National Ophthalmology Hospital_ most modern in the Caribbean

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					National Ophthalmology Hospital, most modern in the Caribbean
Dear Editor,
        I moved to tears at the commissioning of the new Ophthalmology Centre in the
ancient county of Berbice.
        As a Berbician, I recalled the years when the most we were able to get were X-
rays and that too had its limitations. We had to travel all the way to Georgetown Public
Hospital for simple tests or an alternative of a private doctor in the county.
        Gone are those days when Berbicians have to leave their homes with sick patients
at three and four in the morning to await the ferry to travel to the city to seek medical
        Berbicians like me, who vividly remembers these hardships, were just as moved
when President Bharrat Jagdeo declared the facility open to the public, last week. What
made this an even more historic achievement is the fact that the hospital is the first of its
kind in the entire Caribbean.
        During his address, the President noted that during the formation of the People’s
Progressive Party (PPP) during the 1950s providing basic social services to the Guyanese
people was part of the party’s objective and looking at the improvement in the Primary
Health Care System, one can safely say without bias, that this objective is well met.

                                                                        Yours Respectfully,
                                                                         Donna James

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