Where To Go

					  Where To Go
Sophie Deverell

Sky fills the frame. The camera pans down to reveal a young
woman sitting on a bench. Her long brown hair is blowing in
the wind. She is dressed in bright and floaty clothing. In
her hands is a tatty book. She is reading intently.
An arrow appears on the floor in front of the bench, it is
drawn in chalk. The girl does not notice.
A small amount of time passes and the girl still does not
notice the arrow.
An arm appears behind the girl. The hand is gloved. It taps
her on the shoulder. She turns around to look behind her but
sees nothing.
Confused she looks around her. As she is surveying the area
another arrow appears down the path. The girls eyes widen.
Still holding the book she stands up to take a closer look
at the arrow. As she does so she notices the arrow at her
feet. She immediately sits back down on the bench as if he
legs have been swept from under her. Her eyes almost bulging
out of her head.
She puts the book down next to her on the bench. She bends
down to have a closer look at the arrow on the floor in
front of her. As she does so another arrow appears further
down the path.
She stands up and looks toward where the next arrow has
appeared. She sees that more have been drawn creating a path
leading away from the bench.
She begins to follow the arrows. She hesitates and looks
back towards the bench. Then back in the direction the
arrows are pointing. The look of confusion on her face turns
to one of curiosity. She begins walking in the direction of
the arrows again. She disappears down the path.


Sun is shinning through the woods. The girl finds herself
surrounded by towering trees. She turns slowly in a circle
taking in her surroundings.

CONTINUED:                                             2.

An arrow appears on a tree a short distance from the girl.
She walks over and gently places a hand on the arrow. Her
gaze follows the direction the arrow is pointing and another
appears on a tree a little further away.
More arrows appear on the trees marking the direction the
girl is to take. She does not hesitate and follows them
straight away.

While following the arrows through the woods she marvels at
the beauty of the trees and vegetation surrounding her.
After following the arrows for a while the girl comes to a
fallen tree. There are no more arrows to mark the path she
should follow. She looks around confused. She climbs on top
of the tree. Seeing no more arrows she jumps down on the
other side.


When the girls feet hit the floor they do not land on
woodland floor, they land on a sandy beach. She looks down
at the floor. She shifts her feet from left to right in the
An arrow appears drawn in the sand in front of the girl. She
bends down and rubs the arrow out. She looks at the area
where the arrow was drawn expecting another one to appear.
Nothing happens. She stands up and looks at her
surroundings. She looks back at the ground. Another arrow
has appeared.
More arrows appear in the sand. They lead down to the sea.
The girl follows the arrows until the stop at the shoreline.
She looks out towards the sea. Then slowly steps forward
into the water. She keeps a steady pace until the water
reaches knee height. She looks down at the sea.


She looks up. She is no longer facing towards the sea. She
is facing towards the shore of a lake.

She starts to wait towards the shore. A trail of arrows
appears leading towards a group of rocks. The girl follows
the arrows and climbs up onto the rocks.


The girl is standing on a cliff. She is standing amongst
mountains looking down into the gorge. She looks around in
awe at her surroundings.
Arrows lead the way to a small way nearby. She follows the
arrows and climbs onto the little wall. She jumps off to the
other side.


When her feet touch the floor she is standing on a bridge in
a small village. She leans over the edge of the bridge.
There is an arrow floating down stream.

She runs down the bridge to the bottom and finds a path of
arrows leading underneath.
She hesitates. There is not much light under the bridge. She
tries to peer into the darkness but can see nothing. She
looks unsure. She looks back behind her. Then takes a deep
breath and walks into the darkness.


She blinks a few times. She is no longer in darkness. She is
standing in a bright field of flowers. She can see a small
clearing ahead.

She walks into the clearing. There is a small wooden box in
the middle. She walks around the box slowly. Then kneels
down in front of it.
She runs a hand over the top. Then places on hand on either
side of the lid and lifts. A wide smile spreads across her
face. She looks into the camera grinning.

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