard is the same as importing from links from a file so just
copy the links that are in the above format then click on import from clipboard.

Any questions then please just send me an email and I’ll get straight back to you.

Speak Later

John Wilson

                         Copyright John Wilson 2011 all right reserved

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