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									Tired of searching the internet for the
highest quality HGH Releaser?
Sick of all the bogus product claims?

Then please read the note below from Dr.
Buttar the creator of TransD TROPIN for a
dose of reality.

It is important for the consumer to remember that there are literally hundreds of
products if not more, that promise to increase this level or that level. Most of
these products have no studies behind them, but the few that do, have been
looking at establishing things like increasing IGF-1, which have been directly
related to increasing the risk of cancer (Journal of the National Cancer Institute,
Vol 92, No. 18, Sept. 20, 2000).

First, it is NOT smart to raise or lower any one hormone level because of the
relative shift in balance that will be created. By increasing or lowering the level of
any one substance in the body, you will cause a relative shift of many of the other
levels which occurs and is designed to compensate for or balance the original
change. Furthermore, who would want to take hGH anyway; it's unsafe!

This has been studied and proven. No one should take hGH in any form, because
it will increase your IGF-1 levels which has been clearly associated with the
incidence of cancer.

The only hGH that is GOOD is the one that your OWN BODY PRODUCES, not
one that is synthetically created, causing shifts in your body that are unnatural,
and being injected or inhaled. The consumer should be aware that the vast
majority of products are purely marketing hype and it is only a matter of time that
they will be shown to have no response.

Lastly, their claims are so ridiculous anyway (like spays containing hGH) that
most of these companies face the possibility of having to defend their false claims
if ever challenge.

We know that what the body produces itself is completely different and we have
seen this with Trans-D Tropin® as well. There is NO hGH or any other hormone
in Trans-D Tropin®.

Yet, studies using Trans-D Tropin® have showed an increase in hGH in patients
but with a drop in IGF-1, which is exactly how it should be and is seen naturally
in the human body. This is crucial for the consumer to understand.


It is NOT smart to mess with Mother Nature and is the fundamental reason that
hormonal therapy, albeit shows some symptomatic improvement initially, does
not work in the long run. Unless the regulatory mechanisms of the body have
been detoxified and optimized, any and all results will be short lived.

Allowing for the perfect balance to occur depends on how high up in the cascade
the regulatory mechanisms can be initiated, as opposed to giving the end hormone
that was initially measured.

This is the incorrect manner to balance hormones but unfortunately, is the
common method used by virtually all doctors doing traditional and bio-identical
hormonal therapy, which Dr. Buttar believes is not the best thing for the

Trans-D Tropin® has been extensively studies and has been used over the last 11
years now. The most important thing to remember about Trans-D Tropin®,
whether it be the original Trans-D Tropin®, Trans-D Tropin®-I or Trans-D
Tropin®-P, is that there are NO hormones contained within Trans-D Tropin®.

Everything inside Trans-D Tropin® is a peptide analog (amino acids that are put
together in specific order, that simply acts as a messenger), telling the body to
make its OWN hormones, based upon what the body itself needs.

 Remember, everyone's body is different and needs something different and
Trans-D Tropin® gives nothing more than a message to wake up and start
working. That's why about 20% of the people using Trans-D Tropin® don't feel
anything, either because their pituitary and hypothalamus are compromised, or
because their systems are already working optimally.

Trans-D Tropin® is nothing more than an effective messenger, never allowing
the system to become unbalanced and maintaining the natural and highly effective
safety mechanisms to remain functional.


This concept of allowing Mother Nature's safety loops to stay functional
(negative inhibitory feedback mechanisms) is why hormonal therapy is unsafe in
Dr. Buttar's viewpoint, and why Trans-D Tropin® is the ONLY natural, safe and
effective way of allowing our bodies to start functioning as they were meant to.


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