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Chapter 11 Test Study Guide


									Chapter 11 Test Study Guide (11.1-11.7)
Sometimes, Always, Never Problems

   Similar-Figures Theorem
   Areas of plane figures
   Review the Midsegment Theorem.

Calculations Problems. You will lose points for not following the instructions carefully. For each problem, give the
set-up equation that leads to your answer. (Having a diagram is helpful.) Then place your final answer in the space
provided. Your answer must be exact or approximated to three decimal places.

   Know ALL the formulas to find areas
   Review the Pythagorean Theorem and Triples
   Review 30-60-90, 45-45-90 special triangles ratios.
   Review Distance Formula
   Review Side-Splitter Theorem
   Review Angle-Bisector Theorem
   Find the ratio of the areas indicated in the given diagrams
      Know Theorems on Areas of Similar Polygons and when a median divides a triangle.

   Practice all problems in the Extra Practice Set and the sample problems in the notes!

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