National Sponsorship Offer Cover Letter 2007 by zhouwenjuan


									November 27, 2012

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                      Subject: A Unique Opportunity to Support
                    the Largest AIDS Fundraising Event in Canada

Dear «Sal» «Surname»,

We are pleased to invite «Orgn» to be a proud supporter of the National AIDS Walk for
Life 2007.

Celebrating our 19th year, the AIDS Walk for Life attracts more than 17,000 volunteers
and participants from across Canada. Last year, over $1.9 million was raised to help
people living with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS.

Why support the National AIDS Walk for Life 2007?

To enhance your corporate image.
    As AIDS remains a top concern for Canadians, your participation emphasizes that
       «Orgn» cares deeply about Canadians and their health.
    «Orgn» will receive unparalleled value for your money, with corporate
       recognition on more than 170,000 brochures and 39,000 posters across Canada.
       Additional visibility will be possible in Toronto and Vancouver with special
       Metro / Subway / Bus Shelter AIDS Walk for Life posters prominently featured
       for several months prior to the event. A run of print ads in major cities across
       Canada will get your logo “front and centre” for heightened exposure, at no extra
    The event provides an opportunity to build teamwork among employees across
       Canada – be part of the 35,000+ walkers and volunteers each year and walk with
       your company banner through the downtown core of Canada’s largest cities.

AIDS is still fatal and everyone is potentially at risk.
    Almost 60,000 people in Canada are currently living with HIV/AIDS. Of these
       people, about one-quarter (27%) are unaware of their HIV status.
    Since the year 2000, there has been a 17% increase in the number of new cases of
       HIV infection in Canada, with an estimated 11 newly infected people daily.
    Young people are increasingly at risk of infection; a recent study showed that
       Canadian teenagers know less about safe sex today than they did in 1989, and that
       two-thirds of Grade 7, half of Grade 9, and one-third of Grade 11 students polled
       believed AIDS could be cured if treated early (Canadian Youth, Sexual Health
       and AIDS Study, Council of Ministers of Education/Health Canada, September


Because it will help raise much needed awareness of HIV/AIDS and help those infected.
    There remains no cure, and increasing awareness by supporting the National
       AIDS Walk for Life helps to prevent the spread of the epidemic across Canada.
    Funds raised by communities in this campaign directly assists each local AIDS
       service organization to help those infected – in 2006, over $1.9 million was raised
       for over 130 cities and communities.
    AIDS service organizations across Canada, largely run by volunteers, helped
       more than 20,000 people living with HIV/AIDS last year.

As the National AIDS Walk for Life events across Canada attract women, men and
children of all ages, we believe that this is a distinctly unique opportunity for «Orgn» to
enhance its corporate image, while supporting an important cause and being visible in the
largest national AIDS fundraising campaign in the country.

Enclosed, you will find additional information. We will contact you soon regarding this
opportunity in order to see how we can creatively work together to achieve your
corporate objectives while helping us fight HIV/AIDS. Should you require further
collateral material in order to assist in your decision making process please feel free to
contact me at 416-340-8484 ext. 272

Yours sincerely,

J. J. Dayot
National AIDS Walk for Life
Corporate Sponsorship and Donations Manager
399 Church Street, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON., M5B 2J6

P.S. On behalf of the many thousands of Canadians living with and/or affected by this
devastating disease, I thank you for your time and consideration. Please note, printing
deadlines for this event are fast approaching (April 30, 2007), so don’t delay, if you want
to be part of the largest one-day public mobilization on HIV/AIDS this year!

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